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– The Swedish food is the biggest food in
the whole world, ‘kay? – The sooner I eat it, I become rich. – Yes. – Yay.
(upbeat music) – Hey. – Wyatt. – Hej hej. What does that mean? – Let’s try Swedish food. – Meatballs. Ah, fresh Sweden meatballs. Mm. Mm. – Potato. Raspberries or what is the red stuff? – Miracle berry. – Lingonberry.
– Yep. – Mhm. – Okay. Sorry, I’m out of meatballs. – Yeah. – Okay, I’m gonna dip it. Are you sure it’s good? – You’ve been there before? – You’ve been to like every state. – It’s not bad on the meatball. It makes a sour meatball. (laughs) – Seems like some sort of thing you would get for breakfast. This looks like eggs and
this looks like bacon. And this is bacon. (laughs) – I’m gonna try these little berries. I don’t think they were the ones before. Are they? – [Interviewer] Those are lingonberries. – Lingonberries. No, no. Too sour. (yells) – Oh. – Look at this platter. – A smorgasbord? – Oh let me see what I can do. – Beets. I’m gonna take a teeny bite. This doesn’t taste good. – Not putting that on my sandwich. It’s pretty good, but not really what I was expecting. – These don’t look like my cup of tea but probably this. (laughs) – What? – Oh, sorry. – I think I tasted fish down there. – Potatoes. – Okay. – Coffee.
– What’s the difference? – Lemonade. – [Kids] It’s Fika time. – Too sweet. (slurps) – It tastes like some sort of cinnamon roll with no frosting. – Disneyland. Birthdays. – I might go to Sea World for my birthday. – Homework. – How’s life?
– Good. I wish I was rich. – Thanks for watching me try Swedish food. – Shout out to all our friends in Sweden. – [Interviewer] What was your favorite? – The bacon potato pancake thingamabobber. – [Interviewer] Oh yeah, that was good. – Wait, how do they
say it in Cadbury Land? – [Interviewer] Lingonberry land. – Lingonberry land. – [Interviewer] This
is how you say goodbye. Hej da. – [Kids] Hej da.

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Swedish Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. There are so many Swedes In the comment section… is anybody Norwegian here or speaks Norwegian

    Kim e NORSK??? Å herregud så Mangen Svensker

  2. Tf? That food isn't right! Looks like it's served in an expensive restaurant (disgusting), not like the real deal🥰

  3. I’m from Sweden! 😀
    I’ll say someting in Swedish!
    Hej jag heter Wilma! Jag är från Sverige
    I said :
    Hi my Name is wilma! Im from sweden

  4. From america: drinks coffee when they are 40 years old

    From Sweden: drinks coffee when they are 5 years old

  5. can swedish people in the comments talk english please ? I wanna understand what you are saying and if the food was really cooked in your ways XD

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