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– It’s a ring! – [Woman] If you find a ring, it means you will get married in a year. – I’m only nine! (playful music) (ghosts howling) – [Woman] Happy Halloween! – Happy Halloween! – [Woman] Let me see the
scariest face you can make. (woman screams) – Gotcha! – [Woman] What do you eat on Halloween? – Candy. There’s a lot of gross candies,
too, like butterscotch. – [Woman] Well, today
we’re going to find out how people in other countries celebrate Halloween or
holidays near Halloween. – That sounds interesting. – Since it’s around the world, usually people have a lot of bread. Are there any that are shaped like bats? – [Woman] How did you
know about the bread? – Pretty much, I just
know about everything. (playful guitar music) – That is cool. – This is going to be so cool. Let me taste it really quick. – No! – Sugar. – [Woman] That is a sugar skull. Do you know what country it’s from? – Mexico? – [Woman] Mexico, that’s right. Dia de los Muertos is about celebration because dead loved ones come alive and celebrate with their living relatives. – How can they? Like, are they ghosts or skeletons? – [Woman] Do you believe in ghosts? – I believe in the Ghostbusters. – I’m trying to make this one
look like my great-grandma. I made a skull for Great-Grandma Joan, and I’m not very good at the name. – My great-grandfather. I don’t know what he
actually looked like, but he’s saying, “Hi.” (playful guitar music) – Oh my. – Bread? They eat bread for Halloween? This is really good! – What’s that thing inside? – Wait, I think I see something. Aha! A stick. – What is this? – [Woman] So, according
to Irish tradition, objects that are baked
into the bread tell you something about your life
and the year to come. – It’s a ring! – [Woman] If you find a ring, it means you will get married in a year. – I’m only nine! – [Woman] The thimble, Justin, means you will be a spinster forever. – What’s a spinster? – Yeah. – [Woman] A spinster is a
lady who never gets married. (girl laughs) (playful guitar music) – What is this? Bones? – Ewwww. – I don’t wanna eat somebody’s bones. – I wanna try it. – [Woman] It’s tradition
to eat treats like this and then to go visit the
graves of your loved ones. – This is kind of like a donut. – I only like one ingredient in that. It’s called sugar. (playful guitar music) – Time to make a bread baby! – Oh, I have a good idea. I’ll copy this on here because
they look almost similar without the face. – I’m making my mom as a bread baby. Hi! Oh, I forgot my hair. I need hair. – Angry business baby. He’s mad for no reason. – Goodbye, baby. – [Woman] And there’s also a drink that we’ve brought for you. – I’ll try it. It’s warm. Does it come from a stove or something? – It’s good. Really, really, really, really good. – [Woman] Are you lying? – I’m being sarcastic. – Happy Halloween! – My baby. Bye! – [Woman] Bye!

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  1. I’m from Spain and the typical thing that we eat during halloween is a thing called “panallets” and “castanyes” haha

  2. Watching this while eating my "guagua de pan" and it supposed to have cream ganache or blackberry sauce on the inside 3:27

  3. Ok I'm irish and I'm not sure about anyone else but "barmbrack" is called bairín brac and all you that's in it is a ring and whoever finds it will get married in a year

  4. Loved the fact that the kids got to decorate their sugar skulls, I used to LOVE it when I was in elementary school. Fun and suuuper delicious ♥️

  5. "Do you believe in ghosts?"

    "I believe in the ghostbusters."
    Lol cutie.
    And I just realised who she reminded me of: Felicity Jones.

  6. It’s so sad to hear that Marina is leaving Cut 🙁 It’s clear as day that Marina has made a huge impact of many of these kids lives, it’s so nice to hear her voice in these videos and her communicate with the kids, plus her appearances on the Cut channel. She’ll be dearly missed, by not just her friends and the kids at Hiho but also by all the fans. But I hope this won’t be the last time we hear her voice though! Thank you Marina for contributing to Hiho and making it so special, I hope Tokyo will be incredible to you!
    (for those of y’all wondering how we know this, Marina announced this on her instagram @marina__taylor)

  7. Fun fact; Halloween originated in ireland 2,000 years ago by the Celts, it was called Samhain(sow-in). Today in ireland theres a common expression that goes like Oiche Samhain.

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