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– I’m not telling you my boyfriend. – I’m 7, of course I do. Like every girl has one. Ooh, I like this one! Ooh, I like him! (whimsical music) – Hello!
– Hello – Valentime’s Day. – I have a kissy shirt. – Oh, I hate Valentine’s Day. One time, a kid got his girlfriend a big teddy bear and a box of chocolates and some flowers. – And she got him nothing. – Oh congratulations! Your relationship isn’t
gonna last into eighth grade. (interviewer laughing)
– Yeah I know, it was sad. (sliding) – Chocolate. – Is this chocolate? – Huh? – They’re spooning.
– It’s.. – No, it’s more like that.
– Yeah, it’s… – I think this one is easier to eat with. This one is basically for decoration. – Excuse me. (interviewer laughing) – Oh. – Here you go. – Here you go. – Thank you. – Oh, look. – We did soap carving,
how hard could it be? (hammer pounding) – Wow Talbot, you’re very artistic. (laughing) – Ooh, should I put this on my foot? (scraping)
(pounding) – This is hard. (hammer pounding) – Now maybe if we do it.. – Boy scouts can do it, so why can’t we? – That worked, that worked, hold on. (hammering) – It’s stuck. (sliding) A cookie! – Why does it say this? – I don’t know what that says. – Eat baneedabadee?
(interviewer laughing) – Its leeb dis dih dee. – Eek padeek – Libber deek. – I… love you. I love you. No. I’m not in love with you! – They do exchanging roses
and petals on the bed. (interviewer laughing) – Romantic!
(kissing) – I’ll give one to my sister. Lauren, come here. I love you, Lauren. (interviewer laughing) (sliding) – I see a egg.
Candy egg. – Candy egg. – When I see you, I feel a spark. So I wrote you like they do in Denmark. Dot dot dot dot dot dot dot. – Morse code.
– Dot dot dot. – Dot dot dot, dot! – Marina Taylor? – You wrote that note! – I’m very good at making snowflakes. I just wanted everybody to know that. (groaning) – My masterpiece is complete. Ooh, if I lift it, it… mmmm. – Alright, you read mine first
and I’ll read yours second. – Okay. My name is written in dots. And my interactions with
you are I like a robots. And although you can be a prick, I don’t think of you as a hick. Talbot. Yeah, read mine now. – Alright. To you I write my name in dots, for my love for you is
as big as 1000 yachts. Even though we fight, we make it right. Swift as a dove, here comes m’love. (sliding) – [Interviewer] Alright, open your eyes. – Bite deeply. – Oh that’s good. – Enjoy. – Chocolates and more chocolates? You guys are trying to spoil me. – This is obviously made out of pure love. – I’d rather get the homemade chocolates. – Ooooh! – What if he doesn’t like the woman? – Whoa, that’s mean.
– That’s mean! – Receiver day.
– Anxiety and depression day? (interviewer laughing)
– Talbot! – Oh.
– Oh. (sliding) – [Interviewer] Happy Black Day! – Oh. – Huh? – That seems incredibly mean, just like, the day of suffering. – You should go to the park. – Not pick up someone. Hey stranger, you wanna get in my car? (interviewer laughing) – Um, we’re 12, so…
(interviewer laughing) – And we know what it’s like, obviously. I’ve been single… – We’ve been single our whole lives. – I’ve been single for 12 years, Vanessa. 12 years. – Happy Valentines Day from me to you! – Do you love me? – No. (interviewer gasping) Psych! I do. – I love you too.

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  1. Girl at :34 doesn’t realize that girl got him something, just she didn’t need to show everyone what she got him 😂😂

  2. Twins really? 😒 He's good looking and she looks like an ugly dude, probably one of the reasons she doesn't like Valentine's

  3. 0:11 " every girl has a boyfriend"
    Me: I dont
    Sister: HAHA lonely sis, Im 6 and had 2 boys already
    Me:Did I ask you? and remeber yu only know them because their MY FRIENDS BROTHERS

  4. Ive always missed my chance for black day.. Got married in high school, divorced in college… Something always happened for 6 years on april 14th i wasnt available to celebrate then last year i got engaged and now im happily married.

    But those noodles look amazing

  5. Interviewer: Do you have a boy friend?
    Audrey: Ofcourse I do I'm 7 like every single girl has got one…..

    Me:😶😶😶okay I guess I'm the only whos got not even a boy as my friend because I fing study in a girl's school and all I find is boys in outside where I go with my friends my life is terrible like hell the worst part I'm 18😭😭😭😭😭 I guess I should be eating that black noodles everyday😶😭😂

  6. “I’m seven of course I do”

  7. “Your pose to give it to someone who you love”
    “Excuse me”
    pretends to puke

  8. Can those 12 years old twins stay at HiHo Kids even though they are already teens?? Pleasee?? I would want to watch they grow :'))


  10. Our family always say ich liebe dich and it was funny seeing them trying to say it because I am german and I know German.

  11. Woman: Do you guys have anything remarkable to say about being single?
    Vanessa: We’re twelve so…
    Talbott:(continues eating) we know what it’s like ,Obviously

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