Meat Packaging in 8 Steps

Meat packaging can be done for many reasons. Whether you’re packaging your own wild game or dividing bulk meat from retail stores into smaller sizes, extend the shelf life by properly packaging your items for the freezer. One way to do this at home is by using freezer paper. All you need is a pen, plastic wrap, freezer paper, and freezer tape. Remember, when handling raw foods, wash your surfaces and hands. To get started, first wrap the meat in plastic or cling wrap. Place the wrapped meat in the center of the freezer paper. Bring opposite sides of the paper together and fold edges down about 1 inch deep. Push the air out while you’re folding down the paper. Fold the
ends down tightly to form a “V”. Flip the package over so that the seam-side is down. Fold the ends over each other. Seal the edges with freezer tape. And label the package with its contents and the date. Properly packaging your meat can help slow freezer burn, often described as a discolored, grainy spot, where the meat appears dry and tough. Once you store your meat, use it according to the suggested freezer times from the USDA. For more information about preserving your meat, contact your local County Extension agent. Find out who your agent is by clicking the link in the description below. If you’d like to see more videos similar to this, like this video and subscribe to our Channel. [Blooper Outtake] [Blooper Outtake] freezer paper and freezer tape. Gah. haha Darn it. haha One way to do this at home is by using plastic wrap. [Blooper Outtake] One way to do this at home is by, is by using freezer paper. [Blooper Outtake] Once the meat is properly wrapped. Nope.

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