Melber: Democrats Effective In Putting ‘More Meat On The Bones’ On Ukraine Texts | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Melber: Democrats Effective In Putting ‘More Meat On The Bones’ On Ukraine Texts | MSNBC

  1. The Democrats are the poorest example of people, there is! What a joke! I hope everyone of them are removed from Congress! Drain the swamp of all the Democrats!

  2. Democrats = the party for Illegal Aliens,  Muslims,  Welfare Queens, Baby Killers, LGBTQ Sodomites and ANTIFA thugs.  👎

  3. The GOP Psychophants cannot answer Why they are NOT Allowing the Accomplice Liars from coming forward to Testify. Yet, they Put on a Show and try to Discredit Honorable PATRIOTS that have taken an Oath to Protect the Country, Not a Man. Where is POMPEO, PENCE and Others that are covering their CORRUPT Mob Boss.

  4. Ukrainians died fighting Russia while waiting for the resources that Trump held back for his own self-interest. Yeah, I'd say that's a crime.

  5. Let's see if Melber has the dignity to awnser a legal ? About today's public hearings. What did Mr Kent and rep Demmings mean when they said the word dually in today's hearings? Ari Melber?
    Lead by example, and open up the community sector for freedom of speech Ari Melber, or just keep the one way propaganda flow. RT is all good with freedom of speech, where's your example?

  6. Bribery and Quid Pro Quo mean the same thing according to the Webster dictionary. So Words DO MATTER.
    Now, We know who some of those REPUBLICAN'S are ; who say they are going to refuse to READ, WATCH OR HEAR anything regarding the Impeachment proceeding.
    My question is : Aren't they breaking the Law by not defending the VERY CONSTITUTION rhey swore to uphold. Instead they are making this personal NOT ABOUT THE LAW'S WE ALL, EVERY AMERICAN HAS TO FOLLOW AND OBEY.
    Ask George Conway and He will tell you that : Ignorance of the Law is NO EXCUSE.
    Wait, wait wait, while I have you on the phone I need a favor. …….. Welllllll, I'm going to have to hang to that 💲💰💲💰💲💰💰 to defend yourself against the Russian's and I would love to send it to you, butt. . . I really need you to do me this tiny tinie FAVOR FIRST, dying ? who is dying ? ? Russia LOVES UKRAINE AND THE UKRAINIAN PEOPLE. He won't HURTthem. WHAT ? ? FAKE NEWS, I saw on Fox News feeding the Ukrainian's and helping their sick and wounded.
    He knows what is best for them.
    It won't hurt them to hold out that money already promised by Congress. What do they know. They are just a group of educated morons anyway and they all have a price.
    Worried ? Me DT ? ? ? No, no no not at all.

  7. Putting more meat on the Bone? WHAT? I heard testimony from Taylor saying he never heard the call, talk to the president then met with president Z 3 times and was never told or heard of any "favor" being requested or Quid pro Qu or being threatened. So what MEAT is on the bone? It's down to marrow.

  8. There was no meat. None of the witnesses heard or saw anything. The first half was Dems setting up pins and the 2nd half was Reps knocking it down.

  9. What's the difference between PMSnbc & The National Equirer?
    I know, I know, I know. .. They're both a circus act run by a bunch of clowns and paparazzis but at least the National Enquirer has real investigative reporters not a bunch of Socialist activists.

  10. The Democrats are digging themselves into a hole here. What came across loud and clear today, was that Taylor and Kent are indeed political operators and not impartial officials. Each slipped up and indicated that they were trying to direct policy instead of taking proper direction from the elected executive.

  11. All democrats have to do to recover is just tell the American people that Republicans used CGI technology to fake the inquiry. Their voters will believe anything

  12. The Democrats. The Democrats. Which ones? I can't wait for the next election to see the majority of the Democrats look for another job!

  13. I bet everyone in the W.H. is laughing hysterically. Iam a Republican but a little embarrassed. I keep asking myself is this a trick or are dems that stupid. FOOLS

  14. Trump's crimes cost the lives of 50 Ukrainian soldiers this past August. And guess who benefits from that? Yeah, Putin. Trump is a Russian stooge.

  15. Today was a clear win for the Republicans. This so-called impeachment inquiry is a nothing burger based on 3rd hand hearsay. It will be thrown out of the Senate.

  16. LMFAO…. Season 2 of Kabuki Theater….. Another Schiff nothing burger…. Oh wait maybe he has the "magical Quid Pro Quo  evidence" locked up somewhere with the "irrefutable  Russian Collusion evidence"…. He's just smoked too much dope to remember where he hid it!!! The DC left herdmasters and their propaganda machine media really know how to herd their brain dead zombie following…. That's alright idiots… Keep watching the shiny ball… They are banking on it!!

  17. It takes a strong man to stand up to Evil & Corruption and a weak man to be a servant of it.
    Republicans ARE the Weak #CorruptComplicitGOP 🤢🤮

  18. So basically Republican defense is they were going to commit a crime but once word got out they released the aid so therefore no crime was committed.

  19. When an Honest Man is confronted With Truth & Facts..he will either cease being mistaken or cease being honest. 🤷‍♂️

    #FarmersAgainstTrump 🇺🇸

  20. Wow…look at the HUGE number of supposed MAGAot responses. Never know so many Putin loving, tRump toadies to leave FAUX long enough to watch another news outlet…unless…. they are actually more Russian bots "coincidentally" timed to coincide with the very first day of impeachment hearings…hmmmmm1 Ya think??

  21. Those appointees didn’t want to be a part of Trumps plan because they knew they would have to answer to the CFR (deep state) and SOROS.

  22. There is no "meat" on the dry bones of this laughable stupidity by the democrats.

    "The House Impeachment Futility – God Is In Control!"


  24. Even wapo gives Schiff 4 Pinocchio's for lying hahaha

  25. I m not interesting about chaina n ukrian .
    Korea , malaysia . Myamar . Vietnam . Cambodia Impeachment with mr frank j grass n dona trump plan all .
    I m only want to with japan .
    .please leave my life alone with japan .

  26. 1. Trump NEVER investigated Biden .
    2. Trump GAVE military aide to Ukraine.

    This impeachment process is even more laughable than the Mueller Report…and the sad thing is, tax payers get to pick up the tab. Let’s give the corporate democrats a round of applause 👏

  27. One of the biggest problem with Trump is that he was and became and even worser political Madoff. He doesn't have
    an inner compass that says that's enough let's stop now when it comes to corruption money and power at any cost. Smart criminals know when to stop. Believe it or not I once admired the man oh yes I did he was handsome smart brash and then some but now I'm just so disappointed and it's time for him to resign and get in the media biz…thats what he wants.

  28. Taylor did not turn out to be the bombshell witness he was billed to be. He was too eager to answer the questions but then gave somewhat confusing replies. He was stuttering and stammering instead of pausing after a question, collect his thoughts, he would try to answer before the questioner finished. The Republicans in the form of questions subtly suggested things that they knew were false but Taylor would start responding in the affirmative "yes, but…." after which he was effectively cut off by the questioner claiming his time back. On the other hand Kent was a disciplined witness who answered in short clear sentences, leaving the Republican questioners high and dry. Over-all the hearings were ineffective in making the case. If Taylor was the Star witness he didn't live up to his billing.

  29. This is what you get when AOC and the squad force Nancy Pelosi to push the impeachment joke I Have to laugh how stupid Nancy Pelosi is, ha, ha, ha, so f… funny!

  30. Hey Ari, was Taylor testifying under oath about secondhand information for himself or the person that told him of the rumor ??..There's alot of 'definite maybes'' here ??

  31. Trump is horrible but these soulless repugnants are even worse. They know he's dangerous and unstable yet they continue to re-write their narratives to defend him. Honestly I'll never vote for another republican after this for as long as I live. Swamp City!

  32. As we can tell by the dislikes the Republicans had a huge day COMPLETELY destroying the Quid Pro Qou narrative. A person would have to be extremely illiterate to continue to believe any DemoKKKrat lies.

  33. They give a pass on all the first hand witnesses–Barr, Giuliani, Mulvaney, Perry, Bolton…They don't show up..what is the problem with arresting them?


  35. The Russian hoax had some intrigue a little mystery before it flopped. Ukraine was a disaster from start to finish. And believe me it's over.

  36. How can you take the demorat party seriously? All they have done for three years is lie through their teeth and hold their hand out.

  37. Putting more meat on the bone? This isn't about "building" a case against the president is it? I thought this was a response to a wrong which has already been and clearly committed. So according to what's stated, this is really a strategic attempt by one side to gain or steal back power from another?

  38. The Republicans need to NUKE FLINT MICHIGAN

    Maybe Then after the Russians have Bought the Land

    and CHINA Sets Up an Office in New ASIA Colorado

    the Presidents LIMITS will have been Tested. EVERYTHING IS FOR SALE ISN'T?

    i don't want to give the President any ideas –>>

    Republicans are not Defending the President… They are Defending the Right to RUN the Nation without input of the PEOPLE's Democracy, & Belong to 607 Billionaires & a few 10,000 Multi-Millionaires.

    What happens if Donald Wins and Presidents can DO ANYTHING? …. shortly afterwards….

    a. Social Security will be ELIMINATED and ALL THE MONEY will FLOW to the TOP.

    b. COMPOUNDS where Legal Americans will be placed for Processing good-bye diversity

    The Middle East, Vietnam, WWII will seem like a Walk in the Park. The Red-Coats are Here.

  39. So if this is an inquiry to gather facts about a possible crime, why are republicons acting like ambulance chasing defense attorneys? Isn't it their job to protect the American people from a criminal POTUS by looking for evidence of a crime? Trump gets his day in court in the senate with all his lawyers. Sounds to me like republicons are slanting the process to give Trump twice as much defense.

  40. The lame attempts by the cons to twist the truth will not be tolerated by the Dems! Trumps ship is sinking down, down, DOWN!

  41. It's simple: You support the Russian oligarch party, or you support American democracy.One are traitors. The other is not.

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