Kalen Makes Stuffed Puff Rice Krispies with Marshmello, Marshmallows, and Kane Brown

Hey everybody. It’s me, Kalen Allen. And I’m here today with
Marshmello and Kane Brown. What’s up? How you doing? Now, Marshmello, you have a
YouTube channel about food and, coincidentally, I do too. And today, we’re going to make
Rice Krispies Treats, which I understand is your
recipe, correct? [MUSIC PLAYING] I believe first we need to
melt the butter, is that right? OK. Here we go. So we got this on. And is this enough butter? OK, good. Here we go. We’re gonna scoop-a-doop-doop
that up in– oh, Jesus, it was already frying and stuff. This got hot real quick. I’ll just turn this thing off. OK. There we go. Now do I need to
spread this out? OK. How are you? You’re about to
be a daddy, right? Yeah. That’s great. You can make this
for your child. OK. So we’ve got the butter. Now what I need to do? Marshmallows? OK. OK, we need to cut these
marshmallows because we can’t put them in there whole. We’re going to
cut these in half. Now these are your
brand of marshmallow. See, you know, I was like,
I’ve got to be on brand. Look at ’em. And they’re filled with stuff. Good. Now I’m gonna toss
that up in there. Right? Am I doing this right? OK, good. Boom, boom, boom. It’s been a while since I
made Rice Krispies Treats. Have you ever made
Rice Krispies Treats? I’ve only made ramen noodles. Oh, OK. OK. What about you? Well, yeah, because
this is your recipe, so, yeah, of course
you done made it. How long we gotta keep
the marshmallows in here? Do you know? OK. Could you stir,
so it don’t burn? Yeah, watch out for
your head though, because I don’t want
you to get burnt either. Good, good, good. Yeah, mix that on up. Ooh, look. It smells good. You doing OK over here? I’m trying. OK. Yeah, you getting
them stuck on there. That’s OK. Do you cook, usually? Nope. Oh, OK. Well, there’s a first
time for everything. Boom, boom, boom. Oh, I threw that one. That missed the target. OK, good, good, good. Wonderful. Doing good. Does this look like yours? OK, good. This thing still on? ‘Cause
these marshmallows sure ain’t melting. Did they melt quicker
when you did ’em? Yeah, but you probably got
an expensive stove top. We got a budget over here. Let me turn this
up a little bit. Excuse me, excuse me. OK. Is it on? It looks good. Does it? It would look better
if it was melting. Damn, we real broke
over here, y’all. This a struggle, B.
This is a real struggle. Struggling. Good god almighty. I need a microwave. This thing ain’t melting. Stirring, stirring. The chocolate melted. Oh, OK. There we go. There we go. It’s getting little gooey now. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. So now I need to put
this in there, right? OK. Here we go. Hold this up in here. Yeah, be careful. Stand back. What the hell? OK. Now I need to stir this too. [LAUGHS] I’m spilling the
damn Rice Krispies. Wonderful. How delectable does that look? Now we’re gonna put
this in this pan, right? I guess I should
probably spray it. Shake, shake, shake. There. That’s beautiful. OK. Wow. Scrumptiously delicious. And now we’re going
to let this set, and we’re going to have
full Rice Krispies Treats. Voila! Look at us. We’re chefs. Would you like one? Sure, why not. I made them myself. Yeah, it’s OK. Pretty good. That’s great. Well, that was
scrum-diddly-umptious. I want to thank Marshmello
and Kane Brown for joining me. And be sure to check out their
new song, One Thing Right. Bye bye, now. Voila! Look at us.

100 thoughts on “Kalen Makes Stuffed Puff Rice Krispies with Marshmello, Marshmallows, and Kane Brown

  1. Kalen just gave me diabetes, but not with his rice krispie, but with how he asked Kane Brown about his baby💖 Thang, that’s the sweetest!

  2. Marshmello: looks at marshmallows go into pan

    Me: he is cooking your family alive!

    *edit*thank for so many likes it’s amazing!😁😁👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hey Ellen I love you so much I Wish that I could go to your show but I don’t have money I just want to say I love you so much and I wish I could see you one day

  4. If you're ever actually making rice krispy treats, take a tip from Mellie, don't "melt" the butter… "brown" the butter. You won't believe the difference that tiny step will make, taste the love!

  5. It seems like Ellen has pushed Kalen to do things out of his element because she wanted him to entertain so badly. I don’t know how to feel 🤔

  6. The way you said " budda" (butter), the recipe is already a hit!!! Yes, the struggle is real with that stove Kalen! Lol. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Walla!!!

  7. And let me just also say.. I have never been so (oddly) attracted to a Marshmello before 😕 🤔 What does that say about me? 😂

  8. That “ray-men” noodle slang comes from North GA! 🤪 Y’all don’t know bout them! Kane just showing his roots is all! 😍

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