Kimchi Stir Fried Rice Stuffed Peppers | with a baked egg on top❗ | Episode 1

hello and welcome to food as f***. My name is Zeek and today we’re cooking kimchi stir-fried rice stuffed peppers with an egg on top. So today we’re cooking stuffed peppers, and stuff peppers where I come from growing up are usually stuffed with rice mixed with a lot of other kind of herb-spices, and if you like ground beef make them there too. The idea is you put in the stuffing raw, you cook it in a saucepan, fill it up with water. By the time that water is done everything inside gets cooked, the pepper is nice and roasted, and everything is done. Problem is, I’ve never watched anybody cook it from A to Z, and I don’t really get the raw rice on the thing. So, today we are doing stuffed peppers, my way. All right, so. First things first, I personally usually recommend if you’re doing stir-fried rice, you use rice that is a day-old, preferably that has been in the fridge for some reason and I haven’t looked up the science. Yeah! Science. It just tastes better, but I don’t have any rice from yesterday, and we’re just going to make some rice now. So, I am making enough for four people today, and if you want measurements, you are at the wrong channel. So, personally, I don’t recommend you go and get any special ingredients, um I really didn’t, this is basically whatever you have lying around, so I just have onion here, peppers that we’re going to be stuffing a bag of Shimeji mushrooms in the fridge, and a little broccoli and cauliflower. So, the rice. Washing first. I usually do this about three times, that is enough. I’m not too anal about it. I always season my rice. So, you can only have a lot of rice here. Knorr chicken broth mix. So, not too much of this stuff, remember we don’t want the rice to have to be a meal on its own, but we just wanted to have a bit of character. So, one baby. Alright, and you should stir this mix with the spoon of love. So, again, I don’t go with ratios and all that sort of stuff I just put water so that it covers the rice by a centimeter, so a bit more. So, that is about right. The old rice cooker not that I can’t cook rice, but it can make life easier, why not. All right. So, like I said, you do not need anything special really for this, but the whole idea is just put something together, whatever you have in the fridge. So, let’s get to it. Vegetable chopping time. So, again, I usually do this before I use my knives, it keeps them nice and honed, and most of the time and it makes your life easier. Just before I start chopping this, I want to say: make sure when you’re picking up peppers, so there isn’t really a size limit on the peppers that you wanna use, but I mean we are going to be stuffing them with rice and eggs, so you want space in there. So try to find a large pepper, so you can see these next to my face, they’re big. (You have a small face according to Japanese culture.) According to Japanese culture, yes, I have a… I have a small face. My wife who is Japanese tells me that, and, and yeah, and everybody who’s Japanese I’ve ever met usually tells me that. And the idea is you, you want to make a hole in here, obviously, and take the pit out, which is pretty easy to do just, I don’t recommend you do this kind of cut, because I wanna keep those edges here, because the edges make a nice sort of domed wall that you can sweater when you crack the egg in, the egg doesn’t escape. So, as close as you can to the thing, right, just use your hand guide, again, don’t use a lot of force, and just go slow go slow. what about cutting your hands? That’s the thing if you go slow, you don’t cut your hand. so boom boom boom boom boom. There you go. Pinch, take out, pinch (What you’re picking out?) Actually, I have no f****** idea what this is called. well there you go, Simone did the research. (Membrane) The membrane. We take out the membrane. OK. So to stuff the peppers, we are going to have to chop everything really really really fine. So, remember, just super fine, the way that I usually like to do it is: I take the ends off, right, I am not trying to be very precise here. chop it in half Technically, you can do this in the food processor, but I like using knives, and I like crying a lot. Oh man, I should have thought about this, should have left the onions till the end. oh man this crying is killing me Oh, I did it. I cut myself. (Man!) I cut myself man, on the first video. Well, that’s the thing, if you go slow, you don’t cut your hands. So, onions So, we’re going to cut the veggies now, and so, same concept, just try to go really as tiny as you can, so as you can see very very fine everything, then we chop mushrooms. Mushrooms will shrink down a lot when really you cook them, so five cloves of garlic, skin is off Alright, so the last thing we’re going to do is Kimchi. Kimchi, if you don’t know what that is, it is awesome you should try it. It’s basically fermented cabbage and it comes from Korea, and it is the sh**. So, we’re going to take some Kimchi here, just try not to get the water out with it, as much as you can. Don’t be too worried about the chopping of Kimchi, just make sure it is chopped up. It is probably the easiest ingredient to chop out of everything we have here today. Alright, so all, so all the chopping is done, and now we shall move on to cooking. Hopefully, no more cuts anymore. Is the rice done yet? So, basically, what we’re doing is we are going to start with the veggies, so we’re gonna go in with the onions first. Olio. Using Olio d’oro today. (Mm-hmm) Anyway. This thing… Man, it is not even… I still… I can touch it, these electric stoves dude. Oh, the rice is done by he way, the rice was done a while back. The onions like I said first, add them like this, a dash of salt. Now, not too much salt, because I will be putting a little bit of soy sauce in there, and the Kimchi is also just a little bit salty, so not too much, just enough salt to help the onions sweat, Alright, so there we go. The onions are sweating. I just wanted to say this dish, I mean the stuffed peppers thing, it’s not necessarily a Kimchi dish, so you can do this with any kind of stuff right… ricey… Rice reecey. You know you can do it with any kind of stuff rice reecey. What I’m trying to say is you can stuff it with whatever the hell you like, okay. Use the spatula! I said, use the spatula! Oh! And one more time now, high heat the minced veggies. There we go, and as you can see I don’t have any water content whatsoever at all at the bottom. You can hear the frying sound, at the same time nothing is also burnt. Pepper. Careful with nutmeg, nutmeg is pretty strong. You should always taste your food. Seriously! Always! [Choir] (What about it?) Alright, so that can use a little bit more cumin. Definitely, it is okay. The soy sauce which I’m going to do, now. Put a little bit of the soy sauce. And so, Kimchi goes in, and stir. I usually like to put a dap, or a dab of oyster sauce, first of all gets it that saucy texture and at the same time adds a little bit of sweetness. Now, one more thing that I love is sesame seed oil, however, and I mean this, that is enough. So, remember we’re putting four peppers in today, so I’m just gonna try to eyeball this, I’m saying this is enough for a pepper, this is enough for a pepper, this is enough for a pepper, this is enough. Perfect. As I said before, preferably, if you can use a day-old rice that’s been in the fridge, that is usually better, I promise. Before I start stuffing the peppers and getting them ready, preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Alright, so we’re getting ready to stuff the peppers now, so the rice is fully cooked for this, and I’m just gonna cut up some cheese, because this dish has Cheese, and what you wanna do is you want to put a layer of cheese at the bottom. Now, remember we’re trying to get as much as we can in here so when you put in the rice don’t just ladle it in there, just after you put it in, sort of stuff it down with the spoon. Spoon it. And Nori just walked into the door. (Hello!) Nori is my wife, by the way. So as you can see I’m not filling it up all the way, and the reason for that is I am going to put another layer of cheese. Again, you know, just cut the cheese into whatever you need to be, quarters or thirds or whatever, and just make sure you have a layer in there. Now, again, we’re not going to fill it up all the way to the top and the reason for that is remember we have an egg that has to go on there. I don’t know, Simone. Do you think there is enough space for the egg or do we need more space, I mean can we put in some more rice? (Yeah, yeah) The peppers are stuffed, we’re ready to crack our eggs in, and that’s what we’re going to do right now, and let’s be honest what you really wanna do is put the egg in without breaking the yolk. If you break the yolk, shit happens sometimes. That’s okay. Woohoo! Nice! Egg number three. Woo! That was close dude! (mm-hmm) Here we go! Just a dab of salt, not too much. And pepper, just pepper. Now, just because we can, I’m going to finish up. Alright, last step the oven is already preheated at 350, you want a medium rack in there, and we’re going to put it in for about half an hour. Whoops! That was not supposed to happen. (Oops!) Checking on the eggs now, so again 30 minutes is sort of like a guideline, but the main point is you don’t want the eggs to cook all the way through, because we don’t want hard-boiled eggs, so just give it a little jiggle, and as you can see the eggs are still jiggling, but the white is jiggling a bit too much than I would like it to, so that should be okay to go in for a little bit more. Alright! Fingers crossed and hopefully it’s done by now. What do you think, Simone, I think it looks good to me, the egg yolk seem nice. And that’s it. Kimchi stir-fried rice stuffed peppers, with a baked egg on top. I recommend you leave this for at least two or three minutes before you cut into it, because it is hot as F. Moment of truth, we’re going to cut into the stuffed peppers now, and let’s see how things turned out. I have a good feeling about this And boom! Look at that! (Fuck yeah!) Alright, thank you guys for watching this episode Of Food AF. This is Simone, my main dude, and Sophia. Meet you back for the next episode, sometime in the future. (Woohoo!) Thank you for watching. (Nothing wrong!) Yeah!

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  1. I have watched your video! I like it, I like your style and your cat[waiting time] pls keep this style. Anyway, could you please add the ENG subtitle? sometime I can't catch the words. If you do that it will be useful. By the way I like Predator's count down gag. It's nice. If you want other people who have watched you video and decided to follow your recipe I recommend to put the introduction of ingredients before your start cooking. Thank you and Keep going. 😀

  2. Man that's awesome ! I'm totally gonna do this ! And yes Kimchi rules, like seriously it's awesome. Hard as hell to find in France, but still.
    Metric tech question, 350 degrees seems a lot for celsius, and honestly Vancouver is kind a using both systems (or not but if not the whole place isn't clear about it 😀 ). So to be sure : 350 Fahrenheit ?
    And go on it's awesome !!!!

  3. Great video, very well instructed, and an amazing job with the editing!! Will definitely try! #Simonchino&Sofie 😀

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