MUKBANG |철판 김치볶음밥 먹방|치즈,소세지,계란후라이|キムチチャーハン Kimchi Fried Rice Eatig sounds [SIO ASMR 시오]

Press ‘Subscribe’ and ‘like’! Hello, I’m SIO. What is the food to eat today? Kimchi fried rice! Let’s go! I’m gonna pour some cheese in here. It’s hot! It’s hot. It’s hot. Cheese~ I’ll have cheese first because it’s hard. The cheese is already starting to harden. Butter flavor Wow, fantastic. Laver This is really good. This is so good. Today’s eating show is over. It’s been a while since I had kimchi fried rice. It was really good. Then, today’s eating show is over here! See you again!

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