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– Sh–
– Mm? (upbeat jazz music) (screeching) – Like that? – Oh. – Hm, sneak into the
store and get cookies. (women laughing) – A onion? – What is that? Ew, nasty! – Yeah? (screeching) – It’s really good. – Yeah.
– Yes. – Mm! Mm! I feel like school should have this. – Yes. – Yes. – That’s yummy. – Mm, mm, mm. – Salad. My worst nightmare. – Oh, those sticks you
blow and then, bweh! – Vinegar. – They put vinegar on it. – No, I just don’t like the smell. – Is this ice cream or something? – Tastes salty. (bread crunching) – Ow. (woman laughing) (woman laughing) – Sh–
– Mm? (woman laughing) – Oh! That’s why they have that name. – (gasps) Mac and cheese! – Mm-mm, it’s the first time today. The one that comes in the food box. – They had this in the great perpession? – Duh, it’s cheap. (woman laughing) – Yes, very much, yes. – [Girl] Cookies? Maybe. (laughing) Raisins. – Apple. – Oh, no, this Vegemite? (woman laughing) I don’t like prunes. – [Miko] Not a fan of this dessert. Nope. – Eleanor Roosevelt. I read a book. – Me, only me!
– Uh, yeah. – Meh, sometime. – Yeah, sometimes. – Yeah, that they had pretty
disgusting food back then. – I’m grateful that my
mom has so much money that we can eat food
that’s like, really good. – Have you ever tried one of these food? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Were these kids raised in ice cream and chocolate because no matter what the dish is 1/2 of the time they say “is this choco/ice cream?”

  2. Two things:
    1) I have worked in institutional food service around army bases. I would say that SOS is one of the more heavily requested dishes we have served. Some of the reason why some do not like it is that under field conditions, any form of leftover beef was used in lieu of chipped beef.
    2) Soldiers call it SOS. Everyone knows what it stands for and they would not use that language in front of young children. Most soldiers know all of those words and may use them in a combat situation but can generally clean up their acts around civilians.

  3. So that's how that expression came from. My dad used it a lot. My dad said that he and his brother (born in the 30s) used to eat ketchup sandwiches. 🙁 I guess a good lesson for kids but minus the s*it. Why edit it out but say it in front of the kids? 🙁 I'm glad they didn't know what that meant! The mac and cheese boxes are cheap but the butter and milk are not. Imagine those small boxes are up to £5 a box in Britain.

  4. Oh I’ve heard of the Great Depression so I think when it was the 1930’s things started to go ‘down’,the ppl didn’t have enough money to buy stuff,they couldn’t even work cus the jobs had to shut down cus of the low money and the banks couldn’t umm (god I forgot this part) I think they couldn’t put money into the banks anymore cus(idk I’m just stupid) but then things got better and yeah that’s all I know I wonder how I got a 💯 on my test about this (it’s so weird 😐)

  5. Am i the only one that dislike the black kids? Not being racist tho but their attitude is kinda irritating lol

  6. They could have featured "the poor man's meal" aka hash. Sliced potatoes, sliced hotdogs and sliced onions. I think that's a really good dish for being so simple and cheap, here in Sweden they call it pyttipanna. Homemade pyttipanna is so cheap to make, and it's great with just the right spices 🙂

  7. I'm so entertained by Hiho channel
    .. I can't even..





  8. Kid: I am so grateful that my mom has so much money……(realizes she made a mistake saying that) thaaat we can eat food that’s really good.

    Me: Give me your address

  9. I like how we see some kids return and others we only see once. I like that they weed out the unadventurous turd kids that dont like to try things lol

  10. girl at the end says "have you ever tried one of these foods" no no no i've never had mac n cheese

  11. try some of the nordic one like bark bread cooked in fish oil so it would be easier to swallow or they had jam on it, it was a common food during WW2.

  12. Camera gal: sh*t on a shingle
    Kids: whaaaaaa?????
    Camera gal: poop on shingle
    Me: congrats u taught them a swearword!

  13. Producer: this is a weed salad. Back then they didn’t have ranch dressing, they didn’t have ceaser- are you gonna throw up?

    Me: Yeah he’s gonna throw up you gave this poor kid weed!!

  14. Seeing GREAT DEPRESSION and a small child with thumbs up, doesn't add up

    I'm in fight or flight mode…onions and peanut butter?

  15. 1:23 they were letting that kid hold a fricken knife up to his mouth loll.

    Kids parents: “Okay so we need you to “accidentally” cut off your tongue so we can sue them.”

  16. "That's yummy"… as she grimaces and reaches for a glass of water hahaha. She looks SO cute though!!!!

  17. You should check cooking with clara.Clara made videos of her cooking food from the deppresion like dandelion salad and more.Sadly, she passed away in 2013.May she rest in peace.

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