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  1. Sir I am happy to seen ur entire vedio liked it very much also I must say on Ur one point of thought rasgulla only invent on kolkata instade of orisa becoz few day ago orisa govt claim same question on westbengal govt after central investigation team clear that rasgulla only invent on kolkata rather than orisa . Plz check on wiki before while u provide proper info for the same. Gud luck…

  2. I dont know rosogolla was originally from bengal or odisha but i hv had both type and they are completley different in taste…….i like kolkata rosogolla more…..but they shd not be compared…..

  3. We welcome everyone with mithai and sweet greetings…That's bengalis for u!! People from other parts have misconception that we only eat fish. They stereotype us with oily hair and specs or ridicule bengal politics. Just come and see how beautiful the place is and also the people.

  4. You have covered kolkata very well. Each time when you the simplicity of food feels like at home. I have seen all of your videos most of the famous restaurant is well covered. you should also visit some huge tea shops in Bada bazaar, Fancy market kidder pore, street food of metia bruz, National Library, Minto park, metro stations of any one. I am from barrack-pore and i was wondering weather you will visit there or not but you visited that place.

  5. I have a vague memory of this city, then called Calcutta. Great to see it in your review! City of Rabindranath Tagore, mother Teresa and other greats! Greetings from Portland Oregon!

  6. Orisha rasgulla is made of kheer.kolkata rasgulla is made of chena.GI is given to chena rasgulla. Orisha rasgulla is called mohonbhog

  7. No sir you are wrong. Rassgola is our bengali sweet GI have given prove . As our bengali language is sweet, our kolkata is sweet, our girls are also sweet, so as rassgola is the king of all the sweet in the universe we are proud of our rassgola. Bengal means mishti (Sweet) joy hind Joy Bangla

  8. Fish Kabiraji does not have bread crumb its all egg (beaten). Egg is poured on fish while frying in a string thus the texture on the kabiraji!

  9. No sir . Rasgulla invented in Bengal . We already got G I tag . Odisha version is different and they also got GI tag . But all over India as well as abroad Bengali version of Rasgulla(Rosogolla) is most famous

  10. Tera channel isliye subscribe nah karunga kyunki pehle to think tarah se sab kuch jaan le rasgulla ka history..rasgulla west Bengal ki property hai..heath bhi mat laga..aur aise Google karke jagah jagah ka history maat suna ..bilkul bhi too good nahi hai👎👎👎

  11. 1st of say "roshogolla" that is the correct pronunciation, 2ndly it has been invented in BENGAL. roshogolla is a GI of BENGAL. And about KABIRAJI, the outer crust is made of eggs, preferably egg whites, please ask the people before sharing the information. LUCHI doesn't have any flavour of its own, its just like plain rice. It absorbs the flavour of the dish it is served with. In Bengal the "KOCHURI" you have is a "poori" with various stuffings like hing or green peas etc. if you are putting these in your channel to let other people know, atleast have some prior knowledge, if you don't have prior knowledge, don't hesitate to ask the shopkeeper about its details. They will surely provide it.

  12. कभी झारखंड कि राजधानी रांची भी आये महाशय .यहा का भी अनेको प्रकार के झारखंडी व्यंजन का लुप्त उठाइए

  13. Apne mere city Varanasi ko dekhaya…
    Aaj apne mere Sasural ko dekhaya…
    No words….Just
    You are great

  14. Thank you Mr Bali for your informative, inspiring and honest videos about travelling in India and showing us all our delicious Indian cuisines. My husband and I enjoy your videos as we watch them in the UK. 😊🙏

  15. Very rightly said sir….had you not spoken about it… I would have surely commented here sir….rasgulla is being served to the lord's wife mahalaksmi Devi since ages on the pretext of dousing her anger for being ignored by the lord during his visit to his aunt's house with his siblings…..proud odia……jai Jagannath.

  16. Jana gana mana ye 1911 me Delhi darbar me britishers k welcome k liye likha gaya tha… Durbhagya he ki use national anthem bana Diya… BANDE MATARAM HONA CHAHIYE

  17. हरीश जी की आप गोल गप्पे खा रहे है और मुँह में पानी हमारे आ रहा है बहुत बढ़िया प्रोग्राम दिखाया आपने है आपकी प्रस्तुती बहुत ही बढ़िया है थैंक यू

  18. I miss Kolkata foods. Its really a paradise for food lovers. I am also a food lover. Its the cheapest place for variety of foods. And after watching your video I got nostalgic about the place again. Revisiting my memory lane. Delhi is also another place for food lovers where you get foods in cheaper prices and excellent choices for foods. Delhi and Kolkata are my two favorite cities and these two metro cities come in best position in the cases of foods,shopping and fun and enjoyment.

  19. I like all your videos ..the way u explain is very nice ! But one thing I want to say that the outer layer of Fish Kabiraji is not bread crumbs its sevi actually.

  20. Harish ji, the simplicity in your method of showcasing the places and cuisines of any place is simply awesome. Plus your friendly demeanour. you simply rock.

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