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(upbeat music) – Munchies, if you’ve
been watching this series or follow me on Instagram
then you’ll already know but I currently have a course out that I have spent the last
few months developing, the Meal Prep Ignite course. Oh my gosh, this is my baby. You guys know how crazy I
go for meal prep on Youtube. All of you go crazy for it. So you are really my inspiration here. I can only share so much in
a Youtube video each week. So now everything you’ll need to know to meal prep efficiently
and effectively for you is in an entire course. Never before seen videos,
photos, text, recipes and tons of credible tools to guide you along your meal prep process. We go through a lot. It’s a super comprehensive course but the main thing I share
is the system I’ve developed, the Meal Prep Ignite system which makes it easy for you to design your meal prep every single week without forgetting any of the details. The course launched launched
last Sunday, April 8th and enrollment is limited. It’s only open for two weeks. Do ya hear me? That means you’ve only got six days left and we’re only gonna be opening enrollment a few times a year. So if you want it, head
to now to check it out. To give you a taste and
also share some fun tips I’ve got eight meal prep hacks to inspire your meal prepping journey. One, let your slow cooker clean itself. Scrubbing the slow cooker
clean is so time consuming but with some water,
vinegar and baking soda you can let it clean itself. Just fill your slow cooker with water, add vinegar and baking soda and then cover and turn
the slow cooker on low for four hours or overnight. After you let it cool empty the cooker and
rinse with soapy water. No scrubbing needed. I’ve got the full procedure for you. That’s in my Meal Prep Ignite course in the description of the video, too, for your reference. Two-for-one slow cooker meals. With a slow cooker liner and some foil you can prep two slow
cooker meals at once. Just make a foil divider
to fit your slow cooker and then put the liner on top and push it down into the
two sides of the cooker. You can either cook the two meals at once or use this hack to heat up
two meals at the same time. And slow cooker liners make
your clean up a breeze. I’ll link the ones I found online below. One sheet pan, three
different flavors of protein. Cook multiple servings of the same protein with different flavors all on one pan. This works really well
with chicken breast. Line a pan with foil but fold and pinch the
foil to create dividers, place chicken breast or
other protein of choice in each of the foil sections, flavor them however you
would like and then bake. You can also try this hack with veggies to prep different flavors
all at the same time. My prep course has a ton
of flavor suggestions and ideas for proteins and veggies too. You will not run out of ideas. Four, hard boiled eggs in
the oven or a toaster oven. Don’t bother with boiling
and monitoring your eggs in a pot of water, pop ’em into the oven. Just pre-heat your oven
to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and place your eggs
directly on the oven rack or you can put them into a muffin tin. Bake for 25 to 30 minutes, use tongs to remove from the oven rack and then let them cool in an
ice bath for a few minutes. Bonus tip, you can also do
this in your toaster oven if you’re only gonna do
two to three at a time. Five, reheat food without sogginess. To reheat roasted and baked foods without them getting soggy place a half-filled cup of water next to the food in the microwave. It’ll soak up the extra moisture and keep your food more crisp. An even better method is to pop leftover roasted
veggies in the toaster oven for a few minutes. Six, roast a whole chicken
in your slow cooker. Buying a whole chicken is one of the cheapest meal prep options but it can be one of the most
daunting to actually cook. Make things easy on yourself and cook your whole
chicken in the slow cooker. Just place a layer of onions and veggies on the bottom of the cooker
with your chicken on top so air can circulate around the chicken. You don’t need to add any liquid. The natural juices from
the chicken are enough. Seven, make new meals
with the same protein. Keep meal prep versatile. If you’re not a fan of
eating the same things multiple days in a row, you could still keep simple by making a batch of the same protein but serve it in different vessels. Try tortillas, taco
shells, a bed of greens, different grains or even cauliflower rice. Eight, prep your slow
cooker meal for later. As you’ve seen throughout the series and this is one of my
favorite meal prep tips. In addition to slow cooker meals making life easier on prep day, you can also prep them in advance. Not only does this cut
down on overall prep time but it means you get a fresh meal during the week that you
actually meal prepped. Pop it in the slow cooker before heading out the door in the morning and it’ll be waiting for
you when you get home. I’ve got these tips and
more in my new course but remember, my Meal Prep Ignite course isn’t really just about tips or hacks. It’s teaching you how to meal prep. It’s giving you so many
tools along the way. I know you’re going to love it and find it so, so valuable. But remember, enrollment is limited. So don’t pass up this opportunity to get access to this resource that can help transform your lifestyle. I’m serious. Link is in the description. Feel free to leave a comment or come over to Instagram and
ask me questions about it. I’ve been connecting with
so many of you there. A lot of you helped me build it by doing my polls and
answering my questions. And it’s been a blast to see the feedback so far from those of you
who have already enrolled. Also, remember, I do have two free courses right now out as well. One is on inflammation and
an anti-inflammatory diet and one is healthy staples guide to help you make healthier choice with your breads, oils, milks, et cetera. Links for everything
are in the description or you can head to Thank you for being here and thanks to everyone for supporting me whether you choose to
enroll in the course or not. You are supporting me just by being here and watching these videos. And I appreciate you so, so much. And don’t worry, more meal prep videos
to come on Youtube, too. I’ll see you next week. And remember, it’s all a
matter of mind over munch.

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  1. Did I miss any of your favorite meal prep tips and hacks? Comment below and let me know! Don’t forget that enrollment is OPEN for my Meal Prep Ignite course, for a LIMITED time! Sign up here!

  2. Would love to sign up for the course but the cost and lifestyle in my current situation kinda makes it impossible for me. I live with my parents so I don’t have my own space for meal preps right now. Waiting until I live on my own. Until then, I prepare my pre-workout and post workout snacks and maybe some breakfast/smoothies

  3. I scrolled down to the Class Curriculum on your site, and it blows my mind how much information/organization/AMAZINGNESS you've poured into Meal Prep Ignite. I love this! Wahoo! Hip, hip, hooray! More exclamations!

  4. Thank you so much for creating this course. Money is really tight right now. I was glad to hear you all for it again later in the year. You've really been an inspiration in my journey to start healing myself with the food that I eat

  5. I just got a second fridge so I can meal prep for my large family. I am very excited to become more productive and shop less often in the month

  6. Quick question with regards to using slow cooker bag with foil divider. Did you use an over sized bag to allow enough slack to accommodate for divider? I've never used the liner bags and unsure if they are generally roomy enough to accommodate the foil divider. Thanks!

  7. Do you think doing a 1/2 a turkey or a turkey breast would work the same as the chicken? I love roasting chickens in the crock pot, would love to see what other large meats can be cooked this way! Thanks for the great video!

  8. When you first mentioned the whole-chicken-in-the-slowcooker thing on this channel in a previous video I tried it out…blown away! It was easy, delicious, and saved me a lot of money by buying the chicken whole. I endorse this tip!

  9. I usually really enjoy your tips, but this time I strongly disagree with you. I'd rather spend a few minutes cleaning the slow cooker while my eggs cook for ten minutes on the stove, than using that amount of energy for the same task. I'm sure it works fine, but it's just not worth it in my eyes.
    You have such an impact on your viewers, Alyssia, why not encourage them to be conscious of their nutrition AND the environment?

  10. So awesome I love your tips and tricks girl, I didn’t know about the cleaning method of the slow cooker, I will try that thank you.

  11. I am not vegan but I don’t like cooking meat. So I don’t know if I should enroll in your course because your meals include meat a lot. And I feel like it would include a lot about how to storage, prepare or etc. meat. Other than that I love your channel ♥️♥️

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  17. Nice tips! Especially the eggs in the oven 🙂
    A little tip from me: If you put vinegar and baking soda together they mix (hence the reaction) and neutralize each other. To use their full cleaning power, use just one of the two 🙂

  18. Can you give some tips for meal prepping when you don't have more than a foot of counter space? Everything I see you prep seems like it takes up a lot more space than I actually have in my tiny apartment kitchen!

  19. Hi Alyssia! I’ve been watching your videos for a while and just want to say thank you for always using your creativity and originality to show us how to eat in a healthy way 🙂 I have Crohn’s disease and checked out your conquer inflammation course and will definitely give it a go. I was wondering if maybe you could make a video for recipes/meal prep ideas for people with IBD or other inflammatory diseases if it’s something you’re interested in doing? Thank you x

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  24. Also, I never thought about using the oven for hard boiled eggs! But how long would I bake them for?

  25. I haven't watched you in a while, and you have changed a lot girl, you use to consider everyday moms on budgets and college students. I know I'm coming off really rude, but I only say this with honesty.

  26. I like your channel but this is too much waste of foil and energy for me. Cleaning my slow cooker takes two minutes by hand, if people are too lazy for that they shouldn't cook. Aluminum foil is about the worst thing for the environment. I stopped using it years ago.

  27. A teacher I had put an egg in the microwave and it exploded, resulting in the loss of her right eye. I don't know about toaster ovens but never put whole eggs in the microwave.

  28. great tips! i found that chicken breasts don't work well in the slow cooker, they get too dry and tasteless but drumsticks and thighs cook and shred much better because of the higher fat content! i Love the tip for dividing up the sheet pan and slow cooker!!

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