Norsk militær stridsrasjon

Tough, old women in the wild! Here you see the food for today! Our military rations, MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) We want to test this package today! We have been in the Military Surplus Store in Tynset (a Norwegian municipality). and bought two Field Rations. Here they are 😉 I can open one of them and show you? Yes Old women need glasses 😉 Yes, glasses and headlights 😉 Here I can read…. Menu 3 – Fruitful Muesli Let’s see what’s inside! Here we have our breakfast! What’s that? Fruitful muesli with milk. That’s the beginning 😉 Maybe the start is this coffee 😉 You will survive with this rasion during the day! Then we have….. Tuna light mayonnaise. and….. Tuna will be our dinner! Yes! A spoon. We will need that one! A pack of paper towels. Yes! Here we have two chewing gums 😉 That’s good 😉 Then we have….. peanut butter here is a oatmeal block. ok 🙂 Guess it will taste with peanut butter on the oatmeal block. This one is a sports drink. I look forward to that one later on. We have to mix it with cold water! One more drink – this is a tropical drink 🙂 We can pretend that we are in the tropics 😉 Here we have sweet cherry soft drink. Cherry is “kirsebær” in norwegian 🙂 The last thing in this package is antibac wipes. Now it’s empty. I have got a spoon – and the muesli! This will be something like cold oat porridge, if it works with cold water. Yes, let’s try! This is about 1 deciliter. We are out in the field! Yes! Field Rations ! No, this cannot be one deciliter. I have to add more water! You are looking forward to this, I can hear! I’m thinking – we have just this and the mayonnaise to eat… I think we have to get some fish! We can have a “party” tonight, if we still are hungry 🙂 Yes. Poor soldiers, this is really not a lot of food! Let me see! I agree – this is really not a lot of food! Even though I had a bit too much water in it – it looks OK! I found an old raisin here – it tasted almost like a raisin 😉 The taste is a bit tropical too 🙂 Are you ready to go out in the field? … I haven’t finished yet…. but… when I have eaten all the tropic muesli….. then maybe I’m ready to go out in the field. Tove makes the coffee from the rations. It’s just a small portion! I will give you your field coffee 🙂 Did the coffee taste good Tove? Yes… but I’m just as hungry as I was before the muesli. It wasn’t enough at all !! This is not enough for a soldier ready for active duty 😉 Long time ago I was classified to the best active duty. Did you get such rations at that time? Not the same ones! But some similar? Yes, we got something similar ! We got some kind of biscuits…. they looked like particle boards 😉 Now you will eat some of our homemade energy bars! You can see the recipe in another of our videos. Can function as a supplement to field rations…. That’s right! for soldiers on priority missions 😉 You were the first female Military Police in Norway! That lady is not one to mess with ! She always need food 😉 It’s no point to be hungry and grumpy! Maybe this is the reason why soldiers are fighting… they are so grumpy that they shoot on everything that’s moving 😉 They want the food from the enemy 😉 (We are just kidding…) For the time being, the field rations have been given zero points from me. I don’t agree! The Fruitful muesli tasted good I think! Ok, but it wasn’t enough at all !! There should have been three times the amount! Here you are – Tuna light with mayonnaise! We still live on the rations! “I look forward to this one 😉 ” I have already used the two chewing gums. That made me feel better! I were satisfied with the breakfast. It tasted good, but wasn’t enough! The breakfast tasted good enough….. and May I have a look? ok – why not… Oh no!! It’s not THAT bad? Maybe I’m not hungry enough…. It tastes like tuna. That’s what it is ! Lots of proteins!! I guess that the biscuit with peanut butter will taste good! I look forward to that! It looks like you fix to eat this tuna! I feel like I’m going to throw up 🙁 I don’t want to vomit ;( This one….. is surely good enough to those who like tuna in oil. Or mayonnaise… Do you think the dogs want this food? We can try peanut butter instead of this one! Yes, that’s a better lunch! This was goodies for our huskies 🙂 We have military dogs 😉 Oatmeal block! This is like a biscuit! Have you used your antibac wipes. Yes! Here I have the peanut butter. This one looks good 🙂 The rations result in a lot of trash! Do you think the soldiers clean up all the trash they produce! Yes! That’s one of the thing they learn 🙂 Here we have the oatmeal block! I think this will taste old peanut butter! This one has also past the “use by” date? Yes. Certainly I would have eaten the tuna if I was starving. This is fun 🙂 It’s a lot of peanut butter here ! It’s not room enough to all the peanut butter on one biscuit 🙂 Look at this – nice! Delicacy! This one and the breakfast was good! I guess it’s possible to get another menu – without tuna. In the package I found a questionnaire – you are asked to tell how you like the different parts of the rations. Send to your immediate superior 😉 Maybe you have a possibility to choose something you prefer 😉 This was menu 3, I think it’s possible to get something else. I think so too! This tasted good to me! You will survive with these rations! That’s what it’s meant for. Maybe it’s good for those who like tuna. Yes! It tasted tuna. And peanut butter – you have told me before that it contains a lot of proteins. Yes – it’s a lot of proteins in it. You need the proteins when you move a lot. Do we only have two sports drinks each left – oh my goodness! We lost one meal with the tuna, you know! Ok – with the tuna it would have been three meals. Then we have to substitute the tuna with another meal tonight! Hi Tove – now we want something more to “eat”! Military energy 😉 This one is named “S1 Sports Drink”. It smells good! Then we have to add 500 liter water 😉 I think we use 5 deciliter water ! 😉 This is what super women drink….. before they do something amazing 😉 Delicious ! Delicious, we need this now 🙂 These drinks would have been good to bring with us out in the wild. We don’t need full field rations! I wish it was possible to buy some parts of the rations separately. Maybe it is possible! Peanut butter and, muesli breakfast and sports drinks – is what we want to use. When we are on our expeditions I often miss different cold drinks. We have coffee and cacao as warm drinks, but as cold drinks we usually have only water. Most of what we have in our own daily rations need heat to be used. Yes, that’s sometimes a problem. Nothing is better than cold mountain-water, but we want variation too. To add taste and energy – would have been a good thing. It’s not tasty water all places either. And these Sports drinks are easy to carry! This is a kind of sherbet powder 😉 Yes, it is! It remind me of the childhood with some similar powder 😉 I want to taste! It smells sherbet powder! Yes! Delicious! There are a lot of good tastes inside field rations! Except the taste of tuna! And I am like a non-fighting (non-combatant) soldier I think 😉 Then you sit in an office I think 😉 Ok – but I want my field rations anyway 😉 Here we have another drink. I will put the powder in the bottle, and shake it. The previous was delicious! Have you tried this one? Yes! What do you think? Let me try again. Is it green? It’s more yellow! I think it’s good. Ok! Tomorrow we will use the last Sports drink, and then we will give you an overall assessment of what we think is the result of our field rations test. That was all for today – goodnight, see you tomorrow! On a scale of one to six, what shall we give these rations? We don’t like tuna, but that’s not the most important issue here. Agree, but the rations are too small for me. The rations are too small for our use! We give the rations four, on a scale from one to six! Four of six points! We have had a new experience during this test: We want to carry with us more food/drink we can combine with cold water! Tove mixes the last energy powder with water. We are running on energy powder at the moment! We need some homemade energy bars on our way too 🙂 Skål 🙂 Energy powder from the Armed Forces! Yay ! At last – please remember to: give us likes, comment the video, share, subscribe, send us tips regarding future trips, tell us what you think about our channel. Thank you for watching !!

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