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Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” First, let’s make the homemade ground meat. Chop the beef, and pork slices into 1 inch pieces with a knife. Place the meat into a food processor. Add the salt. Sprinkle on the pepper and the nutmeg. Cover and turn on the processor for about 20 seconds until the meat begins to look smooth and turn kind of gooey. Uncover and pinch the meat to make sure it is ground smoothly. Remove the blade of the processor and place the ground meat into a bowl. Now, let’s combine the meat mixture. Chop up an onion into fine pieces. Place the onion into the bowl. Add the beaten egg, soft bread crumbs, tomato ketchup and Japanese Worcestershire sauce to the meat. With your hands, thoroughly mix the ingredients until the onion blends in completely with the meat. Flatten the meat mixture and divide it into four sections. Shape each quarter into a ball and throw it against your palm several times to remove the air inside. Cool the meat balls in the fridge while preparing the next step. Let’s bread the meat mixture. With a pair of spoons, place the meat ball onto a thick layer of cake flour. Thoroughly cover the meat with the flour and place it onto a tray. Repeat the process for the rest of the meat balls. Next, dust off the excess flour from the meat with your hands. Dip the ball into the beaten egg and thoroughly coat it with the egg using a spoon. Then, place the meat onto a thick layer of soft bread crumbs and completely cover it. Hold the meat and bread crumbs in your palms and shape it into an oval while removing the excess bread crumbs. Place the breaded meat onto a tray. Repeat the process for the rest of the meat balls. Now, let’s deep fry the menchi-katsu. Stir the oil with kitchen chopsticks to even out the temperature. Drop in a bit of the bread crumbs to test the oil. If small bubbles form around them, the oil temperature is right. With a mesh strainer, gently place the menchi-katsu into the oil. The oil temperature should be at about 340 degrees °F or 170 degrees °C. Ladle the hot oil over the meat to cook thoroughly. Don’t touch the menchi-katsu for the first 1 minute. When the outer layer firms up, gently rotate them with the chopsticks to brown evenly. Keep ladling the oil and then gently flip the menchi-katsu. Deep-fry them for a total of 6 minutes until golden brown. Deep-frying the onion slowly will make it sweeter, giving the menchi-katsu a more delicious taste. Gently remove the menchi-katsu with tongs, drain the excess oil and temporarily place them onto a cooling rack. Then, place the menchi-katsu next to the side vegetables on a plate. Enjoy this recipe with the menchi-katsu sauce made from the ingredients at the end of this video and dress the vegetables with your favorite salad dressing. Menchi-katsu with homemade ground meat is absolutely delicious! Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. There's a fried breaded grounded meat I really like, it doesn't have panko, it just has flour and inside there's cabbage. It's very good.

  2. I made this a few months ago. It was delicious! I got a craving for this, so I'm making it again tonight lol. Thank for you sharing this, chef!

  3. dear   can you please    show to  Us    Tofu Pounch  bags ""  how  to make  ? i  have  interest in make the    " Inari sushi  "    thanks in advance  for    some  guidance

  4. We have a dish like that here in Scotland, called a "Scotch egg" – it's just like menchi-katsu but with a hard-boiled egg inside.

  5. Thank you for this recipe. I love Menchi Katsu ever since I was a child growing up in Japan. Neighborhood tempura venders always had menchi. They sometimes brushed with sweet "Tare". Childhood nostalgia. 

  6. I'd love to see Chef go against Morimoto for the Japanese Iron Chef title. I think she could beat him! She makes things look so easy and delicious! It really is a joy to watch her and Francis in the kitchen. 🙂

  7. 美味しそう!!

  8. I had to substitute cake mix with pancake mix, I also added cheese in the middle. It came out great! Thanks for the recipe!

  9. メンチかつ☆


    作ってみます♪。( ̄∇ ̄*)ゞ。

  10. The winner of the 2015 Burger Bash at the SOBE Wine & Food Festival in Miami, was Chef Morimoto's Menchi-katsu burger. I have NEVER tasted a burger as delicious as that in my life!!!!

  11. I love how sometimes this show randomly shows variety of cool tools like that automatic pepper grinder. And the way she cooks! It's just super neat and calm and smooth, total opposite of how I would ever cook lol. Love this channel so much.

  12. I just made this! I used panko instead of soft crumbs and store-bought lean ground beef and they turned out AWESOME! I had to do mine at a lower temp (somewhere between 250 and 300F) for longer to get them gold instead of charred, but mine were probably much bigger (bass player hands, yo.)

  13. Why did they said tomato ketchup?
    We already know ketchup is made out of tomato , what? Did they thought ketchup is made out of potato?

  14. Thank you for this recipe, Chef and Francis (R.I.P.). I made this today and it turned out great. I didn't have ground pork on hand, so I just used ground beef. Came out perfect. This is a keeper and I will be sure to make it again in the future.

  15. I Read The Title Very Wrong ………

    I Read :
    “Breaded Ground Meat With A Dog”
    I Was About To Queef My Panties

  16. There is an animal named Menchi from an anime…
    Emergency food supply Menchi.

    Loved this channel for years and would love to try this.

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