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– Okay, I can do it! Ooh yeah, this is so cool! – Hi.
– Hello. – Of course we have. – Uh, duh; we’re best friends. – Cuz we’re brothers. – We’re brothers together. – No.
– No. What are we? (both gasping dramatically) – Ooh. – What’s that? – What you’ve never had Korean barbecue? – No. – Ooh I’m so excited! I love the dipping sauce
too; like, it’s so good. – Oh yeah. – I think I’m gonna start
drooling, it smells so good. (screaming excitedly) – Where’s the meat? – No meat? Wait, they got meat for us. – That looks like hot dogs. – You just like drop it on the side? (amazed noises) – That looks like bacon. – What’s happening? I have to flip you too. Ah, no! (amazed noises) – Okay this is gonna be scary. – It’s burning. – So if there’s no pink, it’s cooked. Here you go. Right there on the side. (laughing) – You took my meat that I was cooking! – Grab some of those. The meat’s good. (appreciative noises) – Very good, very good. – Is that bacon? – Uh, it looks like bacon; let’s cook it! – Can I do it first, Ethan? – I’m scared, ooh gosh. – Can you get me one? Ooh yum yum yum. – I usually grab the end like this. Grab fishy, fishy, fishy, fishy fishy. Chicken! – Oh no, Adrian, Adrian no no no. – No I was gonna put, oh. Well next time I’ll do my own. I’m not a baby kid. – Okay I know. They make it into like a burrito. – I’m almost like doing a flower. Like a small recipe. And it’s like a dessert but
it’s not a dessert; it’s meat. – Maybe put that at
the top, and it’s done! – Cheeseburger. – Cheers.
– Cheers. (appreciative noises) – You just gave me another idea. – Is that steak? – Where’s my steak? – That looks like spam. – That looks like cow. It’s cow? – Really? Oh wait, so it’s like pork. – No, cow isn’t pork; it’s beef! – I mean pork, yeah beef. – You are, I’m smarter than you. – This next one is for you. – Burn, burn! (excited noises) – Looks like steak. – The belly. – The thigh. – The mouth. – The tongue? – Tongue? No thank you, no thank you. – No! – I mean, actually, I’m going for it. – Wait how did they take
the tongue out of the cow? – Slap it! Kill it, bake it, slap it.
Kill it, bake it, slap it. – Ooh that’s hot. Ooh I feel the hotness No I can do it. – It’s gotta be, it’s platter hands; boom! – Oh my gosh we might get possessed because we’re eating its tongue. – I don’t wanna get possessed. – Okay 3, 2, 1. (appreciative noises) – I know this is a tongue
but like it tastes like pork. – Really chewy. – That was impossible. – Good by yourself too. – Brains. – It’s gotta be cow brains. – Ew, it feels slimy. – What do you mean “ew”, it’s so good. – How come this meat won’t let go? Let go! Can you help me? – Okay, operation. – I felt like we’re really chefs now. Ooh that’s hot. – Oh yeah, I got some more. – Mmm.
– That’s really good. – This meat is the best;
it has so much flavor. – Now I see why my mom was jealous. This food is bomb. (laughing) – Thanks for watching us try – Korean barbecue! – (in unison) Shout out
to our fans in Korea. – Annyeong!

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Korean BBQ | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. I love how protective Austin is to his little brother, like how he said “Don’t do that!” As he could’ve burn himself on the stove

  2. 4:51 oh my gosh, we might get possessed because we are eating it’s tongue.

    Him: I don’t wanna get possessed!!!😭😭

  3. Honestly, humans eat some strange bodyparts… it wouldn't be surprising if humans started eating brains……………

  4. Korean bbq is life. Seriously. I lived in Korea with my parents for a year when I was little, and I grew up eating it. I could eat my weight in Kimchee and bulgogi!! 😭❤️

  5. Hello^^ thank you for your love of Korean food. I'm a super-holding tutor, and my job is… 
    I'm an ordinary housewife. The concept is a simple Korean home meal. This is a video clip for our family dinner table. If you have time, please visit my channel. Thank you.

  6. Am I the only one who thought of Yoongi stuffing the meat and lettuce into his mouth when they started eating the lettuce?

  7. Man, kids these days … It catches my eyes that almost 42% of the school's population are using glasses these days.

  8. nobody is talking about how in Korea they bbq dogs? are you feeding these kids dog meat? great subject for kids……

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