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Today we will try a German combat raion German combat ration, type 1 There is a very difficult German, read it How do I know! Don’t you know what it means? I never learned words like this We ate a Korean combat ration before But German thing is our first What, it’s written in Korean It’s from Germany, isn’t it? This pound cake is an additional gift This German combat ration consists of six foods 2 main foods and 4 side foods The first main food is pork goulash stew The second is Mettwurst and pea stew Pea stew? And there are 4 side foods A famous chocolate in Germany called ‘Scho-Ka-Kola’ These are survivor outdoor biscuits And larzul fromage fondu This is a fruits nougat Good This blue cheese and fruits nougat These look like French foods Even written in French When I was in Germany I ate a Haxen and some various sousages But I didn’t eat stews I wonder what flavor it is Without microwave, can I open and just eat it? Let’s think that we are on the battlefield now What do you want to eat? We are going to try Pork, potato, and paprika And here is a little spices also It’s one of the most common homemade dishes in Europe Pork goulash stew Smells like spaghetti sauce A stew must be hot, isn’t it? Delicious So familiar taste The taste that I ate somewhere The potato taste is strong But the taste of spices isn’t strong It also has peas I have got so many, I have a lot of meat Only potatoes here! The meat is chewy Good, it suits my taste It seems like eating school food Stew is familiar to us So it doesn’t come surprisingly We can eat anywhere I think someone may want more vegetables But this is a combat ration When the vegetable enters, it becomes bulky But the calories become lower This pork stew was more familiar than I thought Next time we will try Mettwurst and pea stew Pea stew? It looks… The smell is fine And there are sausages Mettwurst and pea stew Here are sausages We can eat each one, there are two One sausage And pea stew Aren’t there too much peas? A different taste It doesn’t fit my taste, personally I like peas Good Don’t you know this song? Cormie is a little younger Then, instead of this German song We sing a Korean song What’s it, hear it for the first The front part is a famous German song Then, a Korean song continues Released in 1991, before you were born Salty I eat only what I want I don’t eat what I dislike Only 2 sausages here Not so bad Cormie doesn’t like pea stew I think But I like personally So I will eat all While I’m eating this main food We will check the other side foods Generally in France After finished all the main dishes Eat cheese and chocolate Then the meal is over This nougat can be considered a snack Then should we eat this first? This biscuit is a side food But it can replace the bread Now we will try this survivor biscuit Survivor outdoor biscuits The introduction to Mettwurst and pea stew were late It usually can be eaten with breads Thus it was a little salty Now we need this biscuit Look at this, it’s wrapped in vinyl Shall we eat one? It looks like a biscuit without any tastes Smell it, looks too normal, right? A little sweet And a bit nutty And no tastes except that Wheat taste High in calories, so it’s useful for combat Eating like this? Actually, biscuits are fine Because it’s hard to fight I don’t think this taste is good Was it wrong? …It wasn’t a good choice Not with coffee Perhaps delicious with water I think it will suit with coffee This can suit with Korean mixed coffee Not an americano It tastes like Korean Geonbbang Right! Geonbbang taste Korean Geonbbang is to these European biscuits A big Geonbbang Now we will try this Larzul blue cheese This is a famous cheese since 1906 Written in French Maybe this is the chef How does he feel when his face in exposed like this? We are also being exposed in our channel People can see this image Anybody can see our channel, too I expected blue cheese What a blue cheese… Larzul Fromage Fondu Let’s eat this? Great I think this will fit to the biscuits There are too much to eat directly I have never eaten such cheese I only ate yellow cheese First time to eat Isn’t the end taste a bit like soil? Because the first time, I don’t know the original taste There are so many kinds of cheese When you have a chance to go to Europe, take a flight There will be something like that in the meal I haven’t been in France for a long time I just traveled to France for a while I ate such cheeses on an airplane, and at local restaurants I’m familiar with such cheeses also in Korea Wine is often served with various cheeses But it isn’t common for us to eat this kind Genereally there are many cheddar cheeses in Korea A little hard than this Delicious with biscuits Should we eat this with biscuits? The manual doesn’t say that It’s good to eat with biscuits It turned like cheese cake And we will try Scho-Ka-Kola Good, looks like a piece of cake With a high caffeine A famous chocolate in Germany It reminds me of Coca-Cola Scho-Ka-Kola It feels like a French course meal It looks like a cake Delicious The taste of cacao is strong Maybe 72%? I like sweet milk chocolate, but it’s delicious I like this bitter taste It removes the oily taste I wish I had a cup of black tea This will exist on my desk There are 16 of these pieces Good, you got a nice snack It’s finally the last time It’s a fruits nougat Who look? (Similar pronunciation to Korean) Fruits nougat I thought it was hard But a little sticky What is this taste? It’s a tough taste to express Can I eat this vinyl? Maybe not Or eatable? Maybe not a vinyl I don’t know the taste If I had experienced, I could express I’ve never eaten before It’s like a mint flavor A difficult taste I don’t mean it isn’t tasty Just I can’t express I don’t know why When I ate this I remember my childhood in the ’80s It’s like an old snack taste I think I ate before If you can explain this taste Please let us know by comment If you haven’t eaten this Then try it yourself Maybe it causes nostalgia We tasted until this fruits nougat German combat ration… Are you deeply affected? I ate all this German combat ration! Just a little sore throat Pork goulash stew, Mettwurst and pea stew We experienced 2 main foods Survivor biscuit and Scho-Ka-Kola Larzul blue cheese and fruits nougat, we experienced It feels high in calories I was on a diet You failed Start again today Good, a different experience Personally delicious Anything is delicious when you are hungry Because it’s the representative combat ration of Germany So I was curious about these The taste was different to Koreans Unfamiliar taste But personally it was nice A little salty and sweet Personally the pork goulash stew was delicious And Larzul blue cheese was also great Scho-Ka-Kola was really impressive Delicious It’s mine! I don’t enjoy chocolate much Good because not too sweet, I don’t like too sweet thing It’s a bit tastier than chocolate in Korea How about this combat ration today? New and good The biscuits were similar to Geonbbang Peas, because I personally don’t like beans There was a slight rejection But stew was delicious I like red one Add chili powder I will put capsaicine Anyway it was a different and good experience Our trip to various foods and materials will continue We will try more interesting things in the future Channel Hoontamin, please love and subscribe us

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  3. Cool something from Germany! 😊💪 I like these kinds of videos. And I like how culturally open and interested Hoon (the guy?? 🙈) is. I like his knowledge and he seems not to judge something that's different from his culture! The nougat taste is really hard to explain, I love it but don't have adjectives to describe it 😂

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  5. that feeling when people do not know how to heat food even on the battlefield heat food so you don’t need stupid excuses usually blunt Americans in a video about dry ration don’t warm it because the fucking Americans don’t even know how to heat food but from the Koreans I did not expect this

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  11. The only two things of this that are really in a german MRE/EPA are the two main meals.

    The other things are not included.

    The biscuits might be part of survival rations and the SCHO-KA-KOLA was mainy used in ww2. I think it hasn`t been in german military rations since. If i remember right there was originally pervitin/methamphetamine in it. There is also a red and a blue version.

    The cheese and nugat are of french rations.
    You can eat all main meals cold, but cevapcici and your second one taste bad when eaten cold and in my pov not much better when warm and they burn easily. Jägereintopf and Ravioli are in my opinion the best.
    A former german airborne soldier.

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