Must-eat savory meat stew in the winter!炖一锅酥烂入味的酱香大骨,冬天就得吃肉才痛快Liziqi channel

Xiaodan, would you take a break? go for a walk? Don’t sit too long ok, wait a minute. Remember to change your shoes. They are a little dirty. ok, I did’t know it was wet outside hey, hey, go away. crystal sugar garlic, dry pepper, chives, cinnamon, nutmeg, bayberry (myrica), sichuan pepper, hawthorn, bay leaf, star anise, ginger light soy sauce cooking wine dark soy sauce fermented glutinous rice salt sauced big bones sauced pork belly grandmom, you eat this first I’ll take a joint bone. have some dinner I like to cut, cut, cut, and than scoop up I think the vegetables are done. I’ll go to them. sauce what?… anything taste delicious while it’s hot. after dinner, you wash the dishes. I go to sleep first. (hahhhh) No, help me, grandmom. (hahhhhh)

100 thoughts on “Must-eat savory meat stew in the winter!炖一锅酥烂入味的酱香大骨,冬天就得吃肉才痛快Liziqi channel

  1. This video blew me away! When I saw those pig feet, in the winter frig. What!!? The puppies were warming around the BBQ! Granny keeping the fire hot… Loved it! 5 Stars

  2. Your videos continue to take me back to my roots, cooking the traditional way with my native American grandmother, in our outdoor arbor kitchen under the willows,,,we cooked over a fire pit,,not as well designed like yours, but my ancestors were nomadic and masters of fire pits. I love to see you share your space with baby creatures of all kinds, the little orphan goat was a delight,,,,and your puppies so cute. I cannot say enough of how you inspire my family to remember and honor our own ancient ways, to hold them dear in our hearts like you.
    May your wondrous videos start a fire that will burn bright around the world, so others may follow your example and speak out in beauty about their own heritage,,,,💞

  3. They still eat the dogs in China. This Chanel is very popular in the world. Probably a lot of Chinese people look these videos. I want to say them that it is really bad that they still eat the dogs. Shame on you Chinese people!!! You have to fight this bad habit. In the world to eat the dogs is like to eat the human. It is like cannibalism. Don’t you understand this Chinese people? I hate you for this!
    I like this girl and what she do. But she can’t be in harmony when the others eat the dogs. Otherwise all this is big lier.

  4. She can do anything she wants,and everything’s on her mind,,,ohhhh GOD! You was created a real “MULAN GIRL “

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  6. Xem video của chị này mãi vẫn không chán. Góc quay đẹp thêm phần quay thiên nhiên…. Đẹp không chịu nổi. Với lại cho tui hỏi có ai người Việt Nam mà xem video của chị ý không?! Điểm danh cái đê…chu chu:33.

  7. 啊……典型的中国文人笔下的理想式的田园生活,真美,真羡慕,谢谢小姐姐把中国文化传统传递给世界

  8. Да не оскудеет рука дающего.. С вашего стола много не убыло бы если бы вы и кошку и 2 щенчт угостили едой. Зачем держать животных если вы с неприятным выражением лица все время от них отмахиваетесь
    Видно жадная девица

  9. Anyone else get a little worried when they saw the lamb and the puppies in the thumbnail right after reading the title

  10. Take good care of your dogs and love them until the rest of their lives. Give also some food and water to stray animals like cats and dogs in your community, help them❤🐶🐱

  11. Share some food and water to your dogs, feed them always. Love them and take good care of them for the rest of their lives. Give also some food and water to stray animals like cats and dogs in your community❤🐶🐱

  12. It seems like your dogs are very hungry. Share some food, give them some food to eat and water, they are hungry too. Take good care of them, love them❤🐶🐱


  14. Lizqi…. I don't like how your so mean to your animals and never seem to feed them when you eat… I don't watch you much anymore

  15. Мен эмне жонундо экенин тушунгон жокмун. Бирок бул кызды суйуп калдым.

  16. I wonder how she treats those poor babies behind the camera, because in front of the camera there's no sign of love….I'll pray for them 😥😣😩☹🤔

  17. Do u feed the dogs same food you eat?? I love you have animals following u always. Looks so tasty and delicious. Wonderful

  18. I wonder what she would like to do if she has a holiday in the Alps. Maybe a dinner for pinewood smoke BBQ in the wintry Jungfrau? 😀 It reminds me of Swiss chalets. Gorgeous!

  19. She should have a business where you pay like $500 to stay in her home and help do all these things and then you get to eat dinner with her and her grandma

  20. if only I was beside you, I would love to kiss you, Liziqi.
    Greetings from me MH Arifin from Indonesia
    I love you Liziqi

  21. I loved this video! Thank God you record your home cooking: I love the food, the scenery, and how you take care of your grandma! 🙂

  22. I love your videos Liziqi, you are very talented and creative. Do you feed human food to your poppies. If you do pls show this. I feel sorry for the pets beacouse I feel they don't get to eat the food you make and they don't get love or attention from you. I love my pets and I pay more attention to what they want.

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