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– The first person to drink
a drink of water loses. (gasps) – Not, no one saw that. (upbeat guitar music) – Nihao! – Oh, oh, Spanish! (laughs) – Please don’t tell me. – I don’t like being told – Very hangry. (guitar music) – Bunnies, there’s a bunny on there. – It’s called White Rabbit. – I can tell it’s Chinese, not Japanese. – Cause less lines, and
Japanese is more confusing. – Don’t get stuck in my teeth, stop! Getting my molars in. (knocks) – Eh. (laughs) – What? I don’t know what animal that is. – Maybe they chopped up the pudding, and they put a bunny in the bowl. And then they put a spoon in
it and chopped the bunny up. (cries) And chopped the bunny up,
then put vanilla in the bowl, and chopped the bunny up more. – What? (laughs) – Okay.
– (laughs) Yeah. – Haw flakes, ♪ haw flaaaaakes ♪ – It kinda looks like a rocket ship. – No, it looks like a lantern. – No, it’s a rocket ship, see? – No, Justin, a lantern that
hangs from those strings. – Oh yeah, that’s a better point. – (slaps) Get out of there! – I’m gonna eat one. I can’t help it; these look good. They have like a strong lemon taste. – Tastes like Sour Patch
Kids, the blue ones. – (chews) Tastes like
cinnamon, no apple pie. – So you can pick candies
off of the thorn bush. (laughs) – Virus! – Can I tell you something? – So, it’s not a worm;
it’s a virus, uh huh. – No, come on. – (sniffs) I can’t smell anything. (guitar music) – I don’t like the smell. – Oh no! (gasps) – I’ve tried spicier,
but this is still spicy! – I am; I don’t know about her. – Justin thinks he’s getting better, but why do you still need that much water? – I don’t. – It’s still burning my
mouth, but I like it. – Uh, what’s gluten? – Or your butt cheeks. – It’s gluteus! – The first person to drink
a drink of water loses! – Go! (gasps) – Should we move on? – Never! I will win this thing. – No!
– Yay! – Oh, the last one to drink water loses! – [woman] Oh! – The wait was already over! The wait was over! – Woo hoo! (upbeat guitar music) – Cheers, my good fellow. I was expecting a sweet taste. (guitar music) – Hard, sour. (laughs) – No, dad! Come on, come and try, try, try! – (laughs) Not for me. You like sour stuff. (hisses) – (gasps) I want this! – Those look like rice cakes. They’re rice cakes! – (crunches) I miss these. – Chinese class. – I don’t remember. – I’ll give it 2000 thumbs up! Look, I’m the rice cracker mouse. (hisses) – I thought you said they were rice cakes! – Cake. – Cracker. – This, this, this looks like frosting! And it tastes very sweet like frosting. – Leave this in the comments:
is this a rice cake… – Or a rice cracker? Obviously it’s a rice cracker. – Obviously it’s a rice cake,
like this looks like frosting. – Why would it be a cake
cause it’s crunchy and hard. – Cakes can be crunchy and hard. – You wanna fight about it?
– Never!

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Snacks from China | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. Is t this kind of insulting. The first person to drink water loses. Are you saying the Chinese food is gross so the first person to drink loses?

  2. How can you not like Haw Flakes I love those when I was like 4 or 6 my aunt used to give me like a pack of them

  3. 1:28–1:44…. most disturbing part of this video I’m not joking

    (Only people who have a rabbit will understand this).😭😢🥺🐰🐰🐰

  4. White rabbit is still popular and favorite… thousands of memories with that one candy…😭😭 white rabbit is hard to find and expensive now days…

  5. I like how the girl is explaining how she thinks the white rabbit candies are made, and the boy is just fake crying but still chewing the candy XD

  6. I ate all of them when I’m in China. And btw I LOVED the spicy thing cuz it’s gud, btw you can buy those at chinese supermarket

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