Mid Day Meal – Young Scholars Learn Better in Full Stomach

In the Land of Innovators – Beside the People by Breaking Norms. Sometimes an egg, sometimes vegetable or lentils whatever is available, Sabita Rani makes Tiffin for her son with it. Arnab!! Get ready for school! Although Sabita Rani didn’t know earlier, she is now aware about the fact that this homemade tiffin is vital for her Son. So do all the mothers of this area. All the school going students of Subarnochar, Noakhali carry tiffin box along with books with them. All the children of this area go to school with their mid day meal. It’s not just one or two school or a hundred or two students, But a total of 17340 of 90 school of Subarnachar go to school with their mid day meal everyday. And their slogan is “Mid Day Meal at School to Build a Healthy Life”. What primary education board tried once but was unsuccessful to materialize, Sub-district Executive Officer Mr. Harunur Rashid did at least in one. In 2015, I joined as a Sub-district Executive Officer in Subarnachar. I visited various primary schools since then. In my visits, I noticed one thing that the students were less responsive at afternoon. They were suffering from different physical illness. Maximum students used to have no lunch. So I marked starvation as the only cause of students being less responsive. Primarily, we thought that we will try for government fund or private donation to start this program. But later we realized that, it will not be sustainable. To initiate this program, we arranged meetings with parents, students and managing committee in a number of schools. And this is how tried to make people of all class and profession understand the concept of mid day meal. And at one stage we were successful in making students and parents to comprehend the fact that, mid day meal is essential for sound and healthy growth and education of the children. I feel very tension free by sending school with mid day meal. My son used to be very mischievous, and used to fall sick often. Now I send him school with mid day meal. He is healthy now. Even two years ago, students used to bunk classes at afternoon. or fell sick by having unhealthy snacks. Before mid day meal, students had a tendency to leave for home in the break time, as they were hungry. When someone does not bring food from home, others share with him. This practice is making them socially responsible. All the students of the schools of Shubarnachar are now jubilant and full of life. The rate of drop outs from school has reduced significantly. That time when we didn’t bring meal to school, we used to feel very hungry. Earlier when we didn’t bring food with us, we want to go to home to have food. We felt more starved then. As we have meal in the afternoon, we can concentrate in our study.

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