Mister Manners Takes on Roommate Etiquette | Food Network

[music playing] Hey. These are my sticky notes. [groaning] I think it’s time
for a house meeting. I’m Mr. Manners, your
friendly etiquette expert. Anytime you’re in a shared
situation with a roommate, communication is the key. What often happens
is people hold things inside until it’s so bad
that they’re ready to explode. People feel that they don’t
want to communicate directly, so instead, they go the
passive-aggressive route– Post-It notes, emails,
or through, even worse, the silent treatment. Best case scenario,
the roommate has no idea what the issue even is. Worst case scenario, you’ve made
it worse than it was before. See? Exactly. I would have done the
dishes if you hadn’t gotten so angry about it. That doesn’t make sense. The key really is
sharing schedules and sharing responsibilities. When it comes to those
household staples, whether it’s beer, eggs, wine,
toilet paper, if you feel like you’re the one
who’s constantly having to do all the
buying, now is the time to have a conversation. Can you please
replace the milk? Of course. Now, that wasn’t
so bad, was it? I’m going to
clean this stuff up. Do you want grab brunch first? Yes. [chuckling] Being a good roommate,
as with all things in life, does ultimately come down
to having good manners and practicing them too. Does anyone find it strange
that they’ve just gone to brunch in their pajamas? [music playing]

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