1. Hey family!! Ahh I’ve been so excited to share this video with y’all & give you ALLLLL the motivation! 😅🙌🏼 If you follow me on Instagram @thiscrazylifevlog then you know I started doing the new WW program & have been loving it so far! If you’re already doing it, or thinking about joining, let me know by replying to this comment thread! And also follow me on the app so I can follow you back & we can do this journey together!! My username is “paigeamanda17” 🤍 http://bit.ly/WWthiscrazylifevlog Hope y’all enjoy all the cleaning, meal prep & healthy grocery haul ideas I shared in today’s video!! Love you guys!! XO ♡amanda

  2. Love love love the recipes!! Thank you so much!!! Food prep is a mist for me. I’m a junk food junkie so having healthy food just as easy is a must. Love your videos! You inspire me in so many ways!

  3. The sponge and brush ,do you have a link? …. love watching food vids , gives me and I am sure others so much into, thank you

  4. We love jello grapes! I buy sugar free jello (whatever flavor you like, raspberry is my fav), and sprinkle it over the wet grapes after you clean them. Refrigerate for a bit…SO GOOD, and zero ww points.

  5. I never put produce (fruit or salad items) that I don’t cook on the conveyor belt bc it’s dirty, sometimes it has spilled food, milk or meat juices on it. Always bag them. I got the worst food poisoning from papaya.

  6. The struggle… Im also going through something similar to your diagnosis. I have to eat healthier and lose weight as well. So my freezer is stocked with ground turkey, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, chicken, and salmon. I also have whole wheat pasta as well and brown rice. I miss the real spaghetti 🍝 lol
    Thinking back, how did I manage to stay healthy and exercise everyday, now, I barely have motivation. Lol but I plan to push myself to being healthier, plan healthy meals for my little family.

  7. I love how you have all the fruit layer out on the table. I need to start doing that so my family actually eats them more !! 😆

  8. I do not write a lot but I like your videos a lot. The best Tuppers that i used are those that „clip&close“ but I do not know the branding or actually name in english, as this is not my mothertounge and I do not live in usa. But those are the best quality-price tuppers. After that you have the ones from the branding Tupperware but these are more expensive. And you are right with meal prep… I will try also!

  9. Love your videos! They give me alot of motivation to clean and now going to the grocery store to get my diet food.Love food preping. My hubby does prepping everyweek.But I wanted to find my own diet.Love your channel it's been so nice to get to know you and your beautiful family! 😊

  10. I can’t get over how gorgeous your house is 😍 I definitely need to do some food prep! It’s not something I’ve actually ever done 😅

  11. When I heard you had Hashimoto it's good to hear of someone having what my daughter fights with. Love your cleaning videos! I am trying to learn to live with lupus. It can be a battle having these autoimmune deseases can't it? God bless you dear. Mary from Ohio

  12. Glad that you are loving ww. I feel the same way love that I can still enjoy food I like that tracking points is just easy. I saved the cabbage soup to try and love the fruit containers. Love seeing the haul. I need to pick up the lite version of the dressing.

  13. Hi Amanda welcome to myww I rejoined last year after losing 3 stone (42lbs) I think lol unfortunately the weight went back on after some personal issues, I was on purple but changed back to blue. Really loving the videos as crazy as it sounds you have helped me with lots of motivation thank you xx

  14. Tip from my grandmother years ago, put a damp paper towel or dish towel under your cutting board so it stops slip sliding around. 😁 Sage wisdom from the elders. Hahaha

  15. Ty I hope you feel better but could you tell me what is it that you have now I never heard of if my email you can send me the answer if you want oh my husband is on the ww diet and lost lots of weight like 30pounds he started it last yr still is on it good luck ty for all your the best . I watch you and love mag too other but I can remember the names they too are great

  16. My favourite breakfast is sweet potato, banana, dried cranberries, pecans and a nut butter. I love these videos. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Good luck on WW .I am at my goal and am life time now. I started on blue but now I'm doing green plan. I love WW it is a great plan.

  18. I love how the boys are in the mix while cleaning in the beginning and helping out! I don't know if you have a chore chart for your boys but I have an Alexa and was able to set up a chore chart for my kids on it. 💙 You should try it out 😉

  19. Another great, super motivational video! Plus, I’ve got to get one of those tools you used as you were cooking the taco meat! I’ve never seen one! Happy weekend, Amanda. Enjoy your basement, 😀

  20. Love these videos! I’m also on WW, I need to get back on track though. Whenever I take the grapes off the vine they always turn soft 🙁

  21. I loved weight watchers when I did it six or seven years ago. Lost weight then got pregnant when my husband got back from his six month deployment and gained more back. I’m really thinking of going back on weight watchers.

    I would walk around the grocery store and scan things to see if they were worth the points lol

  22. Love your meal prep. I got new storage containers from Sam's Club. They are rectangle and square and I feel they stack better than the round ones. Side question, what is your wall paint color?

  23. I love those meal prep containers for fruit and vegetables. You got me addicted to using them. My family loves them too. So easy just pull it out, open and grab what you need then put it back/. Thank you so much for showing those. They are the best.

  24. Hello from Sweden 🇸🇪, I also have Hashimotos can’t you post more on that contest on your channel? Love your channel 💕

  25. You are so motivating. I am also on MyWW and have been since August of last year. I have gotten really into meal-prepping it really makes getting things ready for work a lot easier. I even go ahead and portion out the food and write the points on them or I will track ahead of time just to keep me accountable. Keep up the good work, I enjoy your videos so much.

  26. Love today’s video. Enjoy watching your food prep. I got the plastic divided food storage containers you use for Christmas after seeing them on one of your prior videos. They are great. I used to do WW years ago but for me I stopped because I just got so frustrated and tired of the changing of the plan every year and the points would change too. I found some great resources and success in the Naturally Slim program. Taught me how to eat and what triggers. But there is certainly plenty of success for WW plan followers.

  27. I'm doing WW too! I'm also on the blue plan. I love it because I do feel like I'm not deprived of food that I want to eat and I'm learning how to portion my food better! I'm so excited you're on it now too! You're so inspiring! Thank you! ❤️

  28. Amanda. You are the best for cam work of any chanel 10/10 no kidding. Its great all the close ups and angles. Really well done . …loved the vidwo BTW 😂👍💜

  29. Costco has some great pyrex containers. I love them and had them near two years and the lids have not stained. They have the clip lids which is great

  30. Ugh! I just love you Amanda! You grade THE greatest ideas & you are so sweet & genuine! You are definitely one of my favorite YouTubers!!! Great tip about adding beans to your taco meat. Never would have thought about that! 💜💜💜

  31. I am doing WW too! I am also on the blue plan!! I’m getting back on track on Monday! Thanks for the motivation 🙂

  32. Small Tipp when you organize the fruits on the table avoid putting the bananas with the other fruit because bananas make fruit ripen faster

  33. Watching your knife skills had me so excited! I never see mom bloggers use good knife skills and an actual sharp knife so watching you slice and chop was actually cathartic. Do you have a culinary background?

  34. It’s the best way to lose weight, in my opinion…I started last summer, reached my goal & i am a lifetime member! I am like you…I do not want to limit what I eat…it’s great! Good luck on your weight loss journey!

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