Murmura Ladoo Recipe | Lai Ke Laddu | Puffed Rice Laddu

puffed rice ladoos are a very popular snack much loved by toddlers and kids, and adults as well ingredients and quantities are listed in the description box 3 cups puffed rice 1 cup jaggery, chopped/broken into small pieces use the same cup for measuring both the ingredients 1 tsp clarified butter first,we will dry roast the puffed rice. put it in a thick bottomed pan dry roasting them will dry out any moisture they may have and also make them crisp keep the heat on low and stir continuously until they become crisp stirring constantly will also prevent them to get evenly roasted this should take 3-4 minutes but ensure they do not change color remove to a bowl when done now, put 1 tsp of clarified butter in the same pan and let it melt. keep heat on low put in the jaggery and keep stirring constantly until it melts completely chopping the jaggery into very small pieces will ensure it melts quickly constant stirring & low heat are very important to prevent the jaggery from getting scorched once the jaggery has melted completely cook it for 2 minutes more and keep stirring after this and then we will check whether it is of the correct consistency by dropping a few drops of jaggery in water for making good ladoos the correct consistency of jaggery is very important one physical indication of this will be that the jaggery will start frothing heavily and also become somewhat darker in color but the water test is the real test the jaggery has been cooking for 2 minutes we will do the water test by dropping a few drops in a bowl of water let the drops cool for a few seconds then try to break one. if the jaggery is done it should be hard and break with a firm sound as you can see the jaggery is not ready yet. it can be stretched so it needs to be cooked a bit more we will cook it for a minute more and check again keep checking this way after a minute each time until the jaggery reaches the correct consistency for making ladoos we are checking it again after a minute as you can see the jaggery drop now is hard and crisp and breaks with a firm sound the gur is ready to make ladoos put off the heat and put in the roasted puffed rice put in all the puffed rice in one go and stir them quickly until all the puffed rice are well coated as the gur will start getting hard fast once the heat is switched off once the puffed rice all coated nicely remove the pan to the kitchen counter let the mixture cool for some seconds and you can see we have already placed a bowl of cold water alongside we need to wet our hands in this water each time before making a ladoo as we can only make laddos when the mixture when it is still hot we will make the ladoos now you can make ladoos of any size but work quickly as the mixture will become firm fast mold the mixture with light hands prepare all the laddos similarly yummy murmura ladoos are ready, 14 in all they are simple to prepare and do not take much time or expertise. here are a few tips to make perfect ladoos you just need to get the consistency of the jaggery right the jaggery should just reach the crisp breaking stage this is just after the stretching stage and remember to check the gur after every minute of cooking undercooked jaggery laddos will not be as tasty and if you overcook the jaggery the ladoos will taste burnt and will be very hard jaggery gets scorched very quickly so always cook on low heat and keep stirring all the while do try making these ladoos and share your experience if you like the recipe please like and share the video and subscribe to our channel. do press the bell icon so you do not miss our new videos. thanks for watching

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