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– Mm hmm. – No, I’m just hungry. (laughs) (upbeat music) Hi, I’m Crystal! Today I’m trying food from Germany! – Hi, I’m Zander. – I’m Jacob. – No I am not. – Kinda. – It’s in Europe. They’ve had some hard times,
but they have a pretty progressive leadership currently. – Angela Merkel. – No I just knew that. – Yes! – Ja! (laughs) – [Crystal] This smells good, like pasta. – Pasta? I love pasta! Wait, is it pasta? – I think it’s some sort of potato. Like cheese. (moans) – It’s good! (grunts) – It is?
– Uh huh. – It doesn’t taste good. – This is so good. – It’s good. – German cheese pizza. – I’m usually not a fan of mac and cheese but this one got me. It’s delicious. – It’s actually not that
bad if you swallow it. – Oh, käsespätzle. – No. (laughs) – I like kajasmetsul. – Kasametshul. – I never heard of it. – Ah, it’s a sausage. Sauerkraut, Dijon. – Is this sausage? – Is that mustard? – And what it is this? – Oh, is it sauerkraut?
– Yeah. – Probably shouldn’t have
taken this big of a bite. – Hmm.
Mm Mm. It tastes different than the
sausages I eat in the morning. – I don’t want to know. – Oh, that’s disgusting. (laughs) – No. I’m just hungry. (laughs) – Ah, schnitzel. – I think it’s a breaded pork or chicken. Probably chicken. – Schichel. – Shitshal. – Shitsnal. – Schnitzel. – Shitsnal.
(laughs) – Alright. Now for the question. Is it pork or chicken? Yeah, it’s pork. Good thing it’s not passover anymore. – Oh my Lord, this looks amazing! It’s some sort of apple tart. – What is this? Is it pie? – Mm, apple pie. – It’s good! Good job! – Apfel Kuchen? – Oh, Apfel Kuchen. Do they grow a lot of apples in Germany? – They maybe got them
exported from Seattle. – This is really good! I want this to be taken home. – Thanks for watching me try German food! – What country should
we try food from next? Let us know. – Auf Wiedersehen!

100 thoughts on “Kids Try German Food | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. Pretty bad researched.
    Schnitzel is from Austria + it was completely wrong served.
    Also the "real" schnitzel is breaded veal mostly served with potatoes or french fries.
    Also the "Käsespätzle" doesn't look like this at all…
    And the Apple Pie is literally eaten in every country… i think that you meant "Apple Strudel" and it's also from Austria and looks completely different.

  2. Me as a German I’m not familiar with sausages out of pig intestines
    What is true is that the meat what it’s made of is stuffed in the intestines of a pig so basically the only intestine ish thing about our sausages is it’s skin

  3. Bin von Österreich und bin mir da nicht ganz sicher, aber sind käsespätzle nicht mehr typisch österreichisch als deutsch, und vorallem schnitzel

  4. That moment when you like to see this videos, but every time when the woman pronounced the German word, it was wrong. I am sorry for my English, I am German 😅

  5. Zander kann einfach Gefühlt besser deutsch sprechen als alle anderen und nicht mal die Frau kann es besser XD net bös gemeint

  6. Ich habe das Gefühl das es für alles in deutsch einen Namen gibt aber im englischen es immer deutsch bleibt wie mit Schnitzel die habe kein eigenes Wort dafür 😂

  7. käsespätzle are only eaten in a certain region in germany, bratwurst inst made of pig intestines its meat and fat as every sausage stuffed into beg intestines

  8. Okay, but where is the Schweinshaxe with Sauerkraut and Semmelknödel??

    Jk, in Northern Germany we only eat potatoes. Only potatoes, nothing else. Maybe some Kartoffelsalat as a side dish.

  9. "It's made out of pig intestines!" Uhm, the casing is, sometimes? Not the whole sausage lmao. Poor kids. The Spätzle looked really bad as well. A nice piece of Sauerbraten would have been so much better than the generic Bratwurst.

  10. Es fehlen Kartoffeln. Kartoffelbrei, Kartoffelauflauf, Stampfkartoffel, Pellkartoffeln, stinknormale Kartoffeln mit Butter oder brauner Soße, Kartoffelpuffer..😅 Kartoffeln!

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