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– [Producer] Do you think you can get the chocolate stick out? – Sacrebleu! (jazzy music) – [Producer] Hi! – Hi! – [Producer] Who are you? – Brendan. – [Producer] Bonjour! – Bonjour, that means you’re
trying to prepare us food, yeah – Yeah! – [Producer] Yeah! – I just watched Belle
today, Beauty and the Beast. That was French. – [Producer] Today, Celine, we are trying not just any French food. French pastries! (gasps) – Ohhh – Ooh la la (producer laughs) – [Child] Is it a snail? – [Producer] And open! – Okay, it’s bread. – It looks like a croissant. – I tasted this before. – [Producer] You have? – Yes, at Starbucks. – Hold on, I can’t take a bite of this. – Oh, it’s crunchy. (grunts) – Tastes like a donut,
but without the icing. – Mmm, yummy. This is getting messy. – [Brendan] What’s in it,
what’s the black stuff? – Looks like there’s a black worm in here. – [Producer] Every Pan Au Chocolat has two chocolate bars inside. – This is chocolate? – [Producer] Yes! – It looks like poop. – I just took it off! (jazzy music) – Sacrebleu! (producers laughing) – [Producer] Keep your eyes closed! – [Girl in Pink Shirt] Ooh,
I think I know what it is. – [Producer] Open! (shrieks) – Oh it’s masharooms. – [Producer] It’s what? – Masharooms. – Ohhh, Macarena. – Can I please have dark green? – [Child] Orange. – [Girl In Blue Shirt] Yellow please. – [Girl in Pink Shirt] Blue. Aw, you messed up my blue. (laughter) (jazzy music) – Maybe I don’t like Macarons. – So good, so good. – [Producer] So what were they called? – Macarenas? – [Producer] Macarena? What’s the Macarena? One maca, two maca, three macarena. It’s a macaron! – A macaron, oh, we call it macarons. Macaroni. – Hmm. Bye macaron. – [Producer] Open! – [Girl In Blue Shirt] Cinnamon Rolls? – [Girl In Pink Shirt]
What the heck is this? – Well it’d be better
if it was cut like this. (crunching) – What is those black
things, are they ants? – [Producer] That’s
like the sugary center. – That tastes good. – [Producer] Really? – Yeah. – Tastes like brioche. – You know, if they put frosting on it, that would be even more, that would get a straight up thousand. – Alien – [Producer] You guys each
have a different flavor, okay? So you’re gonna have to share. Open! – Oh, what? – This chocolate? – Looks like a big, big cream puff. – It’s a chocolate sandwich. – [Producer] Do you see what’s inside? It’s about to (laughs) – [Producer] Hold it together! – Oh my goodness – I say, I say, I say, what are these? – Oh, raspberries, have one? – No. – This is good. – This is really, really, really, really, really, really good. Thank you for watching
Kids Try French Pastries. – Shout out to our French viewers. Merci for watching! – Au revoir! – [Producer] Can I try it? – Yes, you can have this part. – [Woman] Oh my God, this is so good! It’s so buttery. Mmm, it’s lavender. This is the best Kids Try ever! – Yeah – For me. (girl laughs)

100 thoughts on “Kids Try French Pastries | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. American peopoles eat with fingers?? Me too and I'm french and in France we eat with forks and knifes or with fingers, it depends😂😂

  2. I'm French and I am so happy to see kids try french pastries. But there is 2 (tiny) problems…
    Wtf with the chemicals colors of those macarons ?
    And the pains au chocolat don't have this form

    But that said, i like those kids bc they are polite and pretty smart and i liked this video 🙂
    And one thing for your french culture – i don't know the english expression but you see, when people don't have the same opinion (we call in it a "débat" so do you have an expression which looking likes ?), we have it about pains au chocolat. The Sud of France call it "Chocolatine" and the rest call it "Pain au chocolat". People who use these names hate to hear people name this pastry by the other name. Then we have a new name that we use when the "débat" appear : "Pain au chocolatine".

  3. Omg i love those pastries i wanna be a baker when i grow up and I will be studying in paris! 1 like=1 wish for luck when i grow up and comment your full names and I'll give you a discount at my bakery when i grow up 💕

  4. i would actually have loved it if they at least looked like the originals :/ i hope one day theyy get to taste the original flavours!

  5. Can you tell the kinds to not play with food. There are kinds in the world who are hungry. You Americans have no manners. Teach your kids some manners please. They are little but they have to learn it, so teach them!!!!

  6. It looks like industrial pastries that you can find in supermarkets : cheap version, sold in packs and poor in taste.
    In France, we can eat fresh-made pastries. Fresh made croissants by a real baker : nothing can beat this !

  7. "Sacrebleu !" omg ! 😀 otherwise, they are French pastry very "made in America" ah ah 😀 . Seems this woman love a lot kids 🙂

  8. Mais qui a chié ces pâtisseries ?
    Aimez votre boulot bordel c'est rien de ressemblant à ce qu'il y a en France !

  9. I think Austin got wrong instructions and thoughts he's on kids play with french pastries. Baby boy ain't eating it 😂😂

  10. who said this was french Pastries ? I need to talk to the chef because this is bad bad bad. I hope any french patissier will see this video cause he ll get mad mad mad

  11. Reading the comments, the French are truly living up to their reputation of being crass and uncouth. Mettre son grain de sel.

  12. This is a disgrace to the French people. What is this ? Even when I buy that stuff it the supermarket it looks (and probably tastes) so much better, let alone when I buy pastries in a bakery !

  13. Most of the kids are so excited to try the food but there is one boy who messed every food which i found so rude. We should teach our kids every food deserve respect, the food is not a toy to play with.

  14. Comment faire rager autrement les français 😏 … chocolatine 😆

    (P-S : les français vous ragez pour rien (bien en fait vous avez vos raisons, car c’est de votre pays et c’est mal représenté, mais il faut comprendre et accepter qu’ils ont pas TOUT les moyens pour obtenir quelque chose d’authentiques et de frais, à moins que vous les aidez en leur envoyant les bonnes pâtisseries 😋)

    Bon comme je le disais, d’où je viens, à ma conclusion, c’est pas du pain au chocolat, c’est carrément des chocolatines (par chez nous sa s’appelle comme ça et ça se ressemble beaucoup à c’est pâtisserie représenté dans cette vidéo (et vue que c’est des produits d’entreprises “connue et vite fait” parce que ont ne peut imiter la perfection des pâtisseries de la France ☺️ alors soyons calme et profitons de la vidéo

  15. Attention attention this a Big ( funny) conflict in France, in thé south west of France, pain au chocolat is Aldo called Chocolatine.

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