McDonalds Happy Meal Magic DRINK FOUNTAIN Playset With Kool-Aid Kids Toys

Hello everyone this is Sandra with the DisneyCarToys
channel and today we are going to play with this amazing drinking fountain play
set I got the whole set up here with Anna and Spidy eating there McDonalds food and even
a Happy Meal back there. With this McDonalds Happy Meal Magic play set you can make your
own drinks just as tasty as the McDonalds restaurant. It seems pretty easy to do just
pour in your juice then press the button for jet spray action and lastly push your cup against
the dispenser lever to serve. This drink dispenser is legit there is a handy cup holder
also a little handy accessories holder for your straws. And this is a little concerning it
says use the Kool-Aid by March 1995 so it expired twenty ears ago that might be a problem. I
cant wait to start making our drinks and here is everything out of the box the cups are pretty
stylish they’ve got the old school design oh the McDonalds 90’s cups and they’ve got the
thin plastic. We get four cups and two lids and these lids are pretty chunky and the straws
which are shorter are the same texture that you would see a normal McDonalds. Before I start
making our drink lets set up a little bit I will put our cups away in our handy little cup
holder, very cute. And then we have a little accessories holder here this is the little
scoop that we will use to serve up the Kool Aid and we will put our straws back here so we don’t
lose them. It kind of keeps clean too so here are our four straws that come with the set
and right up front I will put our two lids here we go and I think everything is ready. So I think
we are ready to start mixing so here is where we put our juice and here is the little button
that causes the jet action to stir your juice which is kind of cool so lets take this off
and it seems pretty advanced and then this is where our juice goes. Now the instructions
told us to use juice here with your Kool-Aid but that would be really sugary and since this
Kool-Aid is over 20 years old I am not going to drink this anyways so I think water will do
fine. And now its time to add the Kool-Aid and we have our little measuring spoon and we
are supposed to fill it to the top and here is our Kool-Aid I love the little Kool-Aid man on
the front its totally vintage the Kool-Aid man that I grew up with which is funny. And here is
our 20 years old expired Kool-Aid and it is purple and it is supposed to be cherry I don’t
know if it is supposed to be purple of if this is how it aged. I don’t know we will have to
see. Lets pour it in here and it’s red it doesn’t look that bad in here I guess but I still don’t
know if I am going to drink this. I don’t know it might be kind of gross. Now that we’ve got
the powder in here and the water we are going to pot our lid back and we will press our
orange button for a jet powered button and it is pretty manual you just have to press it with
your fingers like a million times. We really want to make sure this is stirred well, so
you can kind of see it is pumping up the Kool-Aid and spilling it out through the top. So it
is mixing it pretty well we will just do this a little longer and I think we are good. Yay we are
ready to fill up our cups I am going to fill up one of our McDonalds plastic cups and then we’ve
got to push it under our dispenser here woo hoo we got some Kool-Aid. I just want to make
sure I don’t over fill this thing because this thing looks pretty messy. Uh oh I think it
is spilling in the back a little bit uh okay that should be a enough and drip drip drip there
we. I don’t want to spill and all I need is a big plastic lid here and a cool little straw put
that on and then it is ready to drink if you were in 1995. But for me I don’t think I want to
drink this because the Kool-Aid is super expired but you know who might like it that’s right
Anna. Well we’ll see if she gets sick okay lets try Spidy and uh oh it spilled a little bit on
his Spidy suite, oh sorry Spidy. Well I hope you all enjoyed this toy review of the McDonalds drink
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