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Assalam o Alaikum My name is Zia Tabarak and right now I am in Multan City and the history of Multan is more than 5000 years old During the time of Alexander the great there used to be a sun temple here where the sun was worshipped during the 11th and 12th century, mystics from the sufi branch of Islam came here from Persia and Arabia and many of them are buried here, such as, Bahauddin Zakaria, Shah Rukn-e-Alam and Shams Tabriz which is why the city is also called ‘The City of Saints’ and, the most famous dessert from Multan is the ‘Multani Sohan Halwa’ so, the landmark of Multan are the shrines of the mystics and if we talk about food, the Sohan Halwa from ‘Hafiz’ is the best! so first we’ll visit the shrines and then we’ll go eat the Halwa Let’s Go! Assalam Alaikum Uncle! How are you doing? How much are the crackers for? 10 Rs? Alright give me one Shah Rukn-e-Alam’s real name was Abdul Fattah He was called ‘Shah-e-Jaloola’ in his childhood He was named Shah Rukn-e-Alam by Shams Tabriz He belonged to the ‘Quraysh’ and since childhood he had been a mystic and he had close ties with the rules due ton which he used to take the problems of the common people to the kings and sultans Now, from the shrine of Shah Rukn-e-Alam we’ll go to the shrine of Shams Tabriz and, coming to the shrines of these mystic saints means that the person gets to know the teachings of these saints and the real way of getting the blessings is that we follow the teachings they laid out come to these shrines pray for their afterlife and also pray for our own life and hereafter When you go out towards the entrance of Shah Rukn-e-Alam’s tomb then right behind it, we can see the famous Multan Clock Tower So now we are at the shrine of Shams Tabriz And, when I was coming to Multan, My father told me that my grandfather had this wish to come to Multan and visit Shams Tabriz’s shrine But, he died in India before the partition And, Shams Tabriz was a descendent of Imam Jafar Sadiq which in turn leads to Imam Ali (A.S) Oh this is Shams’s grandson! According to a myth about Shams Tabriz once he was very hungry and had a piece of meat with him but no one was willing to roast it so he became angry and he looked towards the sun and said ‘We are both Shams’ and the myth goes on that The sun came down to roast the meat and that’s why Multan is so hot Multan can get really hot in summers and it is sad that when this event happened the weather in Multan changed completely From the shrine of Shams Tabriz We’ll go to Hafiz Sohan Halwa which is extremely famous Multan is known for this dessert and for the shrines of the mystics So let’s go to Hafiz Sohan Halwa and see what’s going on there Let’s Go So we are on the way to Hafiz Sohan Halwa but we were really hungry so we saw this fish stall so we’re gonna eat a bit here So we have our fish now and there many fish shops around here We will go to Allah Wasaya as well this seems delicious as well the aroma is nice let’s taste The spices are great and we are coming from the shrines so we’re a bit exhausted it’s afternoon and when you’re hungry fish always tastes delicious Alright so we have reached Delhi Gate Just like Lahore, Multan also has 6 gates and we are in the old city now for the Hafiz Sohan Halwa And behind me you can see Delhi Gate When we go inside, we’ll see the shop It’s very deep into the city because it has been running since 1930 and many have copied it but but the original shop is here So let’s go to ‘Androon Shahr’ and look for Hafiz Halwa Assalam Alaikum babaji Making jalebis? Are they ready? Al-Hafiz Jalebi….wow everything is Hafiz here wow So these inner cities like Lahore and Multan akways make me feel happy because every street has many small food shops and everyone is very friendly WOW Crispy and warm in this cold weather amazing Chaat is being made, Assalam Alaikum Mix chaat, dahi baray So here again, are these jalebis or pakoras? Oh they are pakoras Potato Pakoras? Yeah, these are cutlets, those are tikkis Put some spice on it no chutney, just masala So this a street and and going towards Hussain Agahi We saw this Aloo Tikki stall which is great, we even tried it so come here and eat this! Oh so this is the shop we’re looking for Is this it? This is Hafiz Sohan Halwa The actual shop is here where they have a whole cloth market by the ‘Hafiz’ name and here we have reached for Hafiz Multani Sohan Halwa So let’s go inside the shop and ask the Manager of the shop about its history Assalam Alaikum How are you Chaudhary sahab, everything good? The shop that we are in right now is the one that is the oldest one The tradition was started in 1930 by Hafiz Ahmed Deen He was a Hafiz-e-Quran and also a teacher of the Quran and used to serve this halwa when the children used to finish or start their Quranic learning and due to a lot of demand he used to give this dessert to people on orders too In 1963, his son-in-law and nephew, Hafiz Habib-ur-Rehman started this shop It is Pakistan’s only sweets shop that has been awarded international quality award twice oh mashaAllah These are the different varieties, although the base of the halwa is the same then nuts, cashewnuts etc are changed like this one has 4 varieties but this one has pistachios and cashewnuts and we have these varieties here and the packings also change like if you want to gift it to someone etc so, as per your event, you can have different packings “Special gift pack, nice” We give these out on wedding occasions too It must have a secret, right? No, we don’t call it a secret, I guess It’s just Hafiz sahab’s love for the Quran and God’s blessings that it is this famous and God gave us so much fame throughout the world Is it 880 Rs per kg? It starts from 540 but going through different varieties, it gets to 880 oh! So here they have something for us to taste and asked us to taste the Halwa so let’s check out the delicious Hafiz Halwa In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate The taste that it has That is totally different, it has a nice cardamom taste The halwa itself is very aromatic that we can smell it as we enter the shop and the sweets themselves are that unlike other swerts which you stop eating after a few this dessert is that one keeps eating it no matter what and you never get full Not just Multan but it is famous in all of Pakistan and internationally as well Do you export it yourself? No, we dont have any branch in any other city either We only have 4 branches in Multan So, with the taste of Hafiz Sohan Halwa Our video ends here, we really liked the Halwa and coming to multan means that getting a taste of the Halwa is must Hope you liked the video please like, comment and share meet you all in the next video Allah Hafiz

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  1. Bhai watched your video with my grandmother. She was from Multan before partition..she became nostalgic and blessed you for long and happy life..And now she is preparing sohan halwa for me😍😍 Thankyou bhai

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  6. Hafiz ka halwa is available in Toronto btw,and two main reasons for liking this video,firstly of course for my childhood favourite Hafiz Halwa and secondly for not believing in asking from the dead!!

  7. 'Aa'ishah and 'Abd-Allaah ibn 'Abbaas said: "When (death) approached the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), he started to cover his face with a cloak of his. When he became distressed he lifted it from his face and said, "May Allaah curse the Jews and the Christians, for they have taken the graves of their Prophets as places of worship." [The narrator said:] he was warning against doing what they did." (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 425; Muslim, 531).

    (b) Abu Marthad al-Ghanawi said: the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "Do not sit on graves and do not pray facing them." (Narrated by Muslim, 972).

  8. If a wali or Prophet dies, it is not correct, according to sharee'ah, to ask him to make du'aa' for you, because he has been cut off from this world. This is a kind of shirk which is not committed by any of the righteous people of this Ummah, the Sahaabah and those who follow them.

    Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

    "And who is more astray than one who calls on (invokes) besides Allâh, such as will not answer him till the Day of Resurrection, and who are (even) unaware of their calls (invocations) to them? And when mankind are gathered (on the Day of Resurrection), they (false deities) will become their enemies and will deny their worshipping"

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