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[music playing] I’m Katie Lee, and
I eat meat in sweats. Today, to help cool me
off from my meat sweats, I’ve got a little
margarita, because we’re making skirt steak fajitas. Starting off with a rub. Very generously season
the skirt steak. Got peppers and onions
over here for the fajitas, and I’m just going to
give them a little brush with some canola oil. Just get everything nice
and coated in the oil. And this cooks up fast. I’m going to put the veggies
down first, medium-high heat on the whole grill. Skirt steak time;
the main attraction. I love a big old hunk of
beef going onto the grill. I need something to pass
the time while I wait for these bad boys to get done. Oh, look at that flame. That’s what I’m talking about. All right, let’s get
that steak off the grill. The steak actually cooks more
quickly than the vegetables. All right, let’s do it. So I’m going to chop
up these veggies first so that my meat can
rest and the juices can redistribute in there. I’ve got flour tortillas. Wrap it in foil. And these are just
going to heat up. And now it’s time for the
main attraction, the steak. And you want to cut against the
grain so you get nice slices. All right, let’s
build those fajitas. You didn’t think I was going
to forget all the accoutrement, did you? You’ve got to have sour
cream, guacamole, lettuce, cheese, and some more lime. All right, take these
tortillas off the grill. Now, that’s a fajita
if I’ve ever seen one. With the skirt steak, just
has such a great flavor from the chili powder rub on there. Oh, Gus, do you think it
would be better if you were eating the fajita, too? Sorry, it’s all for mom. For more meat sweats-inducing
recipes, be sure to subscribe. ♪♪

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