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– [Together] Shout out
to all my Puerto Rican’s. (upbeat music) – Hey I’m Maddox and today I’m trying food from Puerto Rico. Wait, what? – [Producer] You guys
know where Puerto Rico is? – No
– Yes – Yeah Puerto Rico! (speaking spanish) – [Female Producer] We’re ready! Okay! Open your eyes. – Puerto Rico. What is it? – [Female Producer] Cremita de Maiz. – Oatmeal. I do not like oatmeal. – [Female Producer] This is a
porridge made out of cornmeal. – Hmm, not bad. – I’ll try the cinnamon first. You know, just to test it out. More cinnamon! – [Producer] Wow. – [Little Boy] It’s kind of like oatmeal. – [Producer] Will you take a bite? – I put too much cinnamon in it and that is spice. – What’s this thing in the middle? Should I? Well, it is called Kids Try! – [Female Producer] Do you
know what you just ate? Butter. – I really ate butter? – [Producer] You don’t like butter? – I do but I don’t eat that much butter. Either he’s too fast, or I’m too slow. – [Female Producer] It looks good. And open your eyes. (food crunching) – This is good. – Good! – [Female Producer]
What does it taste like? – I actually don’t really know the taste. – Just like beans. – Smells like a corn dog. – This is like, poofy. – What’s in here? – What’s in here? – [Producer] That’s fried green plantains, mashed with salt, garlic, and oil. – This is almost a fritter. – Thank you Mofongo. – [Female Producer]
Would you eat it again? – Mmhmm. – [Female Producer] Open your eyes. (Maddock sniffing) – It’s spicy. – Yes. Three, two, one. Oh my gosh! This is good! – What’s this called? – [Female Producer] Arroz
con Lechon y Maduros. – Arroz con Lechon me Additos. My favorite’s the meat. I love lechon. – What is it? – [Female Producer] It’s pork. – No what type of pork? – [Female Producer] That is a baby pig. (Maddox squealing) – I don’t care. I don’t care about the pig. – Can I eat it? I’m sorry baby pig, but it’s good. Ew! I’m not eating that! Fine. – [Little Girl] Oh is this a one sweet? (giggling) – Is this chocolate or wood? – [Female Producer] That
is a cinnamon stick. (cinnamon stick snapping) – I don’t really like cinnamon. – [Female Producer] This
is called Arroz con dulce. – Arroz con dulce. – [Female Producer] That’s right! It translates to sweet rice. – It’s good. – Are those golden raisins? – I found three. – One
– Four. – Two, Three, Four.. Don’t steal any of them. – [Female Producer] Alright,
we gotta take it away. – Wait, wait, I found two more raisins. – 10! I found 10 of them! – [Producer] Congratulations. – Napkin please. Shout out to all the Puerto
Rican’s of this world! Peoples. – Gracias for watching. If you know what watching
means in spanish, put it down in the comments below. Adios! Bye bye.

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Puerto Rican Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. Poor baby he was supposed to mix the butter in. It gives it the last touch of creaminess. Also the cremita is often made with Coco Lopez: a sweet coconut oil. Delish! Encourage kids to try all foods and in turn they learn about different languages and cultures. It is wonderful!

  2. Why the butter on the crema de maíz?
    I know I add it to farina, but I've never ever seen it (butter) added to crema de maíz.

  3. That arroz con dulce was SO awfully done wtf it’s not white rice with that on top it’s mixed so different 😂

  4. I think it is sad that I am Puerto Rican and haven't had a lot of these foods but I'm glad I have had Empanadas 🇺🇸🇵🇷😢💙

  5. I gave a like cuz i love you because I'm boricua and mofongo is my favorite food now enjoin my brothers and god bless you bye

  6. I feel like next time you guys should get an authentic cook to the type of food instead of a person who doesn’t know what they are doing that looks so weird I never seen that kind of cremita or the arroz con dulce that was wrong

  7. Jajajajaja Boricuaaa viewer right here! Love these kids!! Have been watching videos of them till I stumbled upon this one 😂🙌🏼 and of course couldn’t stop laughing at their genuine reactions to literally most of all of our favorite Puerto Rican dishes! La cremita de maíz has to be my favorite just because it brings back so many good memories of my grandma making it for my sister and I when we were little💕and watching the kids try it was very sweet!

  8. All these foods where my favorite when I lived in Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 brings back memories now I live in America

  9. The brother and sister are not that well behaved . The little boy looks angry all the time and his sister follows his lead 😭

  10. Does anyone else eat food while watching their videos?

    I ate like 7 meals in one sitting watching these and im still not full

  11. Im Puertorican….Maddox has lots of personality…lol …the girl with the blue blouse liked our food better!!!—yaaay!!!!—-🇵🇷❤🇵🇷❤🇵🇷

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