NJEMAČKI MRE- German Bundeswehr 24hour ration type 4- ENG Subs

Hey guys! Today we are filming NATO ration Similiar to croatian but much better…f***k it Jerry is a Jerry…. 2015…. BBD 30.4.2019 Shelf life is 4 years- Wich is very good since the most rations can be used 2-3 years. Box design is vintage Some sort of soft cardboard But the box itself is pretty big.Even bigger than Croatian. Some writings on the front side and that’s it.Very simple. Bundeswehr knows that when it’s war/show time that things must be kept simple. The soldier wont be unpacking unnecessary…. For this here I have to thank to our friend Eistee. (subscribe link below) Have I said it correct Marijan? I didn’t? How would you say it? Marijan speaks German only for money. Marijan is Volksdeutcher Fire you can see is preparation for barbecue later. There is a bunch of stuff here.First things you see are Orifo beverages. My personal favourite is exotische Just because of this beverage I got myself whole group drink ration of Bundeswehr.(link bellow) It is a big box with loads of beverages. One box is for 20 soldiers. Exotic drink is the bomb, I know it in advance…. We have some sicher…… We have safety matches…. Matches…. Same matches I had in a Bundeswehr ration from 1982. (Link in description) It is in English, but that’s how things are…you have to speak/read english sometimes…. So same design(matches) Vanilla flavored biscuits I’ll remove these…we have fire started anyways…. Hamburgers in tomato sauce Marijan? India rice with chicken nuggets Fruit mix erotic Coffee x 2 Slices of wholegrain bread Brand is ”geschniten” Hard keks. Biscuits.Plain Bunch of pate’s and jams. All of this should be enough for a soldier for one whole day.Although if you are civilian… This will last for like…. long time… Oh I like these…bundeswehr sugars… With cool bundeswehr logo Logo is specific and I like it alot. You suddenly want to sugar up the Poland…. Sesame bar Pepper spread for bread Sugar free chewing gums… Chocolate x 2 If only all wipes were like this ( I’m excited because the size of it you commie bastards) Klinac! Fire needs to be refreshed! Tea x 3 This is extra great! Tavellunch dehydrated meals You just add water and you can eat it You make yourself lunch the easy way. You get sort of porridge textured stuff. It is healthy and potentially good for potency. It works like african plum in some ways. Last things…. one more wipe in box Also Bundeswehr salt in convenient packing. Salt times two. And of course menu sheet so a soldier wouldn’t get lost in all of this. Now we will separate this in menues. We have to heat up some of it. Little issue is that you don’t get any cutlery so we got an alternative option. Since I have barbecue fire going I’ll use it for heating the food. I will use this German mess kit. German by make but used by Medi Packs(Switzerland) and Austrians…. Basically used in countries with great income per capita. That is the cap. Smaller pot and bigger pot. Alternatively you can preheat it in this aluminum pouches. But if you have fire and messkit why not use it. Indian rice with shenanigan’s This will be aromatic since it is India we are talking about, And tasty for sure. Lets put it in a pot… Spread it out… There are chunks of chicken inside… Chicken nuggets Lets check other one…. 2 burgers in tomato sauce…. Not just the burgers…loads of things here…. Tomato sauce,hamburgers,potatoes,paprika(geburstag in german) One burger is pretty small… Here you can see how it looks like… There is a lot of sauce so no water needed But in rice I will add some water so it doesn’t burn while being on fire… You don’t have to be afraid to combine things This is versatile food.you can mix what ever you like inside. Salt, pepper, spices, water…. put in what you prefer…. Flying hunter…. Flying hunters sausage? Chicken jagerwurst…. (hunter sausage) Smells decent, reminds me of out meat luncheon cans. second one… Veal meat luncheon Veal luncheon and jaeger wurst… This is some jam. Plum or something… Tuna fish Tuna in salad cream…. Lets try it Tuna with lemon and pepper and cream of some sort… Bread is packed in aluminum can. It opens up as a can. But you can seal it off again with dedicated cover. You get lots of slices This is wholegrain bread It fills you up better then ordinary bread. It is much more healthier. It has certain colonial aftertaste… Like minced wooden chairs…. Choco… Regular dark chocolate…. I thought I will have more German jokes today… But you know how they say…. How do you tell a german joke… By checking your back first…. Dried friut mix Pineapple papaya plums…. Cool thing to have in your pocket if you get low on energy Sesame bar. Sesame is good nutrient source. Sugard up and pressed into bars. Tasty and good And german! This hard biscuits are great if you are low on fuel for heating up your meals. Throw them in the fire They are different from croatian biscuits These have a taste. Tasty and not to dry. And they should be eaten fresh Let us clean up. With german wipe. (sounds like WWii cannon) Very neat These were thrown out on French from an airplane So they could surrender without a fuss… When boys were tired of resistance and in need of coffee, croissant and cigarettes they just show these and they go home Excellent invention by ze germans… Wtf cat…what you doing here…. Do you want some tuna… You smell it don’t you…. Vanilla flavored cookies…. What a german seals….. Reminds me of freedom cookies from MRE Put it down there… And what about your butt? Check her out….she’s twerking… We will make you famous! you will become mre reviewer porn star you will bring the food in sexy way… Heyyy…. I brought some burgers in tomato sauce…. Let’s make some beverages We will make it by the eye…. Istambul convention is good.Now I would beat them but then I would understand that I’m wrong. These are great beverages This exotic drink is out of this world These are milder beverages.They are not sweetened up a lot I find it interesting. Sooner than those American sweet ones. I’m a homo dude…light stuff… easy way… Standard sugar free chewing gums.Like orbit This is really healthy(not) LEts try this bread pepper spread. Some sort of cheese with pepper Peppered cheese.Have no other way of describing it But not that bad. Horny cheese. Cool thing…. Veal luncheon is typical meat luncheon. The other one has eggs or mustard…. It is spiced a little bit, but tasty without exception This jam …. Also tasty I’ll have diarrhea Also tasty Main meals are ready, heated up… Hamburgers and indian rice with stuff… Most important today is burger…. with potatoes… also various vegetables…. in tomato sauce… As in all other rations… you have to heat them up good When all this thing come together you get tasty meal If that is not enough you can put in the pieces of bread…. I’m specially interested in this here. Chicken nuggets in some Indian rice with spices and stuff It is like little chicken pattys …. Nothing special to tell you the truth Rice on the other hand is very tasty. You can taste many spices in rice.Very yellow and some reds…. It would be much better if rice was without the chicken nuggets But I believe guys in the field are okay with it. Last thing in the package are Travellunch packages. Apple and strawberry muesli Lemon cream is the second one you open it up on top very simple some other companies put resealable seal here.It is better. It helps alot if you haven’t eaten all of it you can close it and bring along with you aluminum bags With dehydrated powder Here are muesli and here is lemon cream. You apply water inside. Then you shake it a little bit You can do it by the eye or you can follow instruction I will do it by the eye (fck the system) This should rest for 10 minutes apple strawberry and muesli I personally really dig Travel lunch and their products This has to be stirred a bit I’ve put to much water. I didn’t get pudding texture but crap I don’t like the way it looks This was supposed to be firmer But it is watery If you want it correctly done read inscriptions I do most things by the eye.So thats why I live in a world of pain all the time Something white squirted in my eye… To conclude…. German type 4 combat ration It is very good source of quality foods Everything is tasty and nice, except the chicken nuggets maybe…. even wholegrain bread tastes great and it is packed in a can Travel lunch is excellent,all accessories are nice and tasty also…. You have witnessed how much food you get Iron crosses on salt and sugar.What else a man can wish for… Please subscribe and like if you like what we are doing… It makes us better faster and longer…. Longer? It motivates us to make longer videos…. #crombatrations #dinamozagreb

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  3. Wow, German  Einmannpackung  , One man pack!   Damn !    I have 2 rations on my bucket list, this one, and Australian!!   I shall never see either, so I will just enjoy your review friends!   I have to speak and read English sometimes also, but, i admit, it makes no sense sometimes, LOL.  Love the logo, on wet naps, sugar  Etc..    Classic friends. I would post that on my wall any day.  I am used to sesame bars in British rations, never seen any in German rations?  Who is the new guy, LOL? Tell him, John says hello. No need to waste A  good fire, agreed friend!  Odd concept for hamburger, by U.S. standards, however, should last for  some time.  All items looked good!   The cats , like my dogs, know when food is around, I am sure, LOL!   Beautiful lady, Make sure she knows !!    Fk the system, LOL !  Great rations and review!  Peace, John.

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