LuLu On His Way To Steal The Meal

Phew… That was too mean. Hi there. How are you? Oops, too close. Hi, guys. I’m LuLu. I couldn’t steal even a bite today. I’m going to go back and try again. Which one should I steal? I’m still hungry. I would never give up! Here I go! It’s too heavy… Go, SHINY MAGIC MOUTH! Alright. Stage 1 clear! Where’s Claire? I need a place to hide. Right there! I can do it! I can do it! I can do it. Yes! That’s my target. Okay. I’m going to steal from MoMo! Oops! Claire’s here! Shhhh…. Can you see me? Now, I’m an invisible cat. Right now! Excuse me. That was good. MISSION COMPLETE!

100 thoughts on “LuLu On His Way To Steal The Meal

  1. لايوجد مثل لولو في بلدي جميع القطط متوفر ماعدا هذا النوع القزم

  2. Cute cat and obviously a hungry one you should feed him a bit more- if he had his own food he would not be trying to swipe the other cats food . He is adorable. 😁💕💕

  3. I just found your channel last week and I absolutely love the effort you put into this! Not sure if you could always speak English or you just recently learned based on your previous videos but you're doing a fantastic job! I barely needed the translations but they are still greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for making these adorable videos and I hope you and your cats stay in good health and have a wonderful time. PS. DD and CoCo are probably my favorites (don't tell any of the others though 🙂 because they're so fluffy.

  4. Please dubbing for Lulu used Korea language more Cute , even I dont understand 😂. But there many translation

  5. 아 집사님 말해봐요 거짓말 하지 말고 루루는 말 할 줄 아는거죠 그걸 숨기려고 집사님이 말하는 척 하는거죠 아닐 수 없어

  6. me gusto un monton el video y que lulu tenga voz propia fue genial. yo tambien tengo 7 gatos y la hora de comer tambien es un caos jajajjaa. saludos desde uruguay

  7. 집사님 루루 공식 팬클럽 안만드시나요… 최우수회원이 될 자신이 있습니다!!!!
    우리 루루 너무 귀엽다ㅠㅠㅠ♡♡♡

  8. Tout simplement elle ne donne pas à manger à Lulu, des croquettes doivent toujours être à la disposition des chats, pauvres petits chats

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