Kitchen Sink Ice Cream Sundae Challenge @ San Francisco Creamery!!

Hey everybody this is Randy Santel,
‘Atlas’ with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of Very
very excited so I’m going for overall win number 538 in my second in the San
Francisco, California area! This challenge was featured on Man v Food years ago,
in season two I’ve been wanting to do it for like seven years now it is the
Kitchen Sink Sunday Challenge at San Francisco Creamery. It’s got eight
massive scoops of ice cream topped with eight different toppings. I got to choose
eight different ones of each and I did I know my favorites! I’m looking forward to
for the ice cream or Moose Tracks! There’s strawberry, there’s a chocolate,
there’s a chocolate and peanut butter, there is pralines and cream, butter pecan,
and a few others and then the toppings I went with Reese’s peanut butter cups.
There’s chocolate chips there’s more cookie dough, there’s cookie dough, ice
cream too I remember there’s nuts whipped cream, and there is chocolate
sprinkles I think it all frickin looks delicious, but if I fail this thing it’s
going to be about fifty dollars, but if I win I will get the meal free I’ll get a
sweet t-shirt and I’ll be one of the few people on the Wall of Fame and I also
don’t know all the details won’t be able to use it anyway but they say I’ll win
free ice cream from here for a year let’s get this challenge started! All right Adam Richman did beat this
thing barely and under the 30 minutes the record is by my friend Molly
Schuyler she did it in six minutes and 41 seconds. we’re obviously not going to
beat that a few people have done it in under ten minutes but we’re just going
to see what we can do, that sushi challenge went awesome last night let’s
dominate this thing it’s already started melting but it looks awesome! 1, 2, 3. . . boom! Got a big spoon This ice cream is thick but it’s
delicious! We’re just over five minutes in! 12 minutes 45 seconds in all of the sink
is gone now so I could scraps. 14 minutes and 25 seconds it was a
delicious challenge very happy with that time. Like I said I’ve been wanting to do
this challenge like seven years now since finding out about it! I got the $50
ice-cream meal for free, I’ll get a free sweet t-shirt to
add to my collection I will get free ice cream for a year I’ll find out what
that’s about and then I’ll be one of the few people out there Wall of Fame
awesome challenge thank you guys all for coming to watch and overall win number
538 thanks for watching!

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