Naeun & Jooho go to a campground and eat grilled meat! YUM![The Return of Superman/2019.03.03]

Let’s go. There it is. Where? Glasses are sold here. I need to get a new pair of glasses. Come here. (The bright light) (makes her cheerful.) She suddenly dances. (It’s dance time!) We aren’t here to dance but to get glasses. – The bright lights excite her. / – She likes it here. She dances instinctively. Hello. May I help you? I’m here to get a pair of glasses. (Laughing) Pippi. (She looks at herself in the mirror.) – Pippi. / – It makes her laugh. Pippi! (Mirror, am I pretty?) Pippi. Pippi! Pippi, Pippi, Pippi. (The mirror princess is excited.) (Uncle, follow me.) She gets the uncle all of a sudden. She wants to be filmed. (How does this look?) Thank you. Thank you. – “Cameraman, film me.” / – “Come here and film me.” “Look at me. I’m pretty, right?” You look good in everything. – My goodness. / – She poses so well. It fits. (Is this a photoshoot for sunglasses?) She will get an offer for a commercial. Everything looks nice on her. (Enjoying the optical shop with Naeun) She puts them on the uncle. Isn’t it upside down? – It’s a present, Uncle. / – Thank you. – Okay. / – He even got a present. Naeun, put it back after you try it on. I put it back. “I put it back.” “I put it back.” She is in a good mood. Stay here for a second, okay? Do you want to look? I need to get my eyes examined. You need an eye test to get glasses. – Naeun calmed down. / – Because this is new. Dad, where does it hurt? I can’t see very well. Can you see me? I can’t see you well. (Worried) My goodness. Naeun is a good daughter. (Naeun holds his hand.) (Kissing) No one has kissed me on my hand in years. Don’t get sick. Okay. Put this on. Naeun, help me pick. – Your glasses? / – That’s right. Let’s trust Naeun’s tastes. I think she will pick something unique. What is it? Is it pretty? (Which frame did Naeun pick?) – It’s for Jooho. / – How will it look? Dad, your glasses. – My goodness. / – He’s like Yang Heeeun. (They strangely look alike.) Naeun, this is for children. Look. Don’t I look strange? You look nice. – She says he looks nice. / – You would like this. But I look strange. He should go with what Naeun chose. Get it. Should I get it? – I will get this. / – Okay. – Please wait. / – Okay. He made the right choice. (Dad, it looks good on you.) What do we need to buy? – They are at a supermarket. / – They need groceries. A child can’t pass by the snack isle quietly. What is that? A shrimp. (She spots the shrimp snack.) Don’t eat it. – Let’s get this. / – No, no. – Why not? / – Why not? No. – Why not? / – Get something else. Something else? Then I will get this. (What did he pick this time?) It’s the crab snack. No. No crab snack. – Why not? / – Why not? No crab snack. – What does she want? / – Why can’t I get it? I feel bad for crabs. You feel bad for crabs? No squid snack. No squid snack. What am I supposed to eat? I feel bad for squids. You feel bad for squids? Naeun, how about this? It’s the onion snack. Onion is okay. Onion is okay. – Is onion okay? / – She is a vegetarian. – Seriously. / – A vegetarian. Let’s go. We need ingredients the teacher wants. Do you know who the teacher is? – Teacher. / – Teacher. Will they meet Ms. Kim? Naeun is interested in baking bread and cookies these days. And she will be entering a competition. – A competition? / – A cake! (Naeun learned how to bake in Switzerland.) Her grandma taught her how to bake in Switzerland. She is good already. (Gunhoo bakes like his sister.) (He has a cute belly like a baker.) (I will make a tree shape.) Naeun is learning before the competition. The teacher asked us to get some ingredients. Hello. Is that the teacher? Hello. Who is he? You are doing a good job. What will we get for the teacher? Did you ask what we’ll get for the teacher? Look. We need to get soft flour, sugar, salt and baking soda. Look for these, okay? – Okay? Can you do it? / – Yes. Naeun, what do you need to get? Baking soda. – Sugar. / – Sugar and salt. Okay. Can you do it? – Yes. / – Okay. (She is confident.) See you soon. I will look for soft flour. – I will look for it. / – What’s soft flour? It’s flour that was made softly. I’m disappointed in you. (She goes to get some groceries.) (She can do well, right?) I think she will do well. Sugar and salt look the same. (Looking around) (She runs into an older boy.) – Where is sugar? / – What? – Sugar. / – Sugar? He isn’t an employee. He was just passing by. She didn’t even say, “Excuse me.” Where is sugar? Follow me. “Follow me.” (He is nice and awkward.) This is sugar. Thank you. He seems a bit awkward. (Is this it?) (She gets salt.) The condiments are at the same aisle. It’s too heavy for her. She can’t carry it. She can’t carry it. Oh, she is carrying it. (Naeun is strong.) She got it in the cart. I’m going to tell Dad. (She just needs baking soda now.) (She suddenly stops.) (Did she find baking soda?) Baking soda. It’s not baking soda. It’s flour. It’s flour. Cookies. She chose from the picture of cookies. Is she getting everything? Is she getting every flour with cookies? She’s getting jam too? She wants to dip bread in it. She likes big things. She is excited. – Did she get the baking soda? / – Not yet. Soft flour. – What is soft flour? / – Is he still struggling? Is it the same thing as starch? Baking soda. – She needs baking soda. / – That’s right. Where is it? Where is it? Where is it? Where is baking soda? Where is baking soda? – Baking soda is… / – Wow, she is smart. It’s here. Please get one for me. – It’s here. / – She succeeded. She just got a lot of extras. Thank you. Bye. Bye. – Please try one. / – What are those? – Conches. / – Conches? – Jooho. / – Did he get distracted by free food? He is sampling food. Hello, may I try one? He must have been hungry. (He forgets about soft flour.) It’s duck. – May I try this? / – Yes. Why did he grab first and ask later? (Sampling food is a must at a supermarket.) He ate everything. He bought duck. Thank you. It’s tasty. – Naeun will like it. / – Thank you. She waits for her dad after getting everything. – I’m here. / – Dad! You got many things. Did you get everything? Cookies. What is this? – Cookies. / – So this is soft flour. It says so right here. (She got soft flour.) Did Naeun get the right ingredient? – It seems that way. / – You saw the picture. What is that? – It’s strawberry jam. / – Strawberry jam? Why did you get this? You like it. (It gives them a heart attack.) My goodness. She even tiled her head. Why did you get such a big bag of sugar? You are generous. Did you get the biggest bag you found? You did a better job. Good job. You succeeded. That’s right. At least she didn’t get a duck. Hello. – Hello. / – Hello. You can do it. (He is exerting force with her.) Put it up there. You can do it. – There you go. / – I have money. – Do you have money? / – Yes. – Do you have money? / – Yes. Do you have money? Here you go. (Will Naeun pay?) What is this? It’s a Swiss coin. – Franc. / – Franc. She must be the first person to use franc at a supermarket in Ulsan. Naeun got this in Switzerland. Naeun, use a card. – You have a card. / – You have a card. Use this when you are in Basel, okay? – Okay. / – It happens. Okay. Thank you. – All right. / – Bye. How cute! – Naeun. / – They are having a date. Do you know what camping is? You eat meat and see dogs. This is a campground you can go – with your dogs. / – They’re barking. You like dogs, right? There they are. – Another one. / – There is another one. How many dogs are there? The dogs will eat, and you will eat also. It’s a dog. It’s here. (A dog approaches Naeun.) (It’s nice to meet you, puppy.) (Kissing) How cute! – Goodness. / – It kissed you. It kissed you. Naeun, pick a name. What’s the dog’s name? – Ppoppo. / – Ppoppo? Is it Ppoppo because it kissed you? Shall we give the dog a snack? Which dog? – This one. / – This one? Okay. May we give your dog a snack? – Go ahead. / – Would it be okay? Thank you. (I will give you a snack.) – My goodness. / – Sit down. It’s eating well. Give one more. A snack from Naeun must be delicious. – Sit down. / – Goodness, they’re all there. – All the dogs are there. / – My goodness. (Naeun is very popular.) What is going on? What is going on? She’s so flustered that she’s speaking German. All right. Naeun, I will get ready. Feed one dog at a time, okay? – One dog at a time. / – Okay, okay. I will do that. (A pretty girl who feeds the dogs) (The dogs are confused.) The dogs are confused by the foreign language. – That’s right. / – What? What did you say? (Give me a snack.) There you go. No, I will give it just to you. She feeds one dog at a time. – Goodness. / – That looks good. – Eden. / – When you go camping, – meat tastes most delicious. / – That’s right. Eating it outside makes it more delicious. (Naeun gives snacks to the dogs.) (Jooho gives meat to Naeun.) Don’t put it there. Bring it over here. He takes care of Naeun. Naeun takes care of dogs. Did you eat a lot? I will come back next time. (It’s time to say goodbye.) Bye. (Bye.) Bye. (Stay healthy, Ppoppo.)

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  1. Jooho is whipped for Nauen
    Narrator is whipped for Nauen
    I’m whipped for Nauen
    We’re all whipped for Nauen

  2. When she kept saying “Pippi” and tugging on her pigtails, I think she was referencing Pippi Longstocking. 😂

  3. Wow. I think Naeun is so independent for her age. Any tips for Anna and Johoo's parenting? Such a lovely kids.

  4. Naeun saying “i feel bad for the crab” “i feel bad for the shrimp”, reminds me of seungjae. both of them have a very high level of sympathy ❤️

  5. The peak golden time of Naeun before Gunhoo steals all the spotlights. Now it's only normal Naeun gold time lol

  6. Anyone who hates naen.. Fight me you beeeccchhh! I don't care if you break yo arms. Im just gonna stand for this angel.

  7. Jooho is Minguk/Manse in adult form, easily distracted by food samples then forget what to buy 😂

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