Meal Prep for Bodybuilding: Get Easier Muscle Gains By Prepping Your Meals

Yo, what’s going on you muscle-building scallywags?
Troy here with Weight Gain Network and in this video I’m going to help you guys save
time, save money, improve your gains, the whole nine yards. We’re going to do a complete
meal prep for body building. This has been a really common issue that I’m seeing on social
media. I’m seeing a ton of guys that enter the coaching program have this question and
just people that I brush shoulders with every single day, they say, “How in the world am
I supposed to get in all these meals. You know, you talk about eating 3,000 calories
a day, I have a life. I have school. I have a wife. I have a mistress on the side. I have
two jobs.” Whatever it may be. The point is, it’s really not that hard if you strategically
do a little meal prepping. What we’re going to do in this video is probably the greatest
meal prep in the history of mankind. We are going to cook a bunch of shit in like an hour.
As you see I have little prep here. What I did here is I prepped a bunch of sweet potatoes.
Sweet potatoes are probably my favorite source of bodybuilding carbs because they’re perfect
for post workout. They’ve got a lot of potassium, a lot of vitamins and nutrients. What I did
here is I just chopped up this equivalent of four sweet potatoes. I chopped them up
and I put them in this little baking dish. I put some seasoning on and I put about four
tablespoons of water, just so it doesn’t stick to the bottom and it kind of like steams up
and cooks a little faster. Then I’m going to show you guys my two favorite recipes for
making chicken not suck. What I did here is I have a couple pounds of chicken tenderloins
and we’re going to dip it in the egg and then one recipe I’m going to crush up these baked
Lays. We’re going to dip it in the egg. Put the barbecued baked Lays over it. Make some
really healthy fried chicken. The other recipe, we’re going to use some panko breadcrumbs,
some cayenne pepper seasoning and some garlic powder and I also added some hemp seeds for
some added protein and omega-3s. I’m going to show you guys that process, then we’re
going to go, while that’s cooking, we’re going to go over to the rice cooker and we’re going
to make a couple cups of brown rice. We’re going to have three things cooking at once.
We’re going to have the chicken, we’re going to have the brown rice, we’re going to have
the sweet potatoes and then if you really wanted to take your meal prep to the next
level, you could have a little skillet going at the same time. If you guys happen to live
by a Trader Joe’s this is probably the best quality, cheapest protein I’ve found. This
is wild caught Alaskan cod. This is 3.99 a pound. This costs me, $5.35 for about 125
grams of protein. If you really wanted to, I’m not going to do this part of my meal prep,
but if you really wanted to cook like enough food for five to seven days, you could have
a big skillet going right here at the same time and you could be cooking up all this
cod. I’m heading out of town in two days, so I’m not going to do a crazy amount of meal
prep, but this will be enough for me for about three or four days. Then, another thing I
do to make my life really easy, one more thing, just thought of it as I’m staring at it, this
is fresh mango salsa, super easy to make. Perfect for putting on chicken and cod because
honestly, I fucking hate just eating chicken with like hot sauce. I’m so sick of it. Like
white fish, extremely boring. So all this is is chopped up mango, red bell pepper, jalapeno
and a bunch of lime juice, so super easy to make and what was I going to say. Oh, another
thing that I do to make my life easier, my other source of protein is I’ll just have
wild caught salmon in a can. This is a really good source of omega-3s, super lean protein.
Just overall a really high-quality source of protein. This little can here has 20 grams
of protein and it’s got pretty much my entire daily serving of omega-3s which is really
important for recovery and body-building. These are only like a dollar at Wal-Mart.
Then sometimes later in the day, I will have some organic eggs. I’ll just fry them up on
the skillet and for my healthy fat sources, it pretty much all comes from the eggs, the
salmon, the almond butter. Sometimes I’ll just put this right on celery, and from hemp
seeds and chia seeds, so these are really high in omega-3s. I’ll just throw some of
these on my meals or I’ll use them in cooking somehow. And, last but not least, we have,
sometimes post-workout, I’ll do like some chocolate rice cakes. I’ll throw in some Goji
berries. I’ll throw in some Ezekiel bread. These are all obviously kind of premade carbs;
make your life a lot easier. What I’ve been doing recently, and I know you guys are going
to ask, is this best for me, should I be doing this, probably not unless you’ve been working
out for about three to five years. What I’m doing right now is I’m doing a combination
of intermittent fasting and carbohydrate back loading. I actually haven’t eaten right now
for like 15 hours. I’m doing like a 17 – 18 hour intermittent fast. Then I usually work
out on an empty stomach, fasted. But to not lose muscle mass, I will have some branched-chain
amino acids. This is probably my favorite one right here. Then to curb my appetite,
I’ll do coffee and once in a great while, I’ll do some low carb Monster. This actually
has a few grams of carbs, but essentially calorie free. I’ll do another video talking
about the benefits of intermittent fasting. I’ve been doing it off and on for the last
three years. I know it’s kind of a recent fad, but I’ve been doing it off and on for
the last three years and noticed a ton of really good benefits which I’ll get into in
another video. Then I’ll just kind of supplement it with like protein powder, so I’ve got my
vanilla protein that I’ll do. And that’s pretty much a day in the life of my food intake.
Let me go on over here and get this meal prep rolling. What we’re going to do first is I’m
going to try not to spill my rice everywhere. So I’m going o do about a cup of brown rice
here. So it’s a little more than a two to one ratio with the brown rice. So throw this
in here and I’m actually going to do about a cup and a half. All right, so we’ve got
about a cup and a half of brown rice. Then I’m going to do about three cups of water
in here, just going to measure it out with the same one, so we’ve got one, two, just
about three, just grab one more water here. So, we’re going to need about a half cup more.
Then the rice will be ready to roll. So rice, rice cooker, common and pretty much every
Asian household and every bodybuilding household, these are so crucial because you do absolutely
nothing. You just get the ratios right, you put on the rice cooker. Done. Don’t even have
to worry about it. In fact, when it’s done cooking, it will actually just stay on the
heat mode. In fact I think I can put it, I’ll just switch it to cook mode here. This will
be done in about 45 minutes. Now, sweet potatoes already prepped. What we’re going to do next
is the fun part. You could put a baked Lays here in a bag. Take a little bit of air out
of here and you just crunch them up. I’ll just get a nice little consistency and this
is going to be some healthy fried chicken. Next throw them all in here and now the fun
begins. What we’re going to do here is we have a couple different variations. We’re
going to have our egg. Then we have our breadcrumbs and our baked Lays. I already sprayed this
with some coconut oil spray. What we’re going to do here is get a little messy. We’re going
to dip it in our egg. This is two beaten eggs here. Here we go. See how quick we can do
this. Kind of cover it with the chips. We’re going to get a bunch of them on here. This
should be enough protein for a couple days. I’m also going to be doing like my salmon
and you know my protein powder, things like that. This will be perfect for like a post
workout meal and dinner. So coat it like that and just keep on lining the tray with it.
I’m going to kind of alternate here between, I’ll try one of these. We got some breadcrumbs
on there. This is also perfect too when you’re trying to eat clean because trying to eat
clean can be really boring and all this really does is add some carbohydrates. Carbohydrates
are good when you guys are bodybuilding especially if you’re naturally skinny. This is a perfect
recipe because I always try to pair my protein with carbohydrates. This adds some extra carbs,
so I don’t have to eat as much rice or potatoes or things like that. All right guys we are
back, five minutes later. Didn’t want to bore you with coating the chicken for five minutes.
Here’s what it’s actually going to look like. This is from three days ago, so this stays
good for a couple days. Topping it with some Frank’s Red Hot, it is amazing. This entire
thing, it took maybe 15 minutes of prep, but we’re going to cook like an entire week’s
worth of food in about an hour. So we everything prepped. I’m going to throw this along with
the sweet potatoes in the oven at the exact same time. This is going to cook a little
bit faster, so this is going to be about 35 minutes. This is going to be about 55 minutes.
I’m going to take this out before. We’ve got the brown rice cooking. We have everything
cooking at the same time, so now you guys can go for a workout. You can do whatever
you want and you are getting a ton done here. What we’re going to do here is I’m going to
put this on the top. I’m going to put the sweet potatoes on the bottom and sizzle it
away. I’m going to let this cook and I will see you guys in about 55 minutes. I’ll show
you guys the final result. All right guys, just took it out of the oven. In fact, it
only took about 40 minutes at 450 degrees to cook all this chicken, all these sweet
potatoes, brown rice is also done. So what I’m going to do here is show you how I’ll
separate it. I’m really just kind of eyeballing it right now. I’m not measuring my food. I
do have a food scale, convenient for all you bodybuilders and drug dealers out there because
it’s pretty much the only two people who own one of these things. What we’re going to do
here is I’m just going to separate it, so super easy and fun little process here. I’m
just going to throw some variations. I’m going to put four tenders in here. I usually do
about a cup of brown rice, so this one I’ll do about a cup of brown rice. And just like
that we have a meal. Another thing I do too is I add some hemp seeds, just for some extra
nutrition and some healthy fats, omega-3s. I’m going to sprinkle on about one tablespoon
of hemp seeds and that one’s ready to roll. Just kind of moving down the line here. Throw
some tenders in here. Probably about four in each one. Then I do about a cup of sweet
potatoes, so a little rough estimate. Try to get in about 45 – 50 grams of protein and
about the same amount of carbs in each of these, so nice little portion meals here.
This one, ready to roll. This one, throw in a couple of these. You could also, you could
add hemp seeds to pretty much any of these. I prefer the hemp seeds on the rice combination
a little bit better, but I’ll throw some in here. And we’ve already got three meals. Moving
on down the line here. Actually we’re going to separate this into five complete meals.
Remember if we cooked like some fish, some chicken, some salmon on the skillet, we would
actually have enough for like eight or nine meals, so that will last you lunch and dinner
for the entire weekday period. Throw some brown rice in this one. I think about a cup
of brown rice is 50 grams of carbs or so, so that’s a perfect amount and we’re going
to throw some hemp seeds. Throw some hemp seeds on here. Four meals done. This is going
to take me less than an hour, so save me a bunch of time, saves me money. In fact, all
this combined, the chicken, the sweet potatoes, the brown rice, it cost me like $13 combined.
This is like the cost of eating from like the McDonald’s dollar menu, which is ridiculously
cheap. Throw some sweet potatoes in this one. And we’re going to have some extra carbs left
over. What I’ll do here is I’ll probably throw my extra rice and potatoes in another one
of these meal preps and I’ll probably have it with like some salmon, some eggs, something
like that. As you can see, we’ve got all five meals here in a very short amount of time.
Then just pairing this with some post-workout protein shakes, having my canned salmon, having
some almond butter and vegetables throughout the day. This is enough food for me for at
least three or four complete days. I gave you guys some good options to extend that,
so if you want to cook some extra fish, chicken, beef, turkey, whatever may be on the frying
pan and separate this into up to ten meals, you have more than enough muscle-building
ammunition to do so. All right guys, that is how you meal prep like a boss. I want you
guys to let me know in the comments what type of meal prep videos you want to see me do
in the near future. I’ve probably done over about 100 meal preps in my lifetime. I have
chipotle inspired meal prep. I have a kid cuisine inspired meal prep. I have sushi,
Japanese, Chinese. I think I have an Indian meal prep. What are you guys craving? What
do you want me to prepare for a meal prep in the near future? I’ll make a bodybuilding,
gain weight like a boss meal prep specific to what you guys want, but you have to let
me know in the comments what you guys are craving.

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