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Hi, I’m Francis, the host of this show “Cooking with Dog.” Today, we are making pasta with our previous homemade meat sauce and shirataki noodles. You can enjoy a lot of pasta without worrying about the calories even if you are on a diet. First, let’s prepare the ingredients. Place the shirataki noodles into a pot of water and turn on the burner. Bring it to a boil and then cook the shirataki for about 30 seconds. This will help to remove any unwanted flavors and reduce some of the water. Strain the shirataki with a mesh strainer. Be careful not to burn yourself. Chef’s hands are extra tough. Cut the long noodles into shorter lengths. Clean the cutting board and cut the shungiku leaves into 4cm (1.6″) pieces. If the stalk is soft, thinly slice it using diagonal cuts so that you can also use it in this recipe. And now, let’s make the shirataki pasta. Place the parboiled shirataki into a heated skillet and thoroughly stir-fry it to reduce the water. This process is important because the water will make the dish soggy and prevent the sauce from coating the noodles. When the shirataki makes squeaky sounds, it is ready. Add the olive oil. Then, add the chopped garlic clove and sliced shungiku stalk. Saute the noodles and bring out the aroma of the garlic. Then, add the moyashi bean sprouts. The bean sprouts can be optional but they will give the dish a pleasant texture. Add 2 pinches of salt and pepper. Toss to coat with the seasonings. Now, gather the noodles to one side and warm up the meat sauce. This homemade meat sauce has tofu and lots of vegetables. If you are interested, check out our previous meat sauce video. Toss the noodles to coat with the sauce. When the liquid is almost completely reduced, add the shungiku leaves. Lightly stir the mixture. The shungiku can be eaten raw so avoid overcooking it. Now, place the dish onto a plate. If the shungiku stalks are not available, you can use broccoli sprouts or parsley leaves instead. Finally, top with a generous amount of grated parmesan cheese and enjoy the shirataki meat sauce pasta. This isn’t just low in calories but also a nutritionally balanced meal so people on a diet should definitely try this recipe. I’m happy that this delicious and filling dish will help me go on a diet! Unlike other noodles, shirataki noodles don’t get soggy so this can be a great bento ingredient. Good luck in the kitchen!

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  1. I've heard that shirataki noodles can sometimes have a very strong smell/taste that's difficult to remove even with parboiling, does anyone know if that's dependent on the brand or anything? or is it just that the smell/taste bothers some people more than others? I'm very sensitive to weird smells, so I've been afraid to try it ):

  2. I do not diet anything, but this recipe is very nice… Yōshoku 洋食, western food in Japanese style, is very famous in Japanese homes – Perfect match…

  3. Always nice to see Chef-san and Francis! I will try this because I've been looking at different recipes with shirataki noodles. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. That is one delicious looking plate of pasta! My mom lives on shiritaki pasta she is going to like this recipe!

  5. I have been watching cooking with dog for years now and I still can't get over how cute this show is. When I come home and find a video posted, I isolate myself and watch it and it's like a therapeutic moment for me. 🙂

  6. Now, Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, Russian, French, Thai German and
    Hungarian subtitles are available in addition to English and Japanese subtitles! Thank you so much for your contributions!

  7. ダイエットによさそうだし、全部手に入りやすい食材だし、ゆで時間が短いのでパスタより簡単そうで良いですね!

  8. Shirataki noodles are the bomb! 🙂 I haven't seen it in Japan or anywhere else, but back in America I used to eat a lot of shirataki noodles shaped like fettuccine. I have never tried it with meat sauce, but it goes quite well with pesto sauce 🙂 And they made an important point at the end… they never become soggy like pasta.

  9. I have always been a fan of Cooking with Dog… but I must say I don't like where this is going… Shirataki Pasta with Meat sauce with tofu in it?? I want real dishes real pasta not overly health-conscious dishes to reduce weight or something.. I might as well resort to unseasoned parboiled chicken breasts/eggs and spinach if I want to crash diet.

  10. 音楽がイタリアンなんですね😄楽しいです。いつも美味しそうなレシピありがとうございます。

  11. Shirataki looks quite similar to the white transparent noodles in laksa , I wonder what is that noodles called : )

  12. 僕たちもたまにしらたきを使った焼きそばとかパスタ食べますよ。けっこういけるよね!

  13. I went vegan a while ago but i am still following Cooking with dog, i don't know this show is so adorable and quirky <3

  14. Don't mean to kill anyones vibe but if ur going into trying this expecting this to taste like pasta, don't bother because you'll end up so disappointed cuz it tastes nothing like it.

  15. As someone who's enjoyed shiritaki noodles after discovering them at the local oriental market, I'm glad to finally have a suggestion as to how to cook them and make something I'm looking forward to trying to make. Thank you CHEF for what looks like a wonderful recipe. I'm looking forward to trying it.

  16. いつも楽しく見ています。こちらの番組のスタッフさんは、勝手な想像ですが、九州にゆかりがあるのかな、と紹介される料理を見ながら思っていました。地震は大丈夫でしたか?

  17. Out of curiosity, what's the song that's always used when Chef plates the meal? (The semi-jazzy piano tune….)

  18. 先生、まめぶ汁の作り方教えてください。
    Greetings from New Zealand! Love your recipes, always true to the culture and well presented.
    Could you please teach us how to make Mamebu? I had once in Kuji long ago, I wish to try again some day.

  19. How well would this meal refrigerate? I like making larger batches for the week. Thanks in advance!

  20. What a fantastic fusion of Italian and Japanese ingredients and techniques! Really want to try this, but I've found Shirataki noodles hard to get in Australia without going online to shop. 🙁 I'm wondering if sweet potato noodles might work as a poor man's substitute though?

  21. Busqué la receta para los días de calor. Y ver a Francis otra vez, realmente me conmovió. Le mando un abrazo a la chef, por favor continúe subiendo recetas deliciosas.

  22. Sniff, I noticed all of the videos published in 2015-2016 show Francis just sleeping most of the time. Definitely miss seeing himin the videos instead of a stuffed toy and apron.

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