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– You want to see something funny? – Mhm. Oh my gosh! (laughing) (cheerful music) – Hello. – Hello.
– Hello. What’s your name? – Justin. – Hi, Justin, I’m Gabriel. – Nice to meet you.
– Pleasure to meet you. What’s your name? – Gigi. – Gigi, that’s a great name. Nice to meet you. – Hi.
– Pleasure to meet you. – You have big hands. – Wanna compare? Wow. What do you think? – The muscles. – The muscles. Right? – Do you do wrestling? – I do not. – Oh.
– No, no wrestling. (laughing) Do you guys know what a bodybuilder is? – Someone that builds with their body. – That’s right. I train my muscles so that they are symmetrical
and proportionate and they look balanced and beautiful. – Hm. – You guys know what a pec pop is? – No.
– You ever heard of a pec pop? Pec pop?
– Nope. – How about now? Look at my chest, watch this. – What? – What is that? (laughing) Does that look gross? It looks cool, right? – No, it looks gross. – How long did it take
you to get those muscles? – 20 years. – Oooh. – I started working out
and training with weights when I was 16-years-old. – Sometimes when my dad is
exercising up in his room I come and exercise with him. – High five. You’re already on your
way to building muscle. Let’s see it. Oh my gosh! – What’s your least favorite exercise? – Like this, when you do a sit up. You sit up? – Oh yeah, I can’t do those. – They’re hard, huh? – Do you want me to show you how I do them.
– I would love to see you show me a sit up. – My gosh. – Are you ready? Let’s see what you can do. Boom, perfect crunch! – See?
– Perfect. – How much do you work out? – The truth is I only
train for about an hour two times a day, sometimes. I spend all my time in the kitchen eating. – (giggles) I always get hungry. Once I eat food, I ask
for more and never stop. (laughing) – You’ll make a great bodybuilder. – How much do you eat? – I eat at least six meals a day. (gasps)
Yeah. – What is your favorite food? – Sushi. – Sushi! – Yeah, I like sushi.
– I also like… – You like sushi? – Yeah.
– Awesome. – Is sushi good for bulking? – Good for bulking? Sushi, yeah, yeah. – What’s the weirdest
thing you ever eaten? – Every day I drink two
cups of raw egg whites. – Ew. Why? – Why? Egg whites are pure protein
and that helps build muscle. – I also eat eggs, but not raw. – Not raw? – What’s your biggest
weight that you’ve lifted? – I picked 700 pounds up off the ground. – Whoa. – I weigh 700 pounds? – Yeah.
– Nevermind. – Nevermind.
(laughing) – How much do you weigh? – I weigh 320 pounds. – Oh.
– What do you weigh? – 40. – It would take eight of
you to make one of me. – That’s weird. What size clothes do you wear? – A triple extra extra extra large. – Does your mom make your clothes? – She, yeah. She has. She’s made a few, yeah. Uh huh. But I have to have everything custom made or it has to stretch really well. – Have you ever been too
big to get in something? – Mhm. – What? – Rollercoaster. I was so upset. – Oh. – I couldn’t ride it, I was too big. You like roller coasters, right? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – I fit in it. – How do you prepare for a competition? – I have to eat less food and I have to lift the
same amount of weight. – You’re like, ‘I’m starving.’ – I know, exactly like a zombie. – Have you ever won a competition? – Yes, I have, yeah. – What do you win? – Trophies, swords. – Swords? – Yeah, swords. – Did you bring the swords? – Did I bring a sword? I did bring a sword. (squealing) – Wow. – Want to stand up next to it? How tall is it? Same height as you. – Do you use this to cut things? – I haven’t yet, but
now that you mention it we might have to cut a cake
with or something, huh? That’d be neat. Wanna cut a cake?
– A cake? (laughing) – What do you think of this? – Oh, big!
– Isn’t that pretty neat? First place. – Yeah! (laughing) – Be careful with it. – Is this a statue of you? – Oh, nope. I think they modeled this
after Arnold Schwarzenegger. – Who’s Arnold Snortz-enegger? – Oh, wow. – Have you ever lost? – Yes, yes. I have lost, yup. – So, there’s a person that was bigger than you? – Ah, he wasn’t bigger, but he was leaner. – What’s your favorite part
of being a bodybuilder? – My favorite part would be
the structure and discipline that it has taught me for life in general. – So, it’s actually
helping you with life too? – That’s right. – What were you like as a kid? – I grew up tall and skinny and I wanted to be bigger and stronger, so that’s why I started bodybuilding. – What do you wish people
knew about bodybuilding? – I think cartoons tend
to give a depiction of us as being very angry people and
we couldn’t be more opposite. We’re completely peaceful (laughs). You have stuffed animals? Guess what? I do, too. I do.
(laughing) I have Care Bears. – A tough guy like you
has stuffed animals. – Should I not have teddy bears or should I… – Oh, yes, keep ’em.
– Keep ’em. – Can anyone become a bodybuilder? – Absolutely. – Hm, ’cause I wanna be
strong when I grow up. – I think that’s a great idea. – Can girls be bodybuilders? – My wife is a bodybuilder. – Really? – Yeah, she’s right there.
– Oh. – Yeah, girls can
definitely be bodybuilders. – Can you show me a bodybuilding pose? – Sure. Would you like to try one with me? – No.
– You sure? Boom! Yeah! Good job. (growling) That’s awesome. High five. Alright.
(laughing) – Are you strong enough to lift us? – I’m pretty sure. – I always wanted to break a bone, so if you drop me, I don’t care. – And one, two, up. (screaming) – Oh, dang, oh, dang, oh, dang. (growling)
– Yeah! – Am I heavy? – No. (growling) (yodeling) – I want to try to lift up you. (laughing) – Will you be a bodybuilder forever? – I will always lift
weights like a bodybuilder. – When you’re 90? – Yup. – How about 101? – Yup. – 102? – ‘Til the end, baby. – Nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too, buddy. You take care.
– Okay. – Bye. – Bye. – I want you to scare her again. – Scare her again? – Ew! (laughing) – Thanks for watching
Kids Meet a Bodybuilder. If you want to learn more about me, check in the description box. If you want to see more
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  1. I understand the discipline and work ethic it takes to get there but, dude check your blood pressure your face is red the entire time!
    If you want to make it to your 70s you gotta take more healthy protein, things like fish and carbs from veggies!

  2. “i’Ve aLwaYs WAntEd tO bReAk a boNE sO If yOu drOp mE i dOn’T cAre”
    I love justin so much 😂👏🏻❤️

  3. Bodybuilders are some of the nicest people in the world, very disciplined and genuine people. Too bad they get such a bad rep.

  4. "Sometimes when my dad is exercising up in his room…" That sentence could have gone a whole number of places which would have made it hilarious. "Sometimes when my dad is exercising up in his room, he locks the door because mommy and daddy exercise together naked."

  5. Remember kids these "athletes" take illegal substances in their training and it even causes them to become ill at times and even premature death. Do the research and follow true athletes who eat and train properly and look after their bodies.

  6. 4:52
    So, there was a person that was bigger than you?

    Gabriel : Ahh, nope…

    Meet the 6'8", 400lbs world's strongest man by Great Big Story : am I a joke to you?

  7. "Do you know what a body builder is?"
    "Someone who builds with their body…….?"

    Her parents better watch out. Lmao.

    His face when they point at him "what do you think weighs 700 lbs?" Priceless. Lol.

  8. Body builder: do you know what a body builder is
    Little girl: um a person who builds with their body
    That’s me though


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