Meal planning for large families

Jessica: Hi, I’m Jessica. Today, I’m going to show you how I meal plan
for a large family. This method will work whether you have a small
family or a big family. For the best cleaning, organizing and productivity
advice, subscribe to my channel and make sure you hit that bell notification, so you are
notified when I post a video every Thursday. I split up the meal planning into four easy
steps. Let’s go ahead and dive into step number one. Jessica: Okay. The first step is to decide how many weeks
you want to meal plan for. I always do two weeks, because we get paid
every two weeks. That’s what makes sense for us. All right, the second part of that step is
you need to figure out how many meals you’re going to want to cook in that time period,
whether you chose one week, two weeks, whatever, just decide how many meals you want to cook. For me, we eat out once a week. We’ll usually get takeout. Jessica: Then, my husband works kind of a
crazy schedule. The nights that he is not going to be home
for dinner, I don’t really like to cook. I’ll either just make sandwiches or we’ll
have something easy like chicken nuggets or something like that. I don’t really count those days as needing
to cook a meal. That typically, for me, means I’m only cooking
four meals a week which is really nice for me. If you’re only cooking four meals a week and
your meal planning for two weeks, that’s only eight meals you need to figure out. Jessica: All right. Step two, you’re going to go on Pinterest
and make a board. I normally title it Meal Plan and then the
date period, so like January 7th through the 20th. That’s a two week time period. Then, I just do a search on Pinterest. You can just type in recipes or healthy recipes,
whatever you’re looking for. If you are on a specific diet, you can do
keto recipes, whatever. You’re going to go through and find the recipes
and just kind of click on them and save them to that board you just created. Jessica: Just keep in mind how many recipes
you are looking for. If you want to keep this on a low budget,
I would suggest not doing meals that are very different from each other. Try to get several different chicken recipes,
and then maybe just a couple of beef. Try not to do pork, beef, shrimp, chicken
because the more different meals you have, the more expensive your bill is going to be. Another tip if you want to keep your grocery
bill down is look for recipes that don’t have a ton of ingredients that you don’t already
have. Jessica: Okay. Step three, you are going to open all of these
recipes individually and start writing them down on your grocery list. I normally have a column on the left side
where I list all of the ingredients. Then, I have a column on the right side where
I’m listing the actual meals that we’re going to have, just so I have that as a reference
at the grocery store so I know what meals I’m buying for. If I decide, “Oh wait. We’re going to someone’s house for dinner,
I don’t need to cook this meal.” Then, I can find those ingredients and cross
them out. The second part of step three is just going
into the grocery store and buying all your ingredients. Jessica: All right, so the most important
step is step four. Step four is stick to your meal plan. Even when you’re feeling lazy, just you already
know the meal you’re going to cook, so just cook it. If you know that there’s certain days you
tend to not feel like cooking, I would choose meals that are really easy to throw together. That way, you have a backup plan and you’re
not wasting food. If you are meal planning and you go and buy
all these ingredients and then you don’t cook a couple of these meals, all of those ingredients
are going to go to waste. That will completely defeat the purpose of
meal planning. Jessica: All right, and that is the last step
of our meal planning video. Make sure you just comment below and let me
know a recipe that is one of your favorites. I always like trying to add new recipes to
my meal plans, so I don’t get bored. I’ll leave a couple of recipes that I really
like down below. That way if you just need a place to get started,
you can check those out. Jessica: If you would like to join a meal
planning challenge where we all just kind of do our meal planning together and keep
each other accountable to sticking to it, come join my Facebook group. I will have it linked below. We would love to have you in there. We’ll probably start that challenge in a few
weeks. I haven’t come up with the exact date, but
just join and you’ll find out all the information there. Jessica: If you like this video, please give
it a like and share this video with your fellow lady friends. Comment below the word helpful if this video
was helpful to you. I’ll see you in my next one, bye guys.

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