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– Hi. My name is Richmond Flores. I’m a food sylist here
at the Food Network. And today, we’re going
to take sunnyside eggs and make them pretty. When I make eggs, I don’t
just make one or two. If on a shoot, I
make six, seven, eight, maybe even a dozen. The reason why is because the
whole time I’m making the eggs, I want to have a variety. I want to be able to
pick what fits my canvas. So what I do is I
like to take my eggs, and I like to strain them. What I mean by straining is
I’ll have a bowl, like so. And what I do is I take
an egg, I crack it, and I put it into the sieve. I strain out any loose whites
that I have, but not too much. I just want to get
enough so any loose white leaves it so it’s not– it’s still round. It’s still organic, but it’s
not so soft towards the edges. The reason why I don’t want
it so soft towards the edges is because when I’m handling
it, it’s more delicate. It has more chance of breaking. It has more chance of splitting. The tighter the white, the
easier it is for me to handle. Sorry I’m using my hands,
but we use our hands here. See? It’s easy for me to handle. I can put it on
something and not have to worry about it breaking. It’s very resilient. So once I have my
eggs separated, what I do is I bring up a pan. There is no rush in
cooking these eggs. You control the amount
of heat and the speed that it cooks at with your heat. So what I do is I
heat up these pans, I put my hand over it,
make sure it feels warm. Once it feels warm,
I add some oil. I’m using also a non-stick pan. It’s a Teflon-coated pan,
the reason being it’s the easiest to cook an egg on. It’s nonstick. You won’t have any
problems, so the whites will separate from the pan easily. And I can have a perfect
product every time. Another thing I have is I have
a sheet pan with paper towels. I also have a sheet
pan with plastic wrap. The sheet pan with plastic
wrap is where I usually hold all my eggs after I’m done. The sheet pan with
paper towels is what I use to dab any
excess oil off the eggs before I place it on the
plastic wrap-lined sheet pans. So I have my oil
heating up here. And what I’m going to do
is I’m going to add my egg. It feels warm. And I’m going to gently
pour my egg over that.

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  1. I don't know what to say! You wasted the whole video in nonsense and you then very rapidly went through the part that is supposed to be the main core of the video!!!!

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