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– [Jamerrill] You’re really loving that. Okay, hold on, let me
give you a little bite. Oh, oh, no, no, wait, wait, wait. Up here, look. That’ll be for the kitty. Get one, get a little piece. – Yep.
– You wanna tell, oh, oh, oh, here. Here, look at Mom. Mommy’s gonna hand it to ya. (Benjamin and Jamerrill chuckle) – [Benjamin] Thank you. – There, cooked ham. Wonderful. Benjamin, and you want more. Okay, you’re gonna have to go sit, and I’ll get ya some more. You good? Yep? – [Benjamin] Yep. – Welcome back today, friends. I am back with five
brand new, quick and easy dump and go Crock-Pot meals. Today’s video is a special collaboration with none other than Lemonade Mom. If you don’t know my friend Lemonade Mom, let me tell you about this genius. She has a ton of easy Instant Pot recipes. Also, Crock-Pot freezer meals. She even has one video called “The Instant Pot Beginner’s Guide”, which is a super-helpful place to start. Lots of good Instant Pot accessories, so after you’re done watching my video with my new dump and go Crock-Pot recipes, head over to Lemonade Mom’s channel and watch her new dump and
go Crock-Pot recipes video. Today, we are doing ham,
potato, and five-bean soup. I’ve been here prepping it. I was about to dump it in. Wanted to be dressed and
look sensible by this point, and I’m not, certainly
goes down around here. Anywho, let me show you
what is going in this soup, and I promise, later, when I serve it, I’ll at least have my teeth brushed. Yes, and amen. So, this is a four-pound ham. I chopped two of it for this soup. The rest of it, I’ve got
lots of other good recipes coming up, so you’ll see that again soon. I have a whole onion. Sorry, toys are being
driven off the counter. I have a whole onion, diced up. This is five stalks of celery, five pounds of potatoes, oh, yes. I will do this recipe in
my seven-quart slow cooker. We’re gonna use about
two cups of beef broth, two cans of great northern beans, two cans of navy beans,
two cans of butter beans, two cans of pinto beans, and then, just one big, super-mega
can of kidney beans. I dump all the beans in, juice included, and then, we have some spices. I don’t even have those out yet. Where’d we go? I was going to put, doodle-doo doo doo, gonna put parsley, and then
some basil, onion powder. Okay, so, since I had a mishap, and I told ya I chopped
five pounds of potatoes, and I did, I chopped
five pounds of potatoes like it was nothing, I ended up only being able to
get about a pound and a half into that slow cooker. I just got in my chopping mode. You all know that I love to
chop, was chopping the celery, the onion, just washed those
potatoes and got chopping them. So, we did get the two pounds of ham in. We got all the beans, except I went ahead and left out one can of pinto beans in favor of a little bit extra ham. Don’t worry, when I go off the rails, you can always go over to my
site, You can even go, it’s or Anywho, the recipes are always linked in the description below. It’s going to be fantastic, but let me tell you
how I’m going to redeem that 3 1/2 pounds of
potatoes that are now chopped and need something done with them. I’m gonna throw them in
a second slow cooker, and I’m gonna make some real
quick potato soup as well. Don’t worry, we’ll eat it. Okay, so here’s how our ham,
potato, and five-bean soup will look before we put the lid on it. I’m gonna put the lid
on and cook it on low about six to seven hours. It’ll be perfect for dinner tonight. Now, we’re gonna come over here and we’re gonna also make
some sausage and potato soup to just totally redeem these potatoes. Okay, so maybe we’ll call
this redemption potato soup. I may think of all kinds of funny names. So, I’ve got 3 1/2 pounds of potatoes. I went ahead and chopped
up a whole other onion, five more ribs of celery. This sausage, I had batched cook a bunch of breakfast sausage for Travis, and this was like about 12 sausage links, so I chopped those up and I
did a whole head of garlic, all chopped up and in here. Now we’re gonna get this
dumped in the slow cooker and make this thing happen. Also, you know, this is how I go down. I’ve got just this little
piddly bit of baby carrots left. I’m gonna dump those in. Later, whenever we break
down the soup some more, we’ll break those down. Okay, and this redemption potato soup, I threw in 32 ounces of beef broth, and we will throw in some
celery seed, onion powder. You can always figure, anything I’m doing is at least a teaspoon of salt and pepper, and I will also throw in the equivalent of two full bay leaves. These are broken up. So, now both of these soups,
again, redemption potato and all kinds of kitchen
sink soup pieces are in here. Gonna do that about six hours on low, and then, our big, super-mega pot, because we know I only know mega and lots, this just drives that point home, gonna cook that for six
to seven hours on low. Okay, so now, we’re buzzing
around, cleaning up, doing things, getting ready to eat. I will show you this ham
and potato five-bean soup, turned out fantastic, and I’ll show you our
little redemption soup. That looks pretty good, too. Here is the ham and
potato and five-bean soup that looks and smells fantastic. And then, over here, we also have our potato and sausage redemption soup. I’m not gonna do anything to thicken it or do anything else fancy. It’ll be just fine the way that it is. And here is what my bowl looks like. So, with this seven-quart slow cooker, ’cause you all ask me
about servings and such, everyone in my family, including Benjamin, has had one bowl so far, so you can tell, look’s
like it’s about 2/3 down. A few will have seconds, I’m sure, and then, we’ll have
just a little bit left, probably for lunch leftovers tomorrow, and that is as far as a
seven-quart full slow cooker full of soup will go for our family. Now, for other families, you will get several meals
out of this, no problem. So, now we are ready for our next two dump and go Crock-Pot dinners. These dinners, I had
this perfect little plan. When I do these like slow cooker recipes or sheet pan dinners, I like
to actually make the dinner again for my family and just
give you like a night-by-night. However, this week, every week, but this week in particular, I don’t know. Nothing bad, all good,
but I just had some nights where I used some of my freezer meals, because we had other things going on. Case in point, we didn’t
get back until 10:30 the other night from church. Just good life, good
stuff, we’re living it. All that to say, Mama didn’t
get these Crock-Pot meals filmed in a nice little neat
dinner row like I wanted to, so how I’m gonna do
that is I gonna show you two Crock-Pot meals I’m
filming today in this hat, and then, here in a minute, I’ll be dressed for church,
and we’ll do two more tomorrow. That just means my family is gonna be living off of leftovers
the next few nights. After I do these videos, that’s the reality behind that. So, for today, I am going to show you how to do a really easy
dump and go turkey meatloaf in the slow cooker. We’re gonna actually make
one for the Crock-Pot and one for the freezer. That’s a great way, if
you’re just getting going on freezer meals as well, you just do one for that
night, do one for the freezer. It’s a nice way to build a freezer stash. The other thing we’re gonna do, and my kids are so excited about this, ’cause they love it when I do this, you can do macaroni and
cheese in the slow cooker. Yes, you can. I’m going to also put ham in it, because I had bought two of, let me pick it up, two of these hams here for different Crock-Pot
meals that I’m doing. So, this one is gonna have ham in it. You wanna use a protein
that’s already pre-cooked, so you’re not dealing
with draining the meat. You could cube up some ham, you could use some sausage,
you could use ground beef, you could use already cooked
and drained turkey burger. Any way you want to do it, but I am using ham today. So, we’re gonna do this
ham mac and cheese. We’re gonna do this turkey meatloaf. Gonna be fantastic. You’ll be proud of me, we’ve already been outside,
hiking several miles today, but it looks like it’s gonna rain soon. Kids are outside, getting a
little bit more play time in. Mama’s getting tired,
so it’s definitely time to get these slow cooker meals a-goin’, ’cause it’s gonna be about dinner time. I almost said better time. I was thinking of bedtime. It’ll be dinner time before I know it. Luckily, neither of these take that long. The turkey meatloaf is
about four hours on low, and this macaroni and cheese is anywhere from two to three hours on
high, but you gotta eyeball it and make sure your
noodles don’t get mushy. So, definitely, at the two-hour mark, check your mac and cheese. (gentle guitar music) Okay, now I’m gonna just put this extra turkey meatloaf in here. We’ll use that another time. Naomi was my extra helping hands there with that turkey meatloaf, so now that’s going in the slow cooker. Now, we’re gonna get
that mac and cheese going in the slow cooker. (gentle guitar music) I’ve been out on the back deck, working, ’cause the weather was nice, and then it became night
and then it got chilly. So, gonna show you how these
slow cooker meals turned out. Zion’s helping me. He’s putting dishes away. We’re getting ready to do dinner, then we’re gonna do
baths and then go to bed, ’cause we got the
privilege of going church, (metal bowl clangs) yeah, church in the morning, that’s right. I came in about an hour ago and I made sure the
macaroni was stirred well. It was done cooking. I unplugged it. You don’t have to do this
step, this is just what I did. So, when I unplugged it, the noodles were just about perfect. They were not mushy, and then I put two more
handfuls of cheese on top and just let it sit here for another hour, again, while I finish up. I also got my letter board done earlier. I wanted to get that back out. And then, we have the
turkey meatloaf here, so now I’m gonna make the plates. So, here’s Amelia. She’s got her baked macaroni
from the slow cooker, green beans, and the turkey meatloaf. And here is Benjamin’s. This is gonna be for Leah. Happy Monday. A lot going on around here, per our usual. Not even lunch time yet. I already have just about,
I’m at like 9,400 steps, so go, Mom. I just got to waking, walking, and hiking around a bunch this morning. The kids were with me, too. Anywho, today, I’m going
to do chicken broccoli and rice casserole in the Crock-Pot. Oh, yes, I am. I have recipes up over on my blog where I do multiple
pans of this at a time. It’s also a great freezer meal, but you can also do it
in your slow cooker. It’s another option as well,
so I have about four pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast. I already, when I went on
the first hike this morning, I got those in the slow cooker and I cooked them on high for a few hours. Get your chicken cooked ahead
however you wanna do it. I’m counting the broth from that as the two cups of broth I
would throw into this recipe. So, I’m gonna put the
shredded chicken in there. I’ve got one can of cream of chicken soup. If you don’t wanna use a
can of cream of chicken or cream of mushroom, you can honestly put about
two cups of sour cream and a little bit of butter in there. Has the same effect. I have shredded cheddar cheese. I’m gonna not put the broccoli in until at the very end
time, like last 30 minutes to the last hour, I’ll
put the broccoli in. I also am not gonna put my
broccoli in totally frozen. I’m gonna let my broccoli
defrost a little bit. What else is happening? I’m gonna put in two cups of brown rice and six cups of water, so
let’s get all this dumped in and see what it looks like. (gentle guitar music) Okay, Daniel’s been here,
hanging out, helping me. Now, I’m just gonna stir
everything to make those spices up. I added teaspoon of pepper and salt and tablespoon of onion powder, tablespoon of garlic powder,
tablespoon of parsley, and about four cups of cheese. Then, I will put the lid on it, and it’s gonna cook on
high for about three hours, and then, of course, at the
end, towards the end there, I’m gonna add in the broccoli, and then we will cover it in
another sprinkling of cheese. You excited about this, Daniel? – Mm-hmm. – [Jamerrill] Mm-hmm, what you been doing? – Playing. – [Jamerrill] You’ve been working
on your LEGOs, haven’t ya? – I did make you a spaceship. I keep playing where these
two guys keep crashing. – [Jamerrill] Oh, they keep
crashing in your LEGO spaceship? – Yeah. – [Jamerrill] That
sounds like a lot of fun. You were hiking with Mama
this morning, weren’t you? – Mm-hmm.
– Mm-hmm, up and down that road. Okay, but look what I almost done. I’m over here, I’m cleaning up my mess, I was getting ready to walk away, Crock-Pot’s on high, but (laughs) good one, Mom. So, oh, yes, I’ve done
it several times in life. Step one to your dump
and go Crock-Pot meal, always make sure it’s
plugged in for later. Yes, and amen. Okay, so I just came out to take the lid, I almost said to take the chicken off, to take the lid off this
chicken broccoli rice casserole in the slow cooker. It’s bubbling now. I’ve actually left it on
for four hours on high. It made it through, so now we’re going to
add in this broccoli. I’m honestly gonna go
ahead and just unplug it. It’s allowed to be unplugged now, so let’s get this broccoli in and I’ll show you what it
looks like at this moment. (peaceful guitar music) Even though it’s unplugged, everything is still bubbling hot. That should cook up those broccolis nicely without making them mushy, ’cause we don’t want mushy broccoli. But we don’t wanna sit around
and babysit broccoli, either, so I covered the top with
some more shredded cheese. In about 30 minutes to an hour or so, when Travis and the kids get home, we will then have this for dinner, and I’ll give you a peek then. Okay, family just got home. All the cheese is melted. Now, we’re gonna serve up
this chicken broccoli rice from the Crock-Pot for dinner, yay! And here’s how good it looks
when it’s all scooped out. Happy Tuesday morning. Busy, buzzy morning. Gonna be a lot of squealing,
’cause I hear Benjamin coming. Whole lot going on here, of course. We are getting all geared up and jazzed up to go do a bunch of gentle hiking. Bless you. – [Benjamin] Bless you. – Bless you, with our
homeschool group this morning. We’re doing two trails and
having lunch in the forest. Gonna be a big, fun time, so I am, I was gonna do
my cranberry pork roast, I’m just not gonna do it because, and this is how things can change, that would require me to cut up a nine-pound tenderloin right now. I don’t want to cut at the moment. Just, again, gotta serve
breakfast and stuff. So, I’m going to another tried and true Crock-Pot dump and go meal. It’s just apricot chicken. It’s where you dump in.
– One meal. – So, you see, I truly need to just do like a throw and go slow
cooker meal right now, so I’m going to throw in the slow cooker about three to four pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast,
and I’m gonna throw in a little thing of apricot
preserves, and that’s it. That’s gonna be apricot
chicken for tonight. Okay, so here we go, as simple as that. Putting the lid on it,
gonna let it cook on high, and that’s it, we’re out the door now. So, we got green beans, mac and
cheese, the apricot chicken, which I know looks like pulled
pork barbecue this evening. Mama got lazy when we
got back from our hikes. I actually laid down and took an hour nap. It’s been a long day. Chicken sat a little long, that’s okay, we’ll still eat it. Still smells great, and some apple sauce. Also, over here, I just pulled some
cauli-rice out of the oven. So, thank you guys so much
for hanging out with me over this last week. I think it has been almost a week, while I have made these five new dump and go Crock-Pot meals. I hope you like ’em, and if you want the recipes
in detail for any of them, just head over to, click the link in the description below, and I’ll have them all there for you. Don’t forget to head over and check out my friend, Lemonade Mom. I know her recipes are gonna be amazing. I know her apricot chicken won’t end up looking
like pulled pork barbecue at the end of a long day, but that’s okay, ’cause it still feeds these people. We’re gonna have a game night now. I’ll see you next time with
another brand new video. Bye bye.

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