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You can jump rope with that thing Hey, I’m Lisa and I’m doing Kids Try – Before we get started, do you have your water? No, no, okay. All right. Katherine’s gonna bring in your water. What is this? That’s that’s water, it’s not it is it’s black! What does it taste like? Water.. So, I’m guessing we’re gonna be trying food that is black! Alright well, shall we get started? I think we just did I’m diggin in it smells like pasta! These like little noodles. Why do you think they’re black? Because.. They’re octopus arms! Your kind of close.. wait a minute ink? It is squid ink! All right, we’re gonna move! Aww! What?! A burger! But it’s all burnt. It’s not burnt. It is a black burger! In 2014 Burger King in Japan had an all black burger. It’s hot? It’s darkened with bamboo charcoal. Oh, yeah, just like a normal burger to me.. Do they have chocolate inside of these..? Warface! I like the middle, oh, it’s a Chinese delicacy Called a century egg. Also known as a thousand-year-old egg. Oh How old is this? So I know it’s called a thousand-year-old egg or a century egg But it usually only takes a few weeks to a few months where you soak the eggs in this solution it’s usually made out of clay and salt sometimes that’s at and Then it causes the yolk to take on a creamy texture and turns the whites into a dark colored jelly Is it ramen? Not quite but it has noodles. Mmm! Tastes like a potato for some reason. Oh interesting! So this is jujumyong! And it has a salty black soybean pork and vegetable sauce. What are you doing? Making it beautiful! An A?! What’s the “A” for? Oh, it’s beautiful! Is this jello or something? Not quite.. Looks like sushi except without the colorfulness. Yeah it tastes like super sweet to me. Wait, this tastes like taro. What is it?! It is a black sesame seed dim sum dessert. Mmm. You smell the red carpet Black carpet. Work that black carpet! Woo! Thanks for watching! What color should we try next? I think we should do all pink food! What about all rainbow food?! Don’t forget to subscribe! Bye!

100 thoughts on “Kids Try All Black Colored Foods | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

  1. okay that little girl in the blue dress looks like that one little girl in the lorax😂 with the blonde hair.

  2. Clara has TASTE for sure. She's a total food connoisseur. She likes the MIDDLE part of the century egg (ie the most pungent part) – and most CHINESE kids don't even like it. She's the best.

  3. Eat and drink in water, egg, Burger King, Noodles and more! To be a good day to be a good time to get a good day to day and night with the new version

  4. Am I the only one who got concerned when the kids ate pork cuz for a moment there I just thought nisa/nyssa might be muslim omg

  5. “Because there octopus arms”

    Me: they don’t have ArMs (face palm)

    Edit: I’m trying to look for the face palm emoji

  6. I literally started watching this today and I’ve never loved a kid other than my four year old cousin like I do to Clara … plz help my obsession for her cuteness 🥺😩

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