North Koreans Try American BBQ feat. Asian Boss

Today, we have special
guest host Steve from Asian Boss who is going to sit down
with 4 North Korean refugees who escaped from the totalitarian
North and now reside in South Korea. Not only are they going to try
American bbq for the first time, but we’ll also hear
about their stories from their time living in the North, where only the very privileged
can regularly eat meat. Now, we didn’t want to give
them anything less than the real deal, so we found a highly qualified
pitmaster in Gus Flores. Gus is originally from Guam and
runs Sweet Oak in Wonju, South Korea, which is about an hour
and a half outside of Seoul. He is a classically-trained chef who has learned how to
barbecue from celebrity pitmasters Harry Soo, Myron Mixon and also the late Konrad
Haskins of the bbq Institute of Texas. If there’s anyone on this
side of the world who could give them a
taste of real American barbecue, it would be Gus. But don’t just take
our word for it, 12 Bones from Asheville,
NC flew over for this video and they had a few nice
things to say as well: Listen, what Gus is doing Would be very successful
in the United States. We heard a lot of good
things about him and he was even
more than we expected. You can tell he knows
what he’s doing, he’s takena lot of time to
learn all the nuances of bbq. He’s really passionate,
cares about what he’s doing. and the product that
he’s putting out. He’s phenomenal. You can just tell that
he and his wife both are putting their heart into it. I mean, some of the best
brisket I’ve ever had. He’s the real deal. He’s a top-notch guy,
no question Korea is lucky to have
him, for sure. Since we couldn’t fly them
out to each region to try all the different
styles of bbq, the next best thing we could
do was to have them try the best sauces from
the most respected regions. So, after doing
some research, we reached out to
several places and asked them to come
on board for this project. We have Gates from
Kansas City, Missouri Rudy’s from Texas LawLers from Alabama And 12 Bones from
Asheville, North Carolina. Sorry Memphis, we tried our best,
but no one was interested. Now, let’s get to the food.

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  2. I have lived all over the eastern coast of the U.S from Texas to Louisiana to Virginia to Illinois and they did beautiful with the sauces. I am especially happy they chose one of the best Texas restaurants for the sauce.

  3. My heart broke and was delighted at the same time. Seeing their faces light up with every first bite was touching …the stuff we take for granted smh

  4. I think it's completely fine that in north korea that they raise dogs to be eaten, because they don't have as many options and if you don't make it a pet whey does it matter. Heck people have pet fishes and they could eat fish, but it's not like they'll eat their own pet, why, it's because they decided to have it as a pet since they don't have the need to eat it. They have other means of food. You could literately make any thing into a pet if you wanted, it's just that people grow up and they just follow society. A cow could be a pet too but we just usually use them for milk and meat, so there's nothing wrong with it if you're raising it as a means of food.

  5. Its such a cool feeling to see people from other cultures try american food instead of americans trying other cultures food like I always see

  6. man, its like you can cry from the life story of the guy @ 4:00 without even knowing it. really getting depressing vibes from him, I hope hes living a good life right now.

  7. And yet some of you stupid bastards will still promote communism. Good luck enjoying brisket under communism, barley lucky enough to get bread or water haha

  8. LMAO at him being curison why the texas bottle of bbq sauce is so much bigger than the test. Perfect answer "Everything is bigger in Texas"

  9. I love the reverse. Im so use to me watching us westerns try internation food that watching an other culture eat native for me is almost taboo.

  10. It would be nice if North Koreans didn’t have trade sanctions and could do trade with the whole world so they could too enjoy other things as well. Their leaders are not trusted and the people have to suffer because of it.

  11. "Is saying that going to piss someone off?"
    Honestly I don't know if I should laugh or feel sorry that she's seriously worried

  12. 18:01 – I hope the perception of citizens isn't like that. Governments are always the cause, not the citizens who are just victims. Even Nazi Germany many of the citizens were both unaware and unable to do anything without risk to themselves and their loved ones. Many fled, many helped fleeing Jews/victims. Same goes for Korea and everywhere

  13. 11:28
    Steven: looks directly at the camera 텍사스에서는 모든 것이 더 큽니다.
    Translation: Everything is bigger in Texas.
    And as a proud Texas native….I could not agree more.

  14. Being half Philippino I can confidently say that American bbq isn’t far from Asian bbq we have the heat bbq sauces that are rich and thick and the portions are much bigger but in Asian style we have no bread more of a bbq instead of a smoke cook and the sauces if any are sweet and sour in texture and flavor or salty or salty and sweet ! Asian will always love American bbq lol

  15. Near me there is a Brazilian BBQ place with never-ending cuts of meat. Normally I don't eat huge portions, but it's the one place I will eat till I am nearly sick. All kinds of cuts from your brisket and chicken to stuff like rattle snake sausage and boar.

  16. North Korea: American bastards, eat beef and we will shoot you. You will eat dog and wear dog fur
    Trump : I'm friends with north Korean leader

  17. They are indeed different than south koreans, both attitudes and physical appearance… Hope they enjoy the freedom they are having…

  18. I thought these Koreans were meant to be starving yet here these are acting like connoisseurs, if I lived in a repressive regime that starved its people I’d eat pork spiced with dog shit lol.

  19. This video made me feel really happy. I'm a vegetarian, but still thoroughly enjoyed this video and the experience brought to those people.

  20. They are probably more shocked that the animal they are eating isn’t being cooked alive trying to escape the boiling pot it’s in like they do it back home but glad they liked the food

  21. This video is just so garsh-darned WHOLESOME! 😍 best of love to all them still in N.Korea. I hope that someday they can experience freedom and prosperity.

  22. 안녕하세요! 선생님 당신은 북한 사람들이 그들이 있는 세상에서 깨어나게 하는 신의 도구입니다. 지금까지 저는 북한에 아직도 있는 북한 사람들을 어떻게 상상하는지 감상에 젖습니다.

  23. I love America and Texas in particular and let me tell you we need to liberate those people. They cant even eat meat what kinda world would that be like I've been poor my whole life but the one thing was that I could always get something good to eat.

  24. Based on political ideas, north korea is more Chinese, the people from the region of north korea and their ideas were given the nickname "balgangy" a derogatory term to represent the communists, south korea is more Japanese, so they were given the nickname "chineelpa" which means friends of the Japanese, it seems there are even proxy wars within the Asian countries, between china and japan, creating local small armies in countries between eachother to rape and pillage one another and obtain resources from the conquered country…

  25. Awesome video guys liked it! Always nice getting to see people treating others kindly and with respect! Showing someone a mew experience they may never of had! That was probably the best meal those people have ever had! Thanks for doing what you did and sharing yiur experience with everyone! Keep it up!

  26. aye i take the left overs too, you get hungry at night anyway why would you toss it if you spent all that money on it

  27. Poor commie bastards let themselves become slaves to the communist state and the ung family. The leftist freaks here in America want the same thing because they suffer from white guilt.

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