Meat and Weight Gain in the PANACEA Study

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  1. Funny I've had thousands of patients losing weight and reversing diabetes and high blood and reversing cancer on all meat dies for 14 years.

  2. Talk is cheap. If people consume an entirely low-fat meat based diet, yes, weight reduction may be obtained, due to thermogenesis, however that is not the case in these studies; people eating a varied diet. And there are a myriad of reasons not to eat an all meat diet. People like you are causing LONG TERM damage to people's health. However, your time is over, more and more large scale studies are showing the undeniable relationship between animal product consumption and Dis Ease. Thank science

  3. Long term damage? How so. How is lowering a patients insulin causing damage. You need to get off your high horse and research the other side. The healthiest cultures in the world, free of cancer and heart disease were ALL predominately meat/fat eaters.

    More and more there are studies showing what I've been doing CLINICALLY for more than a decade. Thanks Science.

    I have a long list if you need it.

  4. There is NO data that shows all positive results of a low-fat, high-carbohydrate diet on triglycerides, uric acid, cholesterol, blood pressure and cardiac output in people with existing diseases over 2 or 3 years.

    It doesn't exist.

    Not 1 study. I wonder why.

    Now there are hundreds of such studies with people on LC diets eating meat. Funny. Thanks again science.

  5. Every single major organ – associated with health (WHO, EU, etc.), are advocating the consumption of far, far less meat: the EU recommends less than 200g a week. And these recommendations are attained despite a cultural bias in favor of meat! Do you know what that means… The time is up, you are simply delaying the inevitable, you are merely proof of the placebo effect, unfortunately for your business, even the placebo effect is limited; and the results are poring in: see change of policies 😉

  6. I hope you arent promoting all meat diets. (ironic you typo 'dies')
    look up Brock Lesnar, and my cousin who had to have a large portion of their intestines removed due to meat eating.

  7. Dr.Kangaroo prematurely drawing big conclusions again!!! Like a kangaroo on a hot tin roof.

    There is a significant difference in natural grazing animal meats and poultry, compared to toxic, doped up commercially raised, crowded and constantly stressed out ones. But Dr.Kangaroo won't reach into possibilities that don't support his vegan hypothesis. He is more a tainted information vegan propagandist than a legitimate scientist.

  8. LOL, meat heals the gut and is totally broken down and absorbed. Meat doesn't even make it to the large intestine. Brock didn't have problem from eating meat. Grains YES! Fiber….OH YES! Read fiber menace if you have already and catch up.

    fibermenace(dot)org and see his videos and my videos

  9. Are you serious???? Every major health group is bought, owned and paid by the same people who make pharmaceutical and junk food. Hmmm I wonder what they recommend… oh thats right, 6-11 servings of sugar(grains) daily, thats 12 to 24 slices of bread daily. Do that and your diabetic in 10 years or worse.

    Na you can have it. LOL. Catch up dude.

  10. With all due respect for you as being on this planet, your opinions are deluded and nonsensical; keep living in a conspiratorial fantasy world! We all know which lobbies are the wealthiest and which industries subsidized. Your dietary agenda is losing; fast, in truth: it has already lost. Westerncultures are meat and dairy infested, and yet, despite culture, policies are changing: Game over! It will be good for everyone and everything; even you and your children, and your children's children.

  11. Let me make this clear, Correlation DOES NOT EQUAL Causation!
    The reason these studies show a CORRELATION is that people who eat meat:
    a) tend to eat less fiber/veggies
    b) tend to exercise less
    c) eat more calories from fatty meats
    d) consume polyhydrocarbons from charred meat
    Take these variables away and protein becomes no more cancerous than fat or carbohydrates

  12. Well I'm sure you think so, but its not true. All my opinions are medical fact. Please look them up. I'll send you a long list of medical references if you like. The food Pyramid is from the department of agriculture, if you haven't noticed. It promotes a HIGH sugar diet(6 too 11 servings daily) And they base it on there OWN PRODUCT. So some research my friend and catch up.

    There has NEVER been a healthy vegetarian culture, EVER!

  13. The fatty acid profile of beef fat is often misunderstood. In lean beef, 54% of the fatty acids are monounsaturated (MUFA) or polyunsaturated (PUFA), which are the types favoured by health professional and government agencies such as the AHA (2) and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (10).

    2) Diet and lifestyle recommendations revision 2006. A scientific statement from the American Heart Association Nutrition Committee. Circulation 114: 82-96, 2006.

  14. 10) U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, U.S. Department of Agriculture. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2005.

  15. This epidemiological study suggests that meat is inherently fattening – i then proceeded to click on a 'vitatalks' video that cited studies suggesting that CLA-rich foods (found in meat and dairy) decreased the number of cells that actually turned into fats.
    Also meat rich low-carb diets have three META-studies suggesting that they have the highest weight loss and decrease in bad cholesterol as opposed to low fat diets.
    These are all completely contradictory data. What must one believe?

  16. Read the studies, see the circumstances. For example, eggs were touted in some studies to have no significant effect on cholesterol, but a closer look at those studies reveal that the eggs were added on top of a high animal fat, protein and cholesterol diet. This is analogous to adding a few more cigarettes to the 30 a day – obviously the measurable increase in damage would be very small. Keep sharp.

  17. As i understand it, it is common knowledge in lipidology that dietary cholesterol havs no link with blood cholesterol. I have tried reading up on it – the biochemistry of cholesterol is immensely dense stuff and i dont fully understand it – but there is a consensus that dietary cholesterol has nothing to do with blood cholesterol.
    Also this doesn't make sense when all controlled trials suggests that low-carb high fat diets are best for weight loss. The data seems completely contradictory.

  18. Well from what studies and reviews I can find online, it seems there is a link, albeit a weak one. From what I've been told by numerous people online, these studies on low-carb diets and weight loss all engage calorie restriction strategies. I'll read whatever studies I can find on the matter within the coming week; in any case, there are numerous risk factors involved with such a diet, all cause mortality increases on such a diet as well I believe. Dr Greger has one or more videos on this.

  19. I haven't read all of the studies – but those i have read prescribe 'ad libitum' low carb diets to one group, calorie restricted mediterranean diet to another, and a classic low-fat calorie restricted diet to a third group.
    In a few of them cholesterol levels improves well in both the mediterranean and the low carb while the low-fat lacks behind. In others the low-carb high fat diet has a significant lead.
    I try to keep an open mind – but i find all the data in favour of low carb convincing.

  20. For some reason i get an 'error' every time i try to send a comment containing links (even when i space them in the URL)
    Maybe im spacing them the wrong places – you've got a clue about it?

  21. (htt p://ww w.nejm. org/do i/full/10.1056/NEJMo a0708681)
    (htt p://jce m.endojournals. org/content/88/4 /1617.long)
    (htt p://ww w.jpeds. com/article/S002 2-3476(02)40206-5/abstract)

    and: (htt p://ww w.springe rlink. com /cont ent/v57212m331741w24/)
    This last one is about metabolic syndrome specifically (diabetes, atherosclerosis etc) and low-carb is again shown to be better.
    I can point you to more studies if you want – these were just the ones i had noted myself specifically.

  22. No study has ever found a direct cause-and-effect relationship between red-meat consumption and cancer. As for the population studies, they're far from conclusive. That's because they rely on broad surveys of people's eating habits and health afflictions, and those numbers are simply crunched to find trends, not causes.
    Meat lovers who are worried about the supposed risks of grilled meat should just trim off the burned or overcooked sections of the meat before eating – Alan Aragon

  23. I was wondering if they adjusted for this or not. Calorie intake and real calorie intake are very different things. Also wondering about how much raw veggies the lower meat eaters had.

  24. I enjoy your channel. I am putting all of my 39 years of nutrition research and experience on YouTube. Search Jeff Riley CPT to see the videos. Research is interesting, but often wrong. As a bodybuilder, I have eaten a lot of meat, and it has never made me fat. I have worked with many different clients over the years, and believe me flesh food is not what is making people fat.

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  26. "Weight" is not the same as fat. The study keeps saying "weight gain". Did they check it was FAT gain and not muscle gain, as muscle weighs more than fat and a small increase in muscle mass can weigh more than a relatively larger increase in fat mass. Plus, meat = protein, which is the building block of muscle.

  27. Meanwhile, studies consistently show that low-carb, high protein diets yield greater weight loss and lower cholesterol and triglycerides. I have a headache 🙂

  28. Weight gain does not always mean fat gain or obesity.  So, what was that weight gain?  Fat or muscle weight?  Protein and meat does help build muscle after all.

  29. It's these type of videos, with misrepresented information, that causes me to question Dr. Gregor's motives. If meat led to weight gain in the form of fat, then people would get fat on the Paleo diet, but they do not. In fact, most fitness experts will tell you that meat consumption does not contribute to increased body fat. Dr. Gregor has already admitted to being an animal rights activist and I believe his bias is starting to show.

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