Kempner Rice Diet: Whipping Us Into Shape

“Kempner Rice Diet: Whipping Us Into Shape” Franklin Delano Roosevelt brought us through
the Great Depression and World War II. Who knows how history would have been
different had he not died in his fourth
term as President from a massive stroke. In the following days and months,
we learned that Roosevelt had suffered
from severe high blood pressure for years. In spite of this, he was on no
medications or other treatments. The reason for the lack of treatment
is stark and simple: there were none. The state of the art
at that time was death. Death from so-called malignant hypertension,
out-of-control high blood pressure for which, it was thought, there was
no remedy, but they were wrong. There was Walter Kempner
and his rice-fruit diet. Physician-scientist trained with the best,
fled Nazi Germany and set up shop at Duke, where he began treating “malignant” hypertension
patients with a radical diet consisting of only white rice and fruit,
with strikingly favorable results. A rapid reduction in blood pressure,
rapid improvement in kidney failure, eye pressure, heart failure and other manifestations
of this previously fatal illness. He figured that if a low salt
diet helped with blood pressure, a low protein diet helped with kidney function,
and a low fat and cholesterol diet helped the heart, why not take it to its logical conclusion
and design a no-salt, no cholesterol
diet of almost pure carbohydrate. So he designed a diet with less
sodium than any low-sodium diet, less protein than any low-protein diet, and less cholesterol and fat
than any other low-fat diet. His hope was that it would just
stop the progression of the disease. Instead, something miraculous happened. In about two-thirds of cases
the disease reversed. Reversal of heart failure, reversal of
eye damage, reversal of kidney failure. And remember, this was
effectively a terminal disease. People just had a few months to live, but
if they went on the diet, most got better. Before and after. Those round pictures at the bottom are photos,
photographs taken of the back of people’s eyes, starting out swollen and bloody and leaking, and then nearly normal in a matter of months. Kidney disease cured. A striking fact is that in some patients, after being
effectively cured by the diet over many months, they could then relax the diet to a more conventional
plant-based diet and go on and live a normal active life. The rice diet may actually
drop blood pressures too low, so you have to modify, add back other foods
to bring the pressures back up to normal. An editorial in the New England Journal
of Medicine described Kempner’s results
as little short of miraculous. Practically speaking, there’s probably
no more effective diet for obese
decompensated cardiac patients. The problem, though, is that most physicians
lack the extraordinary persuasive powers required
to keep the patient eating such a restricted diet. When Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn presented his
study results demonstrating in some cases reversal of near end-stage heart disease
with a whole food plant-based diet, the Chair of Cleveland Clinic’s
cardiology department asked, “How can we expect patients to stay on a strict diet
like this when we can’t even get them to quit smoking?” Just like penicillin drugs don’t
work at all — unless you take them, plant-based diets don’t work
unless you actually eat them. I think the answer is that the physician
must have a zealous belief in the diet and must convey that passion to the patient. For Kempner, to keep his
patients on the rice diet, Kempner browbeat, yelled at, and castigated
them when he caught them straying. And he didn’t just browbeat them;
he sometimes actually beat them. It came out in a lawsuit, in which
a former patient sued Dr. Kempner, that he had literally whipped
her – with a whip – and other patients to motivate
them to stick to the diet. Reminds me of the famous diabetes physician,
Arnoldo Cantani, back in the 1800’s, who knew the remedy for diabetes is
not at the drugstore but in the kitchen. To ensure compliance, if necessary, he
would lock a patient up for six weeks. Thankfully, in terms of personality,
Dr. Esselstyn is the opposite of Dr. Kempner. Polite, soft-spoken, gentle — able to keep
his patients on track without whipping them. And last but not least, Esselstyn walks
the talk, following the diet himself, whereas Kempner died of a heart
attack, though at the age of 94. His work continues on in Durham,
where they continue a relaxed version
of the diet, allowing actual vegetables. A year before Roosevelt died, Kempner had
already published his miraculous results. It seems highly likely that,
had the rice diet been provided to
President Roosevelt a year before his death, his disease might have been
controlled before his fatal stroke, and that this fatal event could have been averted.

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  1. I think the Rice Clinic actually closed, but is going to be reopened. I live in Durham, NC, so I'm always proud to see this part of the US, known for tobacco, barbecue, etc. highlighted for something beneficial to health.

  2. Wow, those trial protocols (whipping, locking patients up for 6 weeks) would never be accepted by any ethics boards nowadays! I would have loved to see the patient informed consent forms for those trials, if there were any. 


  4. Used to eat lots of rice.  Did nothing for my high blood pressure, except put on the weight.  After cutting rice, bread, and processed sugar out, I have been loosing a 1/2 pound a day and it feels like my blood pressure is going down.

  5. This is another "I can heal you with this crazy, wacky diet article."  Trouble is, the same number of people would probably be healed with a sensible whole food diet.  There's no isolation, no other things tested, just, look how good my crazy diet works.  People eating almost all meat get healthy, people eating all vegetables get healthy.  People eating processed foods with lots of sugars and no exercise get sick.

  6. I tried the rice diet for 2 weeks. I lost 14 pounds and felt great. Kemper was right! The best diet of all times. 🙂

  7. The diet contains in 2000 calories about 15-25g protein 4-6g fat and 460-470 g of carbs. you choose to focus on the plant based diet rather than the calorie deficit which might been the reason of the health benefits or at least contributed to the results, I'm not saying vegan diet is bad but this video might be misleading

  8. Sorry to say, I wish he would have died earlier.  Please research what happened to the reduction of the poor before and after the "New Deal" and the "Great Society".  We've created a permanent class of poor.  The current welfare system creates perverse incentives that promotes single parenting and lack of participation in the work force that greatly reduces the economic value of those receiving the meager handouts.

  9. are you saying I can mix fruits with rice?  some told me it would not digest properly…  I bet bananas, mangoes, and persimmons will go nice with rice.

  10. "…♫…Crack that whip
    Give the past the slip
    Step on a crack
    Break your momma's back

    When a problem comes along you must whip it
    Before the cream sits out too long you must whip it
    When something's going wrong you must whip it

    Now whip it into shape
    Shape it up
    Get straight
    Go forward
    Move ahead
    Try to detect it
    It's not too late to whip it
    Whip it good…♫…" – Devo

  11. "died from a heart attack, though at the age of 94" – lol, I'll take much less than that if it guarantees dying in my sleep.

    Seriously, since sugar and fats are said to cause addiction, it could be argued that the addicts mental state is less than sane as their habits are practically slow rate suicide. As such, the means used by some of the doctors in the video could be understood to some degree.

  12. Can't belive that my country is so outdated in nutrition!!! We need new minds, can't belive that I had to read Esselstyn work in english because I couldn't find it in spanish.

  13. Kempner's diet used extreme calorie restriction. Patients were eating 800-1200 calories a day. I was impressed with the program until I discovered that. You could eat anything and see results if your calories are that low.

  14. Can blindness be reversed with diet?

    Watch below or click the link to watch on

  15. "FDR's fatal event could have been averted" YES, and we should add that Harry Truman would not have succeeded him as president.  This is REALLY important as, according to William O. Douglas,  FDR would not have used the atom bomb on Japan.

  16. Dr. Kempner was a Nazi, so no surprises that he beat wayward patients. Hitler was a vegan who ate copious amounts of fruits, vegetables and rice.  

  17. Some of my friends need to be dropped off on a deserted island (not a desert island) without cigarettes/smokes and alcohol and with only rice and fruit and some vegetables to survive on. Then they would surly quit smoking 😉 and quit drinking 😉 and become healthier as a result. I had often figured that if I were rich I'd have them kidnapped and parachuted in, monitored and picked up if they so chose when they reached a healthy state. Now though, I should probably join them and also so they didn't suspect me. 🙂 One can only hope.

    In the mean time I'll just work on myself.

  18. The way you get people to stick to such a plant based diet is to educate them about what goes on in the animal agriculture industry. With the documentaries Earthlings, and Conspiracy. And get them to make the ethical connection and go vegan! That's how people stick to eating plants for life.

  19. I understand Kempner's frustrations. Sometimes people don't care about their health and it is so frustrating because their families are going to be the ones picking up the pieces when these morons end up disabled or croaking from something preventable.

  20. I enjoy most of your videos, but this is too much speculation. These were obese people for whom any restricted calorie diet would have been beneficial. We don't know that this diet would be good for healthy people with ideal weight. It probably would not be health for Olympic athletes, who need different diets based on their sports and who most likely need extra protein. Furthermore, with all the food analysis technology that we have today, one would think that some special chemical in white rice would have been isolated by now.

  21. Hi, is the rice diet effective for chronic kidney disease patient on the verge of being placed on dialysis? Also, how long should a person stay on the rice diet before transitioning to a whole food plant based diet?

  22. so kempner ided ofa heart attack who practiced the rice died and teddy roosevelt died of a heart disease but then you say the rice diet could of helped teddy roosevelt but obviously not so much then huh thats a slight contradiction isn't it?

  23. Too bad my "other half " doesn't believe me about the vegan diet, & he sometimes makes fun of me, & especially in a restaurant where I have super limited choices, or literally there's nothing on the menu for me. 🙁
    Let's just keep in mind that I'm 5'2, 102 pounds, & he's, idk, but his jeans are 38, shirts are a 2xL. My jeans are either 00, 0, & occasionally 1. My shirts are a size XS. Yet he still won't accept the reality.

  24. This diet is effective not because it is low fat but because it is low protein. Too much protein is poison. We need 25-35g of protein per day. Just 300g of white bread gives you 25g of protein. The average European or American consumes 100g+ protein everday stressing their livers and kidneys.

  25. "The biggest loser" is a reality TV show where they take fat people and help them lose weight through physical and psychological abuse (according to one comedian).
    Or they can just lock them up and feed them the proper diet. I mean what's the difference:
    Parents forcing their kids to go to school… Religious group forcing you to pay 10%… You have no rights to your own euthanasia… More fees because you can't pay your debt… Allow people to die of starvation because they have no money…
    Locking up fat people and feeding them the proper diet sound more ethical than the other shit we do to our society 😛

  26. Doesn't the Rice Diet contradict Dr. Greger's stance on sugar? The patients in Kempner's program averaged eating 100 grams of sugar a day and the diet allowed up to 500 grams of sugar per day (over a pound).

  27. Dude
    You just spent how many videos on how bad rice is (arsenic) and now it saves lives. Head is spinning….

  28. 'bad arsenic filled grain' . . cures disease . . . because it's low fat !

    Why he didn't use simply fruits , vegetables + some potatoes and some whole grain meals ?!

  29. It is most disturbing, how it is common knowledge that you can make people eat meat dairy and eggs through screening short acts of happiness and wellbeing in the media. Nevertheless doctors said to Mr. Esselstyn, that they know of no way to make the person follow any diet. And therefore it is presumed, that it is only possible to treat them pharmaceutically (short therm effort, long time influence), poking them with a needle (short therm physical violence), under threat of illness or death if not treated (psychological violence). These methods are somehow considered more acceptable, than isoliting people (like Dr. Arnoldo Cantani did) or beating them with a whip (like Dr. Kempner did), although I see the same violence but with better results. While stating that it is impossible for a prolonged influence on patients in order for them to stick to the diet – the doctors fail to recognize, that prolonged influence on people is the monopoly of the media. Which is done not only by the food, but also the pharma industry, which are forcing pills and food down into our hands and down our throats through psychological and neurolinguistic trickery. Only difference is, that this trickery is done not in favor of health, but in order for us to buy more food and pills, even if we don't need them. Also the food mostly sold is of a different sort (high fat, high protein, low carb) than a person requires for health. Taking all what I have written into account one may only see two options: an uneven battle of advertisement budgets between the healthy diet promoting doctors and the food industry plus the cardio, cancer and heart associations sponsored by those same industries. Or a new type of video-therapy, where the person is isolated from regular advertisement and given specially designed healthy advertisement by the doctor.

  30. Please: Can someone who understands this diet confirm if I have it right? 1. A daily portion of one to one and a half cups of dry white rice. 2. Any amount of fruit of your choice daily. 3. Any amount of fruit juice of your choice daily. 4. Any amount of sugar daily.

    Is this correct? Or did I miss something? Thank you for any help or advice!

  31. rice is a staple food in the southern part of India and we have got the highest Diabetes issues in the world.Doctors say Rice is the main reason because they have too much of carbs.Rice is been eaten since ages but the diabetes problem has started since three or two decades,dont know what is the reason for this problem exactly.

  32. Their main site where this video is embedded has a few exra notes.

  33. This was very entertaining, especially about how the doctors tried to keep their patients in line with the diet. 🙂

  34. Kempner's patients were eating under 1200 calories a day. That is more likely to have been the beneficial component. Rice and fruit diet, especially eating normal calories will lead to hyperglycaemia for most Westerners. Buy a blood glucose monitor and test your blood 30 and 45 minutes after eating rice.

  35. Since this diet removes fats, salts and proteins and your condition improves, it means running your body on pure carbs is the best thing for your health. What could be more obvious? The food industries try to tell us we need tons of protein and "good fats" to be healthy…..we follow that idea and lead the world in heart attack deaths.

  36. Stupid question here. But why the rice? Why not just do a 100% fruit diet? I’m not criticizing or anything. Just curious. Rice doesn’t have much in the way of nutrition. But fruit is loaded with nutrition. Why did he even bother with the rice?

  37. ********************************* QUESTION: How much rice does the patient eat? & How many times per day? *******************************************************************

  38. im all for losing weight and starting this diet but how do i make rice without salt or oil?
    the rice will taste very bland .

  39. Somebody, tell Greger, that Roosevelt was actually the worst president in US history. He perfected the federal power grab and tax thievery. He established ridiculous policies, such as price and wage control, which prolonged the Great Depression into the WW2. He brought the war to the US after all. He was a criminal.

  40. This shows that doctors who were taking care about roosevelt's health WANTED HIM DEAD… or were following such order from their masters.

  41. How sad that a great man should die due to not eating rice it just shows how little we know and how much more we should find out

  42. If i could get my blood pressure down without that d….. ARB…I would take whippings…gladly! Big pharma has its own abuse…bring on Dr. Walt anyday.

  43. Roosevelt, traitor and monster. Got us into terrible war purposely and extended it, fire bombing millions of civilians to death in Germany and France with the other allied monsters Churchill and degaul. Causing millions of lives to be ruined or ended while just being a puppet. You better study true history not what the victor monsters have had wrote. Germany non stop wanted peace on very good terms, yet the allies always refused. He was in bed with the banksters who caused the depression. See youtubes invisible critic, also on Bitchute.

    The diet advice is outstanding.

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