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– Oh! (laughter) (upbeat music) – [Announcer] What do you like to watch? – I watch ESPN, I’m into sports. – [Announcer] Have you ever
seen, like, the Disney channel? ABC? NBC? – I don’t know many TV shows, because I don’t normally watch TV shows. – I’m pretty sure TV is dead. – [Announcer] Really? Today you are trying foods
from American TV shows. – Okay. – This is way too big to me to eat! (laughter) – [Announcer] That is a laugh track. – It’s confusing. (laughter) – Black and white cookie. – Meatloaf. – [Announcer] That is not meatloaf. That’s a babka. – mm – [Announcer] The big salad. Lets move on to the
black and white cookie. – I’m chewing. (laughter) – What the heck? – What show is this from? – [Announcer] This is
from a show call Seinfeld. Seinfeld had nine seasons, 180 episodes. This cookie is from the
episode ” The Dinner Party”. Jerry says that if you eat the black and the white together it represents racial harmony. – Like a party in there. (laughter) – [Announcer] All right
Miko, open your eyes. Welcome to the Kids Try Chocolate Factory. You need to wrap the candies as they go down the conveyor belt. And if you let one chocolate
go past without being wrapped you’re fired. Lets see if you can do it. Go! – Wait ah, I rolled it. – [Announcer] Hurry hurry hurry (laughter) – Wait I- – Uh oh. (laughter) – Wait! I can do this! – Whoa! – [Announcer] All right
all right all right. (laughter) – Oh I remember this. – [Announcer] Yeah this is
a show called I Love Lucy. – Yeah I’ve heard of it. – [Announcer] You notice
it’s black and white? – Yeah. It must be from
the seventies or eighties. – [Announcer] Older. – Fifties! – [Announcer] From the fifties. – They spoke too soon. – Oh no! No! – [Announcer] What do you like to watch? – I like to watch anime on my phone. – [Announcer] Do you watch TV channels? – Netflix only. – [Announcer] So you don’t
like change the channel? Look at the TV guide? – Uh uh – Who lives in a pineapple under the sea SpongeBob Squarepants! – [Announcer] Do you know what show this Krabby Patty is from? – Mcdonalds? I don’t know. – [Announcer] You don’t know this show? – I’ve heard of the name. – [Announcer] That’s such a shame. This is from SpongeBob Squarepants. – Of course. How did I forget? – Mm yum. – [Announcer] Do kids these
days still like SpongeBob? – Some. I think. – One episode Patrick said to a customer that says hello is this the Krusty Krab? He said, no, I’m Patrick. – [Announcer] This is candy that resembles something from a TV show. – Hey Arnold? – [Announcer] Breaking Bad. Uh, this is Blue Sky. – Huh? – [Announcer] Lets move on. – I love it! It’s delicious! – [Announcer] Open your eyes. – Is that a piece of pie? – [Announcer] It is. – Smells like coffee. Ew. – I kinda like it. – It was dang good. – [Announcer] So this is cherry pie. – Yes I love cherry pie. – [Announcer] From the
Double R Diner in the TV show it’s called Twin Peaks. – Oh! My mom loves that show! – [Announcer] It’s about the
murder of the homecoming queen. – I bet that’s blood! – [Announcer] From the murdered girl? (dramatic music) – [Announcer] Spoiler alert! – Um, this is strange. – [Announcer] Go ahead
and give it a little 360. Say no one told you life
was gonna be this way- – Are there peas in here? – [Announcer] Maybe. – Cheese, meat, is this lasagna? – [Announcer] This is a dessert. – Meat with raspberries and
peas and something sweet. – [Announcer] This is
Rachel’s trifle from Friends. – Ew. I almost spit that out. – Mm, I think if they didn’t add the meat this would be better. – [Announcer] In the episode Rachel accidentally
read the cookbook wrong and made half of a dessert
and half of a meat pie. – Ew. When I swallowed at the end it kinda feels like there
is poop in my mouth. (laughter) – Not again, really? – [Announcer] It’s the in studio audience. – Oh my, I hate it. I do not like that. It scared me so much.

100 thoughts on “Kids Try Food From Classic TV Shows (Spongebob, Friends) | Kids Try | HiHo

  1. Do u know what show this krabby pattys from


    Dang and I thought asking for a burger at Taco Bell thinking it was the Panda Express was bad

  2. Do another one please and make one of them riverdale and do peach pie that Alice Cooper made and pops cheese fries, Burgers, and milkshakes

  3. Girl: I don't really know tv shows. I didn't know we watch tv shows

    Me: That is hella sad…. We're so glue to our phones now

  4. it’s really sad how some kids don’t know tv shows and only watch netflix, they will never know the adrenaline of “its back on!”
    as you rush back to your room to watch w.e your watching.

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