*NEW* Polish 24h ration menu 6 – polskie napisy !

26 thoughts on “*NEW* Polish 24h ration menu 6 – polskie napisy !

  1. The polish srg is definitely on my top 3 list. The food quality is the best I've had… I give this ration a 9/10

  2. Everything looked great, the Polish SRGs are in my top 5 (it's becoming impossible for me to rank my top 5 because these days there's so many good rations that have been reviewed). I think the crisp breads are inspired, so versatile and tasty. I buy them myself. Don't care if they look like "Styrofoam" The main meals, in particular, are outstanding.

  3. Good review, awesome ration! Those main dishes looked really good. Nice amount of food and drinks to take a soldier through a very active day. And last but not least a really big chocolate bar!

  4. Fantastic review Delicious! Like the unconventional way of reviewing the ration generally by food type instead of breaking it into 3 meals.
    This new menu looks great! I'll certainly want to track down this one and Menu 7 in in future

  5. Another good review, and everything looks "Delicious". 🙂 I wish the US had a two tier system of rations. The first tier would be for troops in the field that don't have to carry their own rations and the second for troops that have to hump their own rations. The first tier rations would have canned entrees like this Polish ration and the second tier would be all the freeze dried and retort food for lightness. There's just not any kind of retort or freeze dried entree that match those meatballs or goulash. The "English" luncheon meat looks suspiciously like American Spam. It would be nice if we got pate and crispbread but that's never going to happen.

  6. Awesome review friend !! Great menu items. This is A different format to present A 24 HR. review, but , I like it sir. I was interested in all parts you provided in this ration.  enjoyed this review greatly sir. Really big chunks, in raspberry, and lime drinks. That size of crystals, chunks, I am unfamiliar with, here in the U.S. Question, if I may friend? The fruits, dried, or ,freeze dried? If freeze dried, it would be possible to add water, and make, what we call fruit cocktail here in the U.S.?  Great review, Peace, John, AKA, Magnum.

  7. I totally agree with you. They should put freeze dried fruit in every ration. This looked like it was pretty good. Great Review.

  8. Wow! We gotta do some horse swappin' pretty soon! Too bad about the crisp breads I really have come to enjoy them and they are hard to find around here these days…..guess there are a lot of ration review watchers that tried them and enjoy them too!

  9. good review. have you considered getting one of those clip on microphones that tv hosts use? the ones that attach to your shirt

  10. Packing looks good durable well constructed.

    Very practical additions like zip plastic bags( smart)

    The crisp bread,meatballs, Hungarian goulash and English Lunch in meat looks like(galonka) look so good. As well as the dark chocolate and trail mix.

    Natural Ingredients,the way it should be.
    Just as it should be be for Polish and NATO Soldiers!

  11. People like to criticize Poles, but they seem to be smart enough to put a set of cups into their 24 hour, and include covers for tins that might not be all used up.

  12. polish food has low content of chemical and artificial components. Strawberry jam is less tasty because is natural. Similar situation with polish honey. It's often crystalized. Some people think is overdated or with sugar. But we know it's normal, natural process. Nice – isnt't it? Strawberry the fruit is not so tasty as strawberry gum 🙂

  13. I have just got hold of an S-RG 2 but I like the look of this number 6 very much. I will have to keep my eyes open for one.

  14. I ended up back on this video again but I now have an SRG 6 for my collection as well. It was advertised as an "Individual"ration so I thought it was a single meal, but at a very good price. Individual in this instance means 1 man, and what a big mre this is as well. I look forward to opening this one sometime soon.

  15. Hi how long do you have to cook or boil the tinned meals i just got a ZRG-5 but no heating instructions I just wondered if you know ?
    Thanks from paul

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