Midnight Feast at Korean 7-ELEVEN Convenience Store

100 thoughts on “Midnight Feast at Korean 7-ELEVEN Convenience Store

  1. I love the way you menchant (I don't know if i'm spelling it correctly) frikandelle XD I'm from the Netherlands and live close by the border in between the Netherlands and Germany

  2. Can't help but ask, How in the world you keep your slim figure? Whenever I watch your videos, you just eat whatever you like. Envy you so much!🤢

  3. I don't know the song thts playing in the background in the store but it's really soothing to the ears. So if anybody knows it just let me know. Btw I loved the video. Lol.

  4. omgggg whatta girll !! u re sooo freaking cute farina i loove u a lot literally, this is the first channel that i found it interesting in kpop's stuff etc… thats why u ve got a new subscriber cuz u pretty deserve 😉 <3

  5. I wish Farina in Korean Movie and Korean drama in the near future! I can tell ,Farina loves not only her boyfriend but also Korea and Korean culture. I hope she has successful and happy life with her boyfriend !!!

  6. In dem Moment wo du Frikadelle gesagt hast ist mein Herz aufgegangen 😍 endlich mal eine deutsche die sowas macht 😂😅

  7. i learned deutsch at school. and a little bit excited bcs i got it when she asked "wie lange?", "zwei". :') btw, im not that smart i only understand tht. 😂

  8. I really wanna stay in Korea but the thing is firstly Im broke secondly im really fat third thing is idh the looks fourthly is i dun even understand Korean T.T

  9. In my country you have nowhere to go at late hours :))) and even if you do,it's either super expensive,not safe,or you have no real food to buy.The night life of Asian countries is a great thing,you feel safe and not alone even during night,you can walk peacefully,the shops are opened,there are people everywhere

  10. I thought they would put K-Pop music in the store but I like how they put english music 😂😂😂

  11. Kannst du mall wider Deutsch schrächen weil ıch nicht so englisch schrächen kann Bitte Danke wenn du so Lieb bist

  12. Ich bin selber eine
    Korsanasın und ıch Liebe die sachen ıch Liebe Bts und Kpop music üner alles ihr ❤😍 kannst du mall make up von onsus kaufen und ein video machen und wie Leigh deine haare färben Div machen Bitte

  13. I wish the 7-11 at my country was as full as those in korea, they habe so many choices TT

    I want to try Binggurae too

  14. Lol in Italy the shops close super early and either you have no convenience store opened at such late night or it's dangerous and empty :0

  15. You are really helping us out by letting us know each and everything about how to live and survive in korea for the future visit i am really thankful for these all your efforts

  16. Ich liebe deine Videos und sprich dein Freund auch deutsch weil du ihn gefragt hast ob er auch möchte und er geantwortet hat

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