My Market Story Ralph’s Meat Company

– Hi my name is Denis Ralph, and we’ve had a family
business here in the market for 70 plus years. – I’m Darran, I’ve
been a manager here for the past 19 to 20 years. The thing I really love about the market, are the people in the market. They’re all happy. Because they’re happy to be here, because it’s a lovely place to come to. I’ve had people say where do you work? I say South Melbourne. They go, oh only the
busiest part of Melbourne. And that’s grouse, I love that. – It’s now a market that… You know, we think is one of
the best markets in the state. It is fantastic. – It’s a good place
to work and it’s a good place to shop. And it all comes together. When it’s busy, it’s busy. On the weekends you can’t move, but that’s part of the market. People love that. The run in and they love it. They want fresh consistent
meat and they want nice lamb. And it’s generally between
about 9 and 3.30 on a Saturday and a Sunday. That’s when they all come. But that’s what it’s all about. – We’ll have customers come in where their mother came. Or their father came, or
their grandfather came. So the customers are passed
down through the generations. Which is really pleasing
for us to know that we must be doing something right. – We’ve got people
who come from the country, they come down once a month
from Ballarat, Shepparton. Even from further away than that, they drive down, they get their meat and they get
their fish and they go home. Because there’s nothing
like this place up there. – There’s a
lot of funny characters in the market too. Not only people that work
here but our customers. And there’s always a bit of good banter. – Mr Ralph used to
turn up in his Rolls Royce. And, he used to get the offal
out of the back seat of the Rolls Royce. And take it into the shop at
about 1 o’clock on a Friday. – We can’t do that anymore. – No, not anymore. We haven’t got a Rolls,
we’ve got a Bentley now. So it’s a little better. (laughs) – And that’s our market story.

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