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today I am here with the recipe of pickle of meat. this is a very easy recipe. I wish, you all will like this. So, let’s get started with it’s ingredients. turmeric fenugreek seed mustard seed cumin and coriander red chilly powder salt 2 lemon ginger and garlic green chilly garam masala Szechuan Pepper mutton oil for frying heat the oil in a pan our heat must be medium when oil starts to heat we will fry this mutton. when you add all meat, stir it a bit. stir it and cook it for 12 minutes stir it often our meat is ready after 12 minutes I am taking them out in a paper towel take all the meat out in a paper towel heat the pan add oil i am adding a bit more oil, while making pickle we should always add more oil. add coriander and cumin seeds fenugreek seeds add mustard seeds and stir welll fry them in medium heat when fried nicely add ginger and garlic add green chilly adn stir it we will not fry them for more time. after stirring a bit add meat. turmeric red chilly powder garam masala salt Szechuan Pepper stir it for 2-3 minutes our meat and spices are mixed well add lemon add lemon as per your taste stir it again our pickle is ready I served it with beaten rice, you can serve it as you like you can make this at your home and enjoy it with your friends and family. what did you feel about our video ? support us by liking, commenting and subscribing to our channel. I will return with more yummy recipes, till then happy cooking.

100 thoughts on “Masu ko Achar | मासुको अचार | (MUTTON)Meat Pickle | Yummy Food World 🍴75

  1. di yeslai bahira pathauda k garnu parxa glass bottle ma rakhne ho ki plastic ni hunxa & kati din freeze ma rakhena vani bigrinna yo??

  2. अब चै दिजुले बनाए झै बनाएर खानु पर्ला भिडियो हेरेर मेरो त मुख नै रसायो भन्या ।

  3. Thanks di…. tapai lai tapai ko bolne tarika nai ma lai eak dam man par6 ani yestai new new parikar haru banai khanu pako chu……..!

  4. एक साल सम्म राख्न सकिने आपको अचारको रेसिपी प्लीज दीदी?

  5. यो त तुरुन्तै खान मिल्ने खाल्को stor गरेर 1 मैना सम्म खन मिल्ने पनि मासुको अचार हुन्छ त्यो चै बनायेको भिडियो अप्लोड गर्नुन म्यम

  6. D plz upload the video of how to make ……… “ ROAST“ plz …….heartly request……as soon as possible….plz 🙂 🙂

  7. Thank you for showing us the way.
    Can we keep it normally preserved as pickle or we have to consume it within short period ?
    Is their any way to keep for some longer period?
    If you know ma'am please share.

  8. मासुको अचार बोतलमा कति महिना सम्म राख्न मिल्छ र यस्को डेट कति सम्म हुन्छ होला हजुर

  9. herdai mitho x d mano banauxu achar ani yo achar chai 1 din samma matra hunx ki aru achr jastai long time rakhna milx???

  10. Maile hajur ko almost sapao recipie hereko ne xu nd try ne gareko xu nd it almost looks same as urs malai chai ekdam useful bhako xa yo recipie ekdam easy nd hamrai surroundings ma available hune ingrediants le gardane ekdam easy hunxa thank u mam

  11. मासु त अलि सारो हुन्छ होला हैन अलि खान पनि मीठो हुने र चपाउ पनि सजिलो हुने तरिका छैन

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