Large Family Meals of the Week #2 | Smoothies, Egg Salad, Chicken, More!

– Welcome back to my second attempt of trying to film for you guys my large family meal plan and
what we ate this week. So it is Sunday, what’s today’s
date, Sunday, November 4th. So for breakfast this morning
it was just kinda fend for yourself, and I was
gettin’ myself ready, you know how Sunday mornings can be. I don’t have anymore
breakfast freezer meals. Yeah, that is the truth. I just thought, do I? No, I don’t, outta
breakfast freezer meals, so the kids, today’s
just a cereal and yogurt. I mean, they were fine, it’s
just I didn’t do breakfast. It was a DIY thing, and
then somewhere between the get out the door shuffle,
I made myself and Travis two eggs, so that’s what
Travis and I had for breakfast. Now, it’s that after church time. It’s 2:25, we are all hungry. I have a big, like a five pound
bag of broccoli I just did. I need to drain that. I have one of those like
a 10 by 16 deep dish glass casserole pan that’s full of
stuffed shells last night. Of course I was doing some freezer cooking ’cause it’s a Saturday night,
you know, it’s what I do. I made several pans of stuffed
shells for the freezer. Two of the pans are out in the freezer but I saved one for today ’cause we have some other family members coming over, but, of course, Travis and I, we, us two, are not eating the stuffed shells, but I think there will be
10 other people who do. Alright, alright, so for Travis and I, I have one of those
Italian pepper beef roasts from when I did all those Instant Pot keto low carb freezer meals. I’m gonna put that in the
Instant Pot for Travis and I and we’ll have that and broccoli and everyone else will have
stuffed shells and broccoli. If you’re new here, what
I do for these Instant Pot freezer meals is I just
go ahead and freeze them in regular old gallon sized bags. I know different ladies have
different tricks they do, but I just run some cold water on it. It loosens the food from the bag. I can dump it in the Instant Pot. With any kind of pressure cooker you need a cup of some kind of
broth, or liquid, or water. I just put a cup of water in there. That one was a lot of meat
and it’s still frozen, so I’m actually gonna
put it on for an hour. So since Travis and I’s main protein will be a little bit, I’m
going to defrost these. These are the keto turkey meatballs. They were precooked, and
so I’m gonna put them in my microwave on the defrost setting. After they are warmed up,
I will put a little bit of tomato sauce and
some mozzarella on them. We will have that with our broccoli. Here are the stuffed
shells, big old pan of it. That’s what qualifies as hot and bubbly. We actually have a little
bit extra mozzarella I’ll probably just sprinkle
around on it since we have it. Lookin’ at this little
bit of steamed broccoli and knowing that we’re
all broccoli lovers, I’m gonna actually get a
second five pound bag going because I really don’t think
we’re gonna have any left when it’s all said and done. Here’s an example of how the stuffed shells are disappearing. This is Zion’s plate, and then over here, I’m going to have those
mozzarella turkey meatballs and a whole lot of broccoli. Okay, happy Monday, showing you my eggs. We’ve been having a clean
up morning around here. We have good friends coming
over to play, and make movies, and chat, and just have
a good fellowship time. I can’t get my cheese open while talking. Anyway, this is Travis and I’s omelet. I made up a couple pounds
of this pasture raised bacon from a pig that we bought. We put that in the omelets. Nothing much else in here. I’m gonna put some mozzarella on top. (Benjamin screaming) Woo, Benjamin! Kids have had a DIY fend for yourself, you know, lots of fruit
and yogurt type morning. I don’t think, I have no
freezer meal breakfast made, so you will see a lot of what we do when we don’t have freezer
meal breakfast for this week. So I just brought this
big ol’ bag full of food from the freezer into the
house for the rest of Monday. This is buffalo chicken that I’ll do buffalo chicken wraps for. This isn’t actually for today. I believe this will be more for tomorrow, but I’ll put that in the
fridge to get that defrosted. These are two pans of chicken fried rice. I was going to do that tonight for dinner. I think Zion is eating what is left of the stuffed shells for his lunch today. The rest of the kids
are kinda having some, I think they’re having yogurt right now, but I am going to get
these burritos going. This will be kid lunch today. Then I found, I told you I was out of, I thought I was out of
all my freezer breakfasts, and I pretty much am,
but I did find two loaves of this pumpkin chocolate chip bread so I will go ahead and get
this in the refrigerator and this will be breakfast for tomorrow. So Liam is helping. He’s getting all the burritos unwrapped. We’re cooking these from frozen. You know I like to set
things out when I think ahead but then sometimes you just
don’t and you gotta cook it from frozen and
that’s what we’re doing. So our friends just left. They stayed almost ’til eight o’clock. We had a wonderful day with them. Anyway, here is the fried rice all heated up from the freezer. Now we have fried rice for dinner. Good morning, happy Tuesday. I am showing before you
a big pot of oatmeal. So you know I have trouble making anything in small quantities, so this
is a big thing of oatmeal. The kids, we will probably have this over the next two or three mornings. The way that the kids
like to eat their oatmeal, of course, they can choose
any way that they would like, but we have, as always, more bananas. I will say these are different old bananas from the last large family
meal plan video that I showed. This is this week’s bunch. Kids will choose between
having applesauce, raisins, or banana slices on
their oatmeal this morning. I also have some almond
milk or some skim milk, but just any way they wanna top it, and this will be breakfast,
and then in the slow cooker over there, I have some
lime and cilantro chicken that’s gonna cook on low all day. We’re going out to a
homeschool art project day and have dance and stuff, so lots of running going on on this Tuesday. We are at a homeschool art event and then we’ll be driving to another town for dance lessons this afternoon. So lunch, I’m just, I’m
not winnin’ all the points for cool homeschool mom lunches right now. I had Naomi make a sack of
peanut butter and jellies. I grabbed two bag of apples and then a box of yellow raisins. I had cash with me, I was
gonna stop on our way here and run into a store
and just, I don’t know, get some kind of fun drink
or something to go with it. We just didn’t have time, so there’s our reality lunch for today. So I’ll show you what’s in this bag. We have green apples, we have red apples, we have yellow raisins,
we have sandwiches, we have some water bottles, yes and amen. Good morning, friends, we
are trucking along here with a whole lot of food
happening back there. I did four dozen hard boiled eggs. So this morning for
breakfast, oh, and by the way, today is Wednesday, I don’t
think I ended up filming our dinner last night, that’s okay, I think you saw breakfast and lunch, going back through my filming memory, anyway, happy Wednesday,
today I did the four dozen hard boiled eggs, okay,
we got that, we got that. For breakfast, we’re
doing hard boiled eggs, and fresh strawberries, and smoothies, and then I’m making a bunch of egg salad that the kids can have
egg salad sandwiches and pears for lunch, and then I’ll show you what we’re having for dinner, but today is my work day,
so once I get done doing all the large family mom breakfast stuff, I’m going to work for
about seven or eight hours. Travis is taking over. That’s our family system. Let me show you this breakfast. Here’s how things are
looking at the moment. I just got done peeling the eggs. Now we’ve got strawberries. Yesterday, in between
our home school art class and before we went over to dance classes, we had about two hours,
so we went into Walmart. I loaded up on a lot of
fresh fruits and veggies that we were running low on. I’m gonna chop these up for breakfast now. For this week, these are
our last three bananas. I will use those in the smoothies. Smoothie-wise, we have also, some kids just want vanilla and PBfit. I let them pick what smoothies they want. Some have already pressed the strawberries and we also have peaches, and mangoes, and some just plain vanilla yogurt. I will also put some protein
powder in the smoothies. This is Daniel’s breakfast plate and his smoothie’s a comin’,
and here is Mister Benjamin’s plate, he has half a pear,
that’s two strawberries, one egg, and then just a little sprinkle of those yellow raisins, he likes those. Here is Miss Amelia’s plate. So here is Liam’s plate,
he wanted a full pear. So this is Jayden’s bowl of fruit. He’ll also have a smoothie. So this just shows I burned
him out on hard boiled eggs during his childhood,
so now he’s like, “No hard boiled eggs please!” This is Gabriel’s plate, so
he’s got hard boiled eggs, strawberries, a full pear,
and the yellow raisins, and then here is Miss Naomi’s plate, bunch of strawberries, a
full pear, and two eggs. This is Zion’s bowl, so he’s got three eggs and two cheese sticks. He is 15 and yay, protein. Here’s the leftover, this
was the hard boiled eggs, and of course I made a lot because I wanted to make this egg salad. Now let me show you something I’m doing. You can read that label,
it says egg salad test. So I am taking a little bit of egg salad. I’m gonna freeze it for a day or two and I’m going to test freezing egg salad. It could be a total fail or it
could be the best thing ever. Hold on, Benjamin! Benjamin’s like, “Where
are the strawberries!” It could be the best thing
ever because if it does freeze and defrost well, then
I could whip up a bunch of egg salad for the freezer. We shall see, fail, I don’t
know, let’s see how this goes. Okay, so here is my plate at the moment. I’m having some of the egg
salad and a cheese stick. I did eat several of the strawberries and I think a whole pear and a half, so this is what is left. Okay. So now we’re starting
the smoothie line ups. Several of the kids are outside playing. This is Zion’s vanilla smoothie. So I’m kinda, I’m
starting my smoothie list which I did take smoothie
specialty orders this morning ’cause of course I don’t
stand and do this everyday so it’s something special. So this is Zion’s plan vanilla smoothie, and this vanilla smoothie
has yogurt, almond milk, protein powder, and some stevia in it. Here are the peanut butter smoothies. That’s Gabriel’s, and mine, and Daniel’s. Those were the peanut butter request. So I used the PBfit
but I also put in about two tablespoons of almond
butter ’cause I like to use that up too, and it has the
scoop of whey protein powder, and almond milk, and a
little bit of yogurt. Come on! I saw you on the hammock. That’s your peanut butter smoothie, okay? – Ooh, thank you. – [Jamerrill] Okay, good. So here’s the beginnings
of the strawberry smoothie. I have two who want just strawberry and one who wants strawberry banana, so I’m gonna make the
strawberry smoothie first to serve those out and then add
the banana and finish it up. Daniel, hold that with two hands, you got it?
– Okay. – Okay. So another day, different shirt, different outfit for a different day. I do that sometimes around here. So, life drama, food
drama, all the life drama affects the food drama, right? So food drama wise, I know I shared a lot with our breakfast and our
smoothies and such yesterday, had all that egg salad made. Yesterday was my work day,
and so the kids went out with Travis, did some errands. Once I started working, I
just got like mowed over. I have had so much site
drama on just with the traffic coming
into the shopping cart to get the freezer meal
packs and trying to keep the site up and running and
everything working cohesively. It’s just been an absolute mess. So I didn’t show you guys the
kids’ lunch plates or dinner. They fixed their own lunches
with food I had prepped in the fridge, and then
for dinner, I was gonna do large, fresh salads with
a bunch of that cilantro and lime chicken that we had left over, and I didn’t do it, they
had other stuff for dinner. I can’t even tell ya
what they had for dinner, but they ate and then I
ran out ’cause there was a bible study I wanted to get to, yay, and so I still did that. That was yesterday’s drama. So for today, I had forgot,
this is what happens, I had made a ton of
oatmeal earlier this week. So instead of doing fresh
fruit and smoothies, I pushed that oatmeal this morning and we will probably have
oatmeal again tomorrow because, again, I made it,
so new day, gonna show you this lunch, and I’ll show you our dinner. Here’s my lunch mess in the works. This is Zion’s plate, 15 year old boy, two egg salad sandwiches, he
likes green grapes, here we go. For the rest of the kids,
I’m doing just a platter of egg salad and I’m
gonna put their grapes in these little cups here
just to keep everyone’s hand out of the grape container together, and here’s just a handful of cut grapes I’m gonna give to Benjamin. He’s already had his little sandwich. I’m workin’ on gettin’ some purple grapes in everyone’s bowls. We are outside now, just giving you guys a peek at our lunch. Here’s the tray of egg salad
sandwiches and then the fruit, you hear kids carrying on, we’ve got two different grapes and strawberries. I also brought out this box of raisins that I’m pushing on ya so
we can get those eaten up. So what I did is I shoved some egg salad and some berries in my face
while I made their lunch, that way I can read to them while they eat and we are, we’re on book three
on The Chronicles of Narnia. We’re on The Horse and His Boy. I was able to find, we
needed a fresh Narnia set and Costco had all the
books, bless you, for 16.99 for the whole set, yay,
now it’s lunchtime. So we are gonna go out to TaeKwonDo. For dinner tonight, I’m
just doing quick salad. This is Benjamin’s little plate, then here’s is Liam’s salad, he just wanted chicken on there. This is Gabriel’s, he just
reminded me about croutons so I gave everyone some croutons and I’m gonna put some on his salad. This is Naomi’s. Now we’ve had two types
of chicken tonight. We have the cilantro and lime chicken and then we have the buffalo spicy chicken and that is the chicken
that Naomi has on her salad. We gotta leave in 10
minutes so we gotta go. So we are back from TaeKwonDo, the kids are gettin’ into
jammmies and doin’ bedtime jobs, and I’m giving out some
snacks, or at least have snacks available because, hey,
what’s up, I’m in my pajamas. I’m gonna read to them for a
bit before they head to bed. We’ve got another bag, three
pound bag, of these pears left. They’re nice and soft, they’re perfect, and then we’re having cheese sticks. That’s some protein and some fruit. You finish your cheese
stick first, girlfriend, and then you can have a pear. So friends, as you can see this evening, Amelia and I have been out shopping and she had chocolate milk,
we had good old Chick-fil-A. I totally cheated, I had a
sandwich and waffle fries, but oh well, we were
havin’ a fun time out. We’re gonna get our ice cream cone too, and that’s dinner tonight. Back at home they’re having sloppy joes from the slow cooker. Good morning, friends, it is Saturday. Travis and the three older kids have gone, yes, Benjamin, to help a family
member move this weekend. So I’m home with five
kids ages nine and under, good and holy coffee
ready, and so this is what they’re having this morning. We’ve gotta get out the door. Hold on! Even though it’s Saturday I’ve gotta run to the bank and do a few errands. So I did a big sharp
shopper haul last night, lots of yogurt, so they
have these little orange creamsicle little smoothie things. These were only 79 cents and they’re marked down form Halloween. We got a bunch of these Danimal pouches, and then they love the
strawberry cheesecake yogurts. So I just made everyone
their own little pile while I get ready and then we’re gonna go. So we’re back home from the
bank, and the post office, and the library, and over the
river and through the woods stuff, we are back home now
and I have some leftover sloppy joes, also some salad stuff, and then I’m gonna make
myself a low carb wrap with, let’s see what I have here, with I got some ham and some cheese, yeah, cheese, tomatoes, good stuff. I’ll show you all of that. These are grapes I had
bought earlier in the week. This is our last pack of these so I’m going to rinse
these and give these out. I’m going to heat up, I did
the, this is one of my slow cooker freezer meals, the
sloppy joe in the slow cooker. I did this yesterday
’cause I went out shopping, but I’m gonna heat the
leftovers up for today. We have eight hamburger buns. I have some bread though if we run out. I also have salad fixings left over so I’ll let them choose what they want, and then here’s the wrap I’m going to use and it’s 16 carbs but then you subtract the 11 grams of fiber, so it’s
only five carbs for the wrap. I’m gonna have that,
and then these were from my sharp shopper grocery
haul last evening. So you see the date’s
not until November 26th. It was only 50 cents. So the kids will love these as a treat. Okay, this looks like a
salad but there’s actually that low carb wrap, so
I’m gonna roll this up and this is gonna be my lunch. There’s ham on there, there’s
a whole pile of lettuce under the ham, lettuce and
spinach, feta, carrots, some pickles to make it have that little bit of sandwich twang for me. So this morning we’re
working on what, Liam? – The scrambled eggs. – [Jamerrill] The scrambled eggs, and Liam is crackin’ three dozen eggs. Liam is almost done. We’re gonna have eggs for breakfast, probably eggs and some fruit. Okay, friends, so we, I
showed the scrambled eggs, yeah, I remember where
I am ’cause I’m shooting a couple videos this week
and I’ve been working on this pumpkin pie video that I’m doing, and when the kids and I,
we got home from church, I actually let them have
a homemade pumpkin pie with their lunch, and believe
me, that was no problem. Now I’m carrying, (grunts), carrying this Instant Pot with my hand. So we’re getting ready to
go watch a Christmas movie. Any of the recipes, or the
meals, or anything I’m doing, there’s gonna be a link
in the description below. It’ll take you over to a post,
What I Fed my Large Family of 10 This Week, it’ll have a play-by-play of like all the meals for everyday, the links to any of those recipes, anything you might need if
you’re interested in that. Yeah, I was thinkin’ dinner,
dinner, what’s for dinner? Now, yes, my freezer is full of all kinds of things I can do, but I
tell ya, when I asked my kids what they want, I have
several usually that’ll say, “Spaghetti, spaghetti, we want spaghetti!” So this video for this week
will be coming to a close similar to how I think last week’s began. Last week we had like a spaghetti that we were eating up
and using leftovers for. I have two spaghetti squashes that need to meet their destiny. So I’m going to cook both of those and I’m going to do noodles for the kids, and I have some sauce from Aldi in a jar. I do have frozen sauce,
but I just wanna like watch movies and chill
and not think too much, and it’s cold outside,
I don’t wanna go outside into the freezers right
now, so I’m going to fulfill their request and we’re gonna just have a simple spaghetti this Sunday evening.

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