Kalen and Producer Matt Try Concession Food at an L.A. Clippers Game

Last year I sent two of
my resident food experts to Minnesota State Fair. That of course is Kalen and
my producer Matt, is a.k.a. pickle boy. And I thought it
would be fun to have them try some local
cuisine, so I sent them somewhere very exotic. Los Angeles Clippers game. And here’s what happened. Hey everybody. It’s Kalen and Matt. Today we are here at
the LA Clippers game because we are going
to go around and try all the wonderful food that the
Staples Center has to offer. What you want? Oh. One of those nachos. What is Bulgogi? It’s a Korean nacho. Korean nacho. No, not that. We mean the name. Bulgogi, is that right? We got to get to the
jalapeno chedder sausage and the bul-goo-goo-goo nachos. Oh, damn. And these are the
bulgogi nachos? Now this too many onions. I don’t want to wait. I want to eat it right now. It’s good. You need to pay. You can’t eat before you pay. Man, that’s rude. Here’s a good piece
of double chip. Double chip. That’s good. That’s really good. What’d they call it? Bulgogi? Bulgogi. All right. What’s next? Well, what I do with this? I take it all with me? Just leave it. Leave the stuff, we
clean up after you. Oh, wow. Talk about privilege. See, this my place. Oh yeah. You guys got biscuits? You honey biscuit, got a
little honey over everything. I love a biscuit so much. A couple biscuits. They’re pretty fat, though. So that’s– So am I. Let’s go. $55.40. . Who got Ellen’s card? All right, we got Ellen’s card. All right. Ellen DeGeneres. Oh, yeah. Oh yeah. That’s a bomb ass biscuit. Why you sweating? I got the spice sweats. [LAUGHING] It’s hot. You better not. Matt, you got a napkin. [INAUDIBLE] I’ll take a sauce, too. Hello everybody, welcome. Where the good food at? Who loves Kalen? We’re from the U.K.
and we watch you. We follow you and everything. Oh my gosh, thank you. That’s so kind. What about Pickle Boy? Don’t nobody know Pickle Boy. Hi, everybody. Poke nacho here. What is these green
things on here? Are you scared? Eat that tuna, eat that
tuna, eat that tuna! Woo! It don’t smell like tuna. [INAUDIBLE] I like it. That was good. And the little wonton chips. Go long, go long. That’s the wrong score. Don’t throw the ball! Ah! Oh, thank God. Is there a gay bar around here? Oh my lord. Oh thank you. Stop. All right, you need me to sign? Refreshing. Like I got my eye on that mac
and cheese though up there. You guys big daytime TV fans? My wife loves Ellen. She probably knows me, then. I play Pickle Boy. Mac and cheese on a dog,
mac and cheese on a dog. Mac and cheese on a dog. Mac and cheese on a dog. I want some mac and cheese,
I want some mac and cheese, I want some mach and cheese. Hey. You got to make
sure that you get mac and cheese on every bite. You like it? I like it. That’s really good. That’s good. You sweating again. It’s a work out. All right, you ready? Yeah I gotta go home. I got the [INAUDIBLE]. Hold on, I’m gonna get me
some, you getting hungry? Am I what? Getting hungry? No, I’m not home
gonna be hungry. I got corn dogs. No man. I’m don’t want none of that. I got chicken. No thank you. I’ll see you at work. I will see you at work tomorrow. [APPLAUSE] Oh, man. Thanks, Matt and Kalen. I’ll pay for the food, I’m not
paying your tab at The Abbey. We’ll be right back.

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  1. Kalen: what do I do, take it with me?
    Just leave it we'll clean up after you
    Kalen: talk about privilege! 😭😂💀

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