Mystery Canned Food Taste Test

(rooster crowing) (lion roaring) – Welcome to Good Mythical MORE. – Wild Gesturing! Okay, Link I’m gonna
gesture something to you you gotta figure it out, okay? – Okay, okay. Read the clue, don’t let me see it. Don’t let me see it. Okay, you got it? All right, okay. Must be a long one. Okay, go! Okay, all right. So you’re shopping for beans and then and then you
found the perfect can, but it’s as big as a human, so you’re gonna buy half of it and then you’re gonna start consuming it? And then it, it channels into your speech and makes you speak only
bean to the bean gods. – Yup, yup, yup. – Who crown you king.
– Yup, yup. – This is pretty, I think you’re making this up. Crown you king of the beans and then after that you
rule over the beandom and you start saying things like there’s no Bush in this bean. You don’t wanna have your
Bush without the beans. – That’s it! Got it! (laughs) You’re good, man. You’re good! – All of that? – Yeah, the way you kept
drawing it out of me. – Wow. – Quite a team. (giggling) – I’m exhausted. Let’s eat some pickled mystery stuff. Now, what else are we doing in MORE? Do we have other stuff? I can’t remember.
– What else do we need to do? – So Josh made this stuff. Josh? – [Josh] Yeah. – So– – This is the one you gotta eat, right? – Is this my punishment? – [Josh] Me? – No, Josh, Link. – [Josh] Oh, yes. – Link eats the one with the label. – This is my punishment? “Josh’s Cookout in a Can!” – [Josh] I don’t decide
that it’s the punishment, I just make the stuff and then Ellie decided
that it was a punishment. (laughs) I’m still pretty proud of it. – I like that arrangement. – So you’ve also pickled
some other things. – [Josh] Yeah. – So we’re gonna… We’re gonna try these. Is that the extent of this
MORE or am I missing something? – [Ellie] You betcha. – I’m not– – Why you trying to make
it more than it is, man? – I’m not implying. I’m not implying that
we should be doing more. – You seem like you’re
a little disappointed. – No, I’m not disappointed. All right. It’s not that I wanna put this off, but I’m gonna do this maybe last. All right, clearly this is avocado. How long has this been pickling for? – [Josh] Just about a week. It’s for when you can’t
find fre sh a voca do and you have to get canned a voca do. And you can just have that. – You wanna start with that one? – Yeah, I mean, it’s closest to me. – Okay, so what’s this one? – French fries. – Oh my gosh. – [Josh] Yes. Potatoes that have been
cut and then fried, but then also pickled
in a can for you to eat. (laughs) – Josh, I won the game. – [Josh] Yeah, it’s just, it’s for fun. You know, like, you guys like to have fun. You’re fun guys. – Can I have a eating utensil, Link?
– Yeah, I’m getting this for you, man. Here you go. – [Josh] I grew up on canned potatoes. I don’t know if anybody else did. – What do you mean a canned potato? – [Josh] They sell whole
new baby potatoes in a can and we used to buy them and mash them. – Those are actually not bad, the one’s you’re talking about, these are bad.
– I got those growing up, call those new potatoes. When they were like shaved,
they didn’t have the skin on. – They were technically old though. – [Josh] Like the size of a quail egg. – Yeah, I love those. – [Josh] Yeah, they’re great. – You make boiled
potatoes with some butter. – You don’t have to make boiled, because they’re already cooked. – Oh, you just eat them?
We’d always boil them. – You can reboil them, you gotta heat them up some how. – This isn’t bad. Very salty. – You like that? Little mealy. – Not bad. – All right, you know what, Link? Put them on the shelf at home. – Thank you. Rhett, why you being so nice to me? (giggling) – [Rhett] So sushi. – [Josh] It’s canned tuna. I said it’s canned–
– Tuna roll. – Tuna, yeah. (giggling) – Canned tuna roll… With the wasabi and ginger
just stuck at the top. (laughs) – Maybe just rake the
whole thing onto the plate. (laughs) Ellie are you okay? (laughs) – You’re enjoying this way too much. – [Josh] We’re so pleased with ourselves. – I think I kinda know
what that will be like. No real reason to taste it. – You should taste it. Oh my goodness. I just don’t want this. – So what did you pickle it with? – [Woman] So wait, but this is okay to eat, right? – [Josh] We’re about to find out. No, yeah, it is, it is. It’s pretty fresh. – Pretty fresh.
– [Josh] Pretty fresh. – That’s what you like to hear when it’s your sushi.
– So I actually pickled it in soy sauce and pickling
salt and a brine solution. It’s all been refrigerated, so it’s not like, there’s no fermentation happening. I take botulism very seriously and that I love it very seriously. – Okay. (laughs) It’s not bad. – It’s actually better like that. – That’s not true. (laughs) Says the man who doesn’t like sushi. – The rice part of it’s better. – You mean you like your
rice to be mushy and watered, watered, watery? – And pickly, yeah. I means there’s some, like, pickle agent. Which is? – Brine solution.
– [Josh] Yeah. Just brine, so pretty much just salt water.
– Salt. – And a little bit of soy. – That’s not very good, Josh. – [Josh] Well not every
dish is a home run. – But, you know, I mean, you tried. – I liked that okay. I’m pretty intrigued by pickled avocado. – But I gotta say that if you can only enjoy
canned stuff in the apocalypse. I mean, I dunno what
that’s gonna turn into in, like, 12 years, but if that’s the only
way you can have sushi in the apocalypse. I mean, maybe I’ll try it. – [Josh] Good romantic date option. You know.
– Yeah. – [Josh] Sushi. – Breaking open the sushi tonight, baby. – Any predictions about
this pickled avocado? – This feels like something
that would be on sale here in town at some sort
of Boutiquey-type shop that sold jeans and coffee. – Right. – You know what I mean? – High waisted jeans.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. – With like a button fly. – We’ve got jeans, hats and tea. (laughs) – Not much of a scent. – I don’t know how you
made it remain green. – Green. – [Josh] I think that’s, honestly, the salt preserving it. Against my best efforts, I think this worked. – Oh, you tried to make it not work? – Well, you know. Failures my default sometimes. – [Rhett] Why you got on a tank top? – [Josh] It’s like really
hot in the kitchen. – I think Josh thought
he was gonna be on camera and now since he cut his sleeves off we made him stay over there. Okay, Josh, come over here.
– I feel like he’s gotta walk out. – Come on, walk across. – I feel like you gotta walk.
– We know what’s up. Walk across.
– I think you gotta walk across. Now you
can’t stop, you can’t stop. – You gotta stay moving. – I’m just gonna… No stop, you guys, okay. (laughs) Thanks, thanks.
– All right. You know what, you can walk back across.
– Yeah, you gotta come back – [Josh] It’s really, there’s no– – You can walk back across.
– Only one way to get back. – [Josh] There’s central air, but it only goes in the offices, it doesn’t enter the kitchen. It’s very hot. – Dude was cutting off his
sleeves right before the MORE. Oh, I’m gonna be on? – Well you can tell from… (laughs) You can tell from the tan lines that he hasn’t been in a
tank top much this year. (laughs) – [Josh] I was too embarrassed to come on. Ellie wanted me on. – Everybody–
– [Josh] I said no. – Everybody wins. You got what you wanted, but we got what we wanted and that was to make fun of you
while getting what you want. Did it in the gate? You getting what you wanted? – [Josh] I’d just like
to go home now, please. – Oh, you’re fun. Monster delts, man. (laughs) – It really isn’t bad. There’s a tanginess to it. – [Ellie] I did pull up a
what canned food are you quiz if you do think Josh’s
canned foods are boring. – What canned food are you? – Yeah, let’s start. – I’m not bored, I have to eat this. – Well I’m gonna take a
quiz while you eat that. – This is–
– What is your favorite holiday? Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, Thanksgiving? Halloween. – I would say this is not really pickled. It’s just like avocado
sitting in pickle juice. Nothing permeating, ’cause I think it’s so fatty. – What’s your favorite animal?
– [Josh] It’s been sitting for a while.
– Cat, other, dog, bird. Dog. Do you get claustrophobic? No. In general, what grades do you usually get? (laughs) Straight A’s is not an option. So go with A’s and B’s. – Nice, I’m gonna open my… – How would you describe
your group of friends? Too awkward to talk to people. No, lots of friends
with varying interests. A few close friends. – A few close friends. – I would say… Yeah, I’d say I got a few close friends. If you could only talk to one person for the rest of your life, who would it be? Your mom, Donald Trump, your favorite sibling, your best friend? My wife is not an option. (giggling) It’s coming down to Donald
Trump or my best friend. (laughs) – I’m honored. – My best friend! – Josh, what have you done, dude? Is this, is this… Is that a hot dog, slaw and toothpaste? – [Josh] Oh, no, it’s a hot dog, slaw and an Otter Pop. Toothpaste would be gross. – Otter Pop. – So the Otter Pop.
– [Josh] That’s for dessert. You can’t start with that.
– How much sleep do I get on average? On an average school night. Well I’d say seven to eight, I get my sleep. Seven, eight hours. – [Josh] Oh, there’s a chicken
drumstick in there, too. – Breathe out. – [Josh] You gotta dig for it. – Breathe in, I’m corn. – [Ellie] Del Monte! – I’m Del Monte Corn. – Out of all that corn you ate, you may no longer be a bean man. – That’s weird.
– You could be a corn dude. – What about what I said is corny? – I’m kinda gonna eat that soggy bread. – I think it’s corny. You just gonna eat the wiener? Dip it in the Otter Pop first. – It goes, it goes right
down down in there. – Why don’t you pull that out? (laughs) Why don’t you pull that
whole thing out, Link. You can teach the kids something. (laughs) Now listen, guys. You don’t always know what’s gonna happen. You don’t always know
how things are gonna go. But, okay. – But what? – I just thought you could teach a lesson. (lighthearted music) – Not fabulous. (laughs) – [Rhett] Did you know that
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100 thoughts on “Mystery Canned Food Taste Test

  1. I love how every time they get wild gesturing Rhett never tells Link what it actually says and just tells him what he guessed was perfect.

  2. I’ve seen this like 3 times now and I swear, every time Rhett says “my best friend” near 10:00 , all I can think of is the “my close good friends” vine

  3. I love Josh ❤❤ He's genuinely funny and great at what he does 😁
    Even if what he does is torment and subject Rhett and Link to awful creations 😂 If he was allowed I think Josh would be a great regular chef.

  4. The fresh avocado joke I got and loved. But that sleeveless banter with Josh was so awesome. They really are a big family, I love it!!!!

  5. Maybe this season there won't be so many food episodes? That'd be nice. I miss the old school videos. Not sure why the channel got so heavy on food stuff…

  6. I'm waiting for something to happen that requires Josh to be shirtless. I had already been waiting for this, but being teased has made me rather impatient…

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