NJEMAČKI MRE ZA PREŽIVLJAVANJE – German Emergency Ration/Notration

Notration… Ration for survival and emergency situations Some would say it is Nazi Iron ration successor…. which was handed out only in emergency situations and if officers allowed it This pack is a gift! From our dear fan. Johnny Walker We have a man crush and we send each other some stuff He sent this and some other stuff,but I’m too jealous to share everything with you Notration pack This is nothing new for Nato countries,even Russians have these… It comes in OD green box Lightweight pack,only 220 grams. Very cool thing to have by yourself if SHTF It looks like this Thats it,that is ration. Practical and small in size. When you open it up you get… It lasts forever, so this best before date is just pro form… you can buy this stuff online in camping stores,ebay and such These blocks are ration.Main energy source.Pure carbs,sugars and stuff…. *trying to speak German….don’t sound angry enough” You get 4 water purification tablets. If you have no pure water you put these in some water you find around Don’t use urine that is Bear Grylls stuff. you drop this in, wait for half an hour Two pills per liter. And you let it rest for half an hour. You have to shake it real good. Why is it important? Cause without water you are dead very soon. You get to bags with tea extract. These are not regular bags but the powder, you put in water. These bags also pack a lot of energy They help you with energy and they tend to make you more concentrated and vigilant. It puts you back on track. So 4 of these blocks So what can you do with these blocks In situation where you have no more food left ,then it is time to open one of these. You can eat it in more than one way. You put it in some sort of plate/cup Then you crush it. If you eat only this for 3 days you have to be resourceful You crush it until it is dust like And then you pour in some warm water You find a little stick clean it before It is not aesthetic as f… One box should be used…well…it is moderate Probably one box a day.maybe you can pull even two days with one. If you want one lunch like meal put two blocks in plate. And the two that are left you use for breakfast and dinner Or you can try to eat them evenly trough out the day so your brain and body has constant input of carbs. ”How stick became spoon?” It is slavic spell… magic… If stick touches food it becomes spoon… Stick knows you need help so it becomes spoon. Not bad at all…. Sweet,sandy and neutral at the same time… If you are eating rations on daily basis at home you can cool it off like ice cream…. Make some emergency treat… it is made for emergency use although..so when you have to survive this is as good as it gets… It becomes kasha after some time. Very thick. Instant tea… This looks like croatian army tea… We have ”Ice tea”, and this is sort of survival black tea. Survival tea.Also very thick. Smells like Indian/Black tea…. It is obviously packed with tein… Wakes up the brain and the body This is perfect for anybody that is venturing into nature And any person that has increased possibility of endangering themselves outdoors… Military pilots also get these blocks….Russian..american..even we had these… If they crash and survive in some unapproachable locations…. So they don’t die from hunger… If you are in survival situation first tend to water….without water you are dead sooner than without food… Thank you again johnny… Everybody that is doing any form of extreme outdoor activity should have few of this packs in a bag. They are small,light weight and they can save your life. I will put some links down so you can check it out… Be smart,get few of these… Tnx for watching… please subscribe it will make us happy… And you could also like this video no matter if you are new or old watcher… And don’t forget…you can be stupid…but better be ready…

19 thoughts on “NJEMAČKI MRE ZA PREŽIVLJAVANJE – German Emergency Ration/Notration

  1. I have no idea why Bear Grylls never had any of these. Somebody send him some then he won't have to eat all that weird shit.😂 Thank you for the great video, always a pleasure to watch. 😘💞

  2. idealno u ljetnim mjesecima za planinare u sandalama. uopće ih ne treba spašavati, izbacivati paketiće iz kanadera i to je to.

  3. Another great video gents. Those blocks are like eating dust and need a good bit of water to wash them down 👍

  4. Hello from U.S.A.  Friends !    Never seen ration by me.  These I love !!  I have seen the old style, IRON RATIONS,  not this however.     Thank you Johnny Walker, for providing this.  From the name, Johnny walker, Assume U.S., and southern, probably wrong, LOL.   The blocks,  seem similar to other countries, I have tried and tasted. I will see what flavor, if any, these have. LOL, Bear Grylls, LOL. Definitely crumbly, lol. Decent taste however it seems.  Moms home made porridge.  Teach me Slavic spells please?   Never thought of cooling it off? Cool idea .  Instant tea, is like instant coffee.  If you have nothing else, it will have to do.  Water is more important than food, agreed.   Human body  can go longer without food, than it can water. Well stated.    I am an old watcher, lol, more ways than one, LOL.  I am glad, to have seen this ration , for the first time!  Looks, cool, for A last ditch survival ration.   Great ration, review, and, reviewers. Peace, John.      P.S., for my friends overseas, Johnny Walker, is A brand, of, whiskey, sold here in Southern U.S. ,, And exported, across the U.S.   This is what my reference meant.     Be safe friends!!

  5. Tebra ludo ovo radis, prosiri dijapazon hrane koju testiras, sta znam ubaci neku egzoticnu hranu i rokaj svaki dan. Rodjen si rodjeni za yutjubera, komedija. Pozz stari iz Nisa

  6. Ludi ste totalno…komedija!
    Bolje bi bilo da se zove CSO(CJELODNEVNI SUHI OBROK) tako se bar zvalo kad sam ja prije cca 20god.bio u HV, umjesto MRE i sličnih američkih njesra.
    Inače ste bomba! pozz

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